Best Trimmers For Black Facial Hair




Best Trimmers For Black Facial Hair

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Most black men usually experience some discomforts after trimming or shaving their beards. They might get a rash or ingrown hairs, and that is mainly caused by the way their hair grows and the texture of their hair. For a black guy, maintaining their skin is not an easy task, and the same goes for their trimming and shaving needs. Therefore, it is undeniable that utilizing the wrong grooming tools can lead to skin irritation or even encourage ingrown hairs. Therefore, it is important to consider several important factors when purchasing a beard trimmer. In this review, we are going to discuss the top 5 beard trimmers on the market and trimmers buying guide to help you purchase a suitable beard trimmer that suits your hair type and your shaving preferences.

Best Trimmers For Black Facial Hair

Top 5 Beard Trimmers For Black Facial Hair

Panasonic Cordless ER-GB40-S Beard Trimmer

The ER-GB40-S cordless beard trimmer by Panasonic is an affordable and easy-to-use trimmer. It comes with numerous features that make the product an amazing grooming tool. If you’re wondering whether you should buy this trimmer, we are going to look at the main features, advantages, and disadvantages of this product to help you make a wise decision.

Main Features

Ergonomic design

This beard trimmer is quite comfortable to grip and use for a long period. That’s because the trimmer’s handle is pretty slim and includes a rubber grip as well.

Precision 45-degree cutting blades

The cutting blades of this trimmer are quite sharp and are placed at an angle of 45 degrees. The position of the cutting blades ensures that they can cut through hairs of different thickness fast without causing any injuries to your skin. The blade’s angle is perfect for black men due to their thick and curly hair.

These hypoallergenic blades do not cause your sensitive skin to have any breakouts.

Beard trimmer dial

This beard trimmer comes with 39 precision settings that you can select. The setting you use when cutting will mainly be determined by the length of hair you want and the type of hair you are cutting.

Rechargeable battery

The Panasonic ER-GB40-S utilizes a Ni-MH battery that you can easily recharge. This trimmer requires overnight charging or for 15 hours to get a fully-charged battery. You can use a full battery for approximately 50 minutes.

Dry/Wet use

This cordless trimmer is usually waterproof and can be used along with a gel or shaving cream. While you are utilizing the beard trimmer, you can place it beneath a stream of some running water to help rinse the cutting blades. Also, you can use the beard trimmer in your shower when it is not plugged in. If you like dry shaving, this gadget still works. Later, you can wash the beard trimmer using running water or utilizing a brush.


  • It includes 45-degree angled blades that easily cut dense or curly hair
  • The trimmer dial helps you adjust how low you would like your cut to be
  • It is waterproof
  • It is easy to clean
  • It comes with a rubber grip that supports extended use
  • It is affordable


  • It takes a maximum of 15 hours to get the battery fully charged, but it takes less than an hour for the trimmer’s battery to get drained

Wahl 9818 Beard Trimmer

The other suitable beard trimmer for black men is the Wahl Trimmer Model 9818. It is sleek, charges fast, and can be utilized for long periods before the power gets depleted. Here are some of the main features, benefits, and drawbacks of this beard trimmer.

Main Features

Lithium-Ion + Technology

This beard trimmer utilizes Lithium-Ion + Technology that increases the trimmer’s torque. Also, Lithium-Ion + Technology ensures that the trimmer gets fully charged in a short period.

Self-sharpening blades

The cutting blades of this trimmer can easily sharpen themselves when it’s on. This self-sharpening technology makes sure that the cutting blades do not become dull. Again, the sharp blades ensure that your hair is cut pretty easily, and that will help in reducing skin irritations.

Dual voltage

This trimmer can be utilized with 110v -220v, which makes the beard trimmer an ideal grooming tool for individuals who travel a lot.

Quick charge

This beard trimmer gets charged pretty fast. Charging this trimmer for one minute will allow you to utilize it for three minutes. However, charging this device for one hour will provide you with a full charge. You can use this trimmer for up to four hours when fully charged.

Travel Lock

This trimmer features a travel lock that prevents your beard trimmer from turning on while it’s in your traveling luggage.


  • It is pretty easy to use
  • It is a multi-purpose device
  • It comes with a durable case
  • It has self-sharpening technology
  • It charges pretty fast
  • It is ideal for travelers


  • It is not waterproof, which means it supports dry use only

Philips Norelco 5100 BT5210/42 Beard Trimmer

Series 5100 Beard Trimmer by Philips is a wonderful grooming tool for every black man. It comes with features that reduce the occurrence of skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Main Features

Self-sharpening blades

This trimmer comes with extremely sharp blades, and it cuts hair more effectively than many other beard trimmers. The blade’s effectiveness means that you will only require one or two passes when trimming your beard. Utilizing this trimmer will assist you in reducing or preventing skin irritation.


This beard trimmer by Philips utilizes a lift and trim technology that helps you get an even cut. The trimmer lifts the curly and flat laying hairs first, and then, the sharp blade cuts the facial hairs. This function is incredibly beneficial for black men due to their curly hair. Hairs that are not cut properly can lead to ingrown hairs and uncomfortable bumps in the long run.

Clipping combs

This beard trimmer includes long and short hair clipping combs. One can use the 0.4mm hair comb to cut a short beard and the 7 to 13mm hair combs for longer facial hair. If your beard has been trimmed in a specific length and style, you can utilize the hair comb attachments if you plan to maintain the length and style.

Adjustable length settings

This beard trimmer includes a zoom wheel that one can use to select the length of the cut you will get. It has 17 length settings that one can select from, and they range between 0.4mm and 13mm.

Rechargeable battery

The 5100 beard trimmer comes with a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery. You will have to charge your gadget for approximately 70 minutes to get a fully-charged battery. When fully charged, the trimmer can operate for one hour before the power gets depleted.


  • It has a lift and trims technology that makes beard trimming an easy task
  • It can be used both on your hair and beard
  • It is affordable
  • It is pretty easy to use
  • It is washable and waterproof
  • The steel blades are self-sharpening
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery


  • It does not include a display screen

Philips 7200, BT7215/49 Vacuum Beard Trimmer

This beard trimmer by Philips comes with a vacuum system that utilizes a powerful suction to trap the hair that’s cut. Therefore, the mess that you usually get when trimming your hair is minimized. Here are the main features, advantages, and disadvantages of this grooming tool.

Main Features

Self-sharpening blades

This beard trimmer comes with blades that are easily sharpened while in motion. That guarantees that the cutting blades are sharp all the time and can cut both dense and curly hair easily.

Lift and trim function

This trimmer utilizes a lift and trim functionality. Here, the flat and curly hairs are easily lifted then cut. By lifting all facial hair before cutting, it makes sure that all the cut hairs are of the same length. The technology is useful to black men due to their curly hair. This technology can prevent skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Vacuum system

This beard trimmer includes an integrated vacuum system that catches hair when it’s cut by the cutting blade. The vacuum system utilizes a fan to help lift the hairs, and the suction usually sucks the hairs in a removable chamber.

Rechargeable device

This trimmer utilizes Li-ion batteries that can easily power the trimmer for approximately 80 minutes when it’s fully charged.

Adjustable wheel

This trimmer comes with a zoom wheel that you can utilize to choose the length of the cut you want to get. It has 20 length options that range between 0.5mm and 10mm.


  • It comes with lift and trim function
  • It has self-sharpening blades
  • It is easy to clean
  • It has an adjustable zoom wheel


  • Its vacuum function doesn’t work on wet facial hair

Andis Professional T-Outliner Hair / Beard Trimmer

This product is a bearded corded trimmer that’s popular among many professionals due to its close-cutting T-Blade, reliability, and quiet motor. Using this gadget might need a learning curve, particularly for people who only utilize cordless trimmers.

Main Features

Powerful motor

This beard trimmer motor is incredibly powerful, but it’s quiet, especially when in use. It also remains cool, and that will enable you to hold the tool comfortably when it’s in use.

Close-cutting T-Blade

The cutting blades of this trimmer have fine sharp teeth that allow you to cut your hair easily. Again, the blades are fine enough to use for outlines, edging, cutting designs, and fades that need precision.

Contoured casing

This trimmer’s casing points towards the bottom. This tapered bottom will enable you to hold your trimmer comfortably when using it.

Long cord

This trimmer comes with a heavy-duty cord that’s 8 feet long, making it ideal if you utilize the trimmer when standing. It’s also an ideal length if you would like to use the beard trimmer professionally.

Attachment combs

You can attach some combs to the trimmer before you utilize it. These hair combs can easily adjust the length of your hair you intend to trim off. You can use the comb attachment to maintain the same length of beard every time you trim your facial hair.


  • It has sharp blades
  • It is a multi-purpose trimmer
  • It comes with a long cord
  • It includes a durable blade
  • It has a powerful and quiet motor


  • It is not rechargeable
  • It is not waterproof

How Do I Choose Trimmers For Black Facial Hair?

If you would like to have a beard with the right shapes and edges, purchasing a trimmer that can assist in achieving that may be challenging. Here are the main features you should consider if you want to choose long-lasting products that are soft and those that will not irritate your skin at all.

  • Blade quality

The quality of the blades like double sharpened blades, self-sharpening steel blades, chromium steel blades can help you distinguish a good beard trimmer from a bad one. The better the quality of your blade, the higher the overall performance of the hair trimmer.

  • Battery Power

The duration at which you require to charge your beard trimmers, particularly cordless ones before utilizing, is a feature you should check. Assess how long the trimmer’s battery can keep power after its complete functionality and full charge.

  • Sizes of the combs

When it comes to selecting the best products, the sizes of the trimmer comb is important. A comb is a vital tool when it comes to trimming despite the size or length of the beard you would like to trim. Go for a product that has several lengths and comb options.

  • Cordless or corded

A cordless trimmer is more flexible, easy to use, and portable even when traveling and have a cutting time of about an hour or charge time. A corded trimmer usually offers more power than cordless trimmers and has stable and reliable battery life. When purchasing a trimmer, you need to consider how easy it is to handle and flexibility.

  • Usability

The beard trimmer you select should be able to work pretty well in tough areas like around the jaw and the nose. Before purchasing a trimmer, you should consider if you will be utilizing it for trimming any other parts of the body. Purchase trimmers that include a wide range of attachments and settings that will enable you to conveniently and safely trim your legs, back hair, chests, and other parts that you desire.

  • Trimming options

The trimming option you make can be a guide to selecting your beard trimmer. Whether you enjoy trimming after, before, or during shaving or you can switch between both. Consider beard trimmers that are specifically for dry or wet styling or even both.

Using the right trimmers for black facial hair can be imperative for black men, since it saves them from getting incessant itchiness and irritation just like the significance of sharing as well. All types of beard trimmers are beneficial but it all depends on your budget. When choosing the right trimmer for black guys, you should select the one that best suits your purpose and preferences. You should remember that the trimmer’s quality is more essential but you should also be aware of beard trimmers with moderate price tags that can easily develop faults or even irritate your skin after use. You can try out any of the best trimmers reviewed in this post to see how well your facial hair can blossom, and how you will enjoy it.

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