What Does an Aries Man Look for in a Woman




How does an Aries man like a woman to dress

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Aries men are known for being passionate and fiery, so what do they look for in a woman? Well, it depends on how old the Aries man is. For example, when an Aries man is young he may be looking for someone who can keep up with his energy or challenge him to a game of ping-pong. When an Aries man gets older though he may start looking at settling down with someone who will help him take care of his family and provide stability.

How does an Aries man like a woman to dress

What Does an Aries Man Look for in a Woman

Sense of Humor

An Aries man likes his woman to be funny, but not at his expense. He loves when she can make witty comments and jokes, especially if they are self-deprecating. He thinks that this is very attractive; it shows her confidence and charm.

An Aries man also prefers a woman who isn’t afraid to make jokes even if they might be a little risqué. He likes when she has a sense of humor and isn’t afraid to let it show. While he wants her to make him laugh, he also wants her to know how to take a joke too.

An Aries man is very direct with his humor and doesn’t like when someone tries to be funny and fails miserably because they try too hard. He wants his lover to laugh genuinely, not just politely so that she doesn’t hurt the other person’s feelings.


An Aries man likes his woman to be strong and independent. He loves the way it feels when she stands tall and powerful, staring him down with strength in her eyes. He feels safe when he is with her because he knows that she can take care of herself. An Aries man prefers someone who isn’t needy or clingy; in other words, a woman with her own life. He is attracted to women who have their own jobs and interests.

An Aries man wants his lover to know that she can rely on herself and doesn’t need someone else to survive or be happy. He does want her to lean on him sometimes though; he may like it when she lets him take the wheel sometimes. He wants her to feel safe and secure when she is with him, so of course, he would like it if she could trust that he will always be there for her.

An Aries man is perfectly content with a woman who isn’t afraid to stand alone in life. He admires her strength and courage to do what she wants to do. He doesn’t want a woman who is so needy that she is clinging to his ankles when he walks out the door because she can’t stand being alone.


An Aries man is known for being charming and charismatic. He loves to be a lover as well as a friend, and he especially loves the thrill of new relationships. He likes having lots of people in his life, whether it’s friends or lovers, because he gets bored easily and always needs new activities and adventures. An Aries man is also very popular, and he is known for going out to wild parties or events.

An Aries man likes his woman to be the same way as himself; he wants someone who is as enthusiastic about life and love as he is. He doesn’t like a woman who stays home all weekend because she is afraid of losing her job if she misses too much work. He enjoys living life to its fullest and doesn’t want someone who is dull or boring.

An Aries man wants his woman to be a thrill seeker, just like himself. He likes the excitement of getting out there with her; seeing new places and going on new adventures enchants him. Of course, he also wants her to be thrilling in bed; he enjoys a lover who is just as restless and passionate between the sheets.


An Aries man loves women who are ambitious and assertive. He is turned on by a woman who knows what she wants in life and doesn’t let anyone talk her out of it. In his mind, there’s nothing sexier than a woman with her own drive in life that he can admire and support. An Aries man also believes that everyone should stand up for what they believe in.

An Aries man wants his lover to be a strong woman who isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants; he likes the strength and power it gives her when she takes control of a situation or decision. He isn’t into women who are too submissive because he thrives on a woman’s assertiveness. He needs someone who can stand up to him and his dominating personality, and he likes it when they butt heads on occasion.

An Aries man wants a woman who is a fighter just like himself. If she stands up for what she believes in, even if it goes against the grain or other people’s opinions, he is incredibly turned on. He loves a woman with an eye for adventure and action, such as someone who gives back to their community or rescues stray animals.

what does an aries man look for in a woman


An Aries man is known for being very impulsive and impatient. He hates feeling like he’s being held back from doing what he wants to do because it drives him crazy. When it comes to love, an Aries man only has a few weeks (or months, at most) before he wants to move on.

An Aries man doesn’t like a woman who is too clingy or possessive. He needs a woman who can handle that he’s going to want to date other women and have his freedom in the relationship. He also needs someone who will always be there for him; he is very affectionate, so he likes to receive as much as he gives.


An Aries man likes a woman who can take care of herself and her home. He doesn’t like feeling like he has to do everything for his lover, such as pay all the bills or handle all the chores. When in a relationship, an Aries man wants to be the breadwinner and the head of household while his lover stays at home and plays the wife.

An Aries man wants a lover who can take care of herself and not need him to do everything for her. He has no respect for a woman who is constantly asking him for favors or money; he likes a strong woman who knows how to fend for herself. If she gives back to the relationship by cooking dinner or doing some of the chores, then he is turned on by her nurturing side. He doesn’t like to settle down with a girl who can’t take care of herself because he wants someone who will be able to keep up with him when they go out and do things together.


An Aries man is an adventurer at heart. He doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long or follow a routine – he likes to be spontaneous and try new things, even if it’s not something everyone else would do. He wants his lover to be able to keep up with him; otherwise, he’ll get bored and go look for someone more exciting.

An Aries man wants a woman who is as fun and adventurous as he is. He hates being bored, so he needs his lover to keep things interesting in the relationship at all times. If he’s staying in one night watching TV while she’s dying to go out dancing, then she’ll eventually lose interest in him. He wants a woman who can make him feel as alive and energized as he does, even if it means they’re both out of the house at all hours of the night.


An Aries man can be a bit of a hothead, and he tends to hold grudges. If his lover has ever betrayed him or hurt him in the past, then he will never forget it – even if she apologizes profusely. His pride won’t let him accept her apology because he’s afraid of being taken advantage of again.

An Aries man hates a woman who is too vengeful or vindictive. He doesn’t like drama in his relationships, so he likes to cut off all ties with women who bring that sort of negativity into his life. Even if it was years ago and she has changed since then, he will not be able to get over it in order to forgive her and move forward. He wants a lover who is understanding and willing to put the past behind them, no matter what happened.


An Aries man hates a woman who is too dumb or stupid to hold an intelligent conversation with him. He wants someone who can stimulate his mind and make him think; he also needs a woman he can take care of and protect, so that turns him on even more.

An Aries man likes a woman with brains as well as beauty. He wants someone who can keep up with him and challenge his mind, so he won’t get bored. If he’s having a conversation with a woman and she doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, then it turns him off to the point that he no longer finds her attractive. Intelligence is very important to an Aries man because it turns him on and makes him feel useful.


An Aries man likes to be the protector in a relationship, and he needs a woman who can take care of herself so that she doesn’t wind up needing him or taking advantage of him. He also needs someone who can keep up with his adventurous lifestyle; if she’s not athletic enough for him, then he will lose interest.

How Does an Aries Man Test a Woman?

An Aries man tries to make a woman jealous or angry by flirting with someone else in front of her. If she lets him get away with this even once, then he will continue doing it because his actions have been met with no resistance. He needs a woman who will show him that she’s worth more than what he’s giving her. He also needs a woman who stands up to him when he’s trying to push her around or intimidate her. If she doesn’t make him feel like he has something to prove, then he won’t want anything more to do with her.

What are Aries Weaknesses?

Aries men are known to be very straightforward and will tell a person exactly what they think of them, whether it is good or bad. They don’t usually mince words so if you are someone who wants to hear all the pretty, flowery stuff, an Aries man might not be for you. They can also seem more “macho” than other men, but please don’t mistake them for cavemen. They do possess a softer side and can be very affectionate when they trust you enough to show it.

Aries guys are seen as pretty brave by most people and this is because of their tendency to not take no for an answer, even if the risk they are taking has a low chance of success. They are also very competitive, even when the competition is with themselves.

How Do You Know If an Aries Likes You?

An Aries man will let you know how they are feeling towards you by paying lots of attention to you and talking about future plans with you. They are not the most subtle of signs, but will show interest quite quickly if they have it.

Aries men do things at their own pace and don’t feel pressured to “take things to the next level” if they are not ready for it. If you want things to get serious quickly, you might have a fight on your hands because even though they appreciate and adore you already, they need time to adjust to the idea of being with one person exclusively.

What Do Aries Like to Hear?

An Aries man wants to hear that you love him and that he is the best thing that has ever happened to you. He will like flattery when it’s genuine, so make sure you know what his strengths are and mention them often. They also appreciate being told how much they mean to you before going to sleep at night as they are afraid of losing you.

Why are Aries So Hard to Date?

Aries men have a lot of pride and like to feel that they are needed by the people around them. When they love someone, they want that person to be completely devoted to them which can cause problems if you don’t feel the same way. They also have lots of energy so expect them to always want to do something with you.

Who Should Aries Marry?

An Aries man will be happiest with someone who is as strong and independent as he is, so he can rely on them to make a decision when the time comes. He also loves women who have their own interests and dreams because it makes him feel like they are a team working towards something instead of two people content to just exist side by side. Of course, he wants a woman to be devoted to him and love him with all her heart as well, so both people in the relationship must have a balanced outlook on life for it to work out properly.

FAQs about What an Aries Man Look for in a Woman

Do Aries Men Only Like Younger Women?

No, an Aries man will date a woman of any age as long as he is attracted to her. He may have more success with young women because they are more impressionable and easy-going but that doesn’t mean he won’t be interested if you are older or younger than him.

How Can I Make an Aries Man Fall in Love with Me?

An Aries man falls for a woman who is straightforward and direct. Don’t play hard to get, but don’t give away the punch line either. Show him you are interested in him without being too available or smothering.

What are Some Good First Date Ideas for an Aries Man?

Take him to a place where he can show off his skills, like a sports match or even a cooking class. He will love showing you what he does best and watching your reaction.

Do Aries Men Like Women Who are Strong and Independent?

Yes, but not in the way people often mean it. Aries men like women who can take care of themselves and don’t rely on others to support them. This is not the same as being strong-willed or opinionated but it does mean that you should have a job, even if you are still living with your parents.

How Can I Make an Aries Man Think about Me When I’m Gone?

An Aries man is always thinking about the future, so don’t expect them to completely forget about you when you leave. Instead of trying to get his attention by flirting with other people or playing “hard to get”, send him messages through friends and family letting him know that you are thinking of him.


Aries men are very strong-minded and they want to be in control. This is why it’s important for the woman that he loves to challenge him, but not too much because then she’ll become annoying. He wants a partner who will stand up for herself, just as he does himself.

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