Signs a Widower is Serious about Your Relationship




how long should a widower wait to date

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Men and women will go through times in their life when they feel like their spouse is the only one who understands them. If you find yourself feeling this way, it might be time to start thinking about if your widower’s behavior has changed or whether he’s shown any interest in starting a new relationship with someone else.

signs a widower is serious about your relationship

Signs a Widower is Serious about Your Relationship

He’s eager to introduce you to his family, friends, and social circle.

If your widower wants to introduce you to his family, friends, and social circle, this is a great sign. It shows he enjoys spending time with you and that he trusts the people in his life will enjoy getting to know you.

He won’t try to push you into bed with him.

If your widower seems hesitant to take things further than kissing, it could be because he’s mulling over emotions. If you guys are already sleeping together, it might mean there’s trouble in the relationship or that he’s not ready to move on.

He’s prepared to discuss the future of their relationship.

When two people start to talk about their future together, it’s a sign they’re finally ready to move on and be happy. If your widower truly wants things to work out he’ll be open and honest with you.

He won’t allow his sorrow to interfere with his life.

If you find your widower is moping around and going through the motions on a daily basis, he probably isn’t interested in a relationship with someone else. If he’s willing to acknowledge his emotions but still remains positive, this could be a great sign!

His conduct backs his statements.

If your widower says he wants to be with you but his actions don’t reflect this, things might not work out as he planned. Hesitation and confusion are natural feelings after a loved one dies, so some hesitation from him is understandable.

She isn’t mentioned very often.

Although it can be difficult to talk about a lost spouse, you should know that if your widower is avoiding speaking about her or mentioning her life this could cause problems in the relationship. Don’t be afraid to speak up and discuss things with him!

He treats you nicely.

Everyone deserves to be treated with love and care, especially by their loved ones. If you find your widower is treating you nicely, it’s a clear indication he cares for you.

how long should a widower wait to date

Tips for Dating a Widower

You need to define your boundaries immediately.

If you hope to have a successful relationship with a widower, it’s crucial you define your boundaries from the start. He might not understand right away what you want in the future of your relationship, so make sure you’re crystal clear!

Your friendship is important.

In order for a new relationship to work ideally, it needs to be built on a strong friendship and foundation. If your widower isn’t offering you the time of day as a friend, he’s not interested in taking things further with you.

You should always remember that building a relationship with him is your decision.

Once you’re dating a widower, he’ll likely understand your needs and emotions far better than most men. This is why it’s important for you to remember that the decision about how things proceed is yours and yours alone.

You must be prepared to break his rules.

At first, and throughout the relationship, you should respect all the rules and boundaries your widower has. But if you find yourself feeling like you’re doing most of the work in your relationship, chances are he’s trying to keep you around without putting his own effort forward. As love continues to grow and blossom, each partner will need to do their part in order for things to be successful (break his rules).

You should not try to be a new mother for his children.

It’s important for a widower to be able to communicate with his children and decide when they’re ready for a new mother figure in their lives. If you put pressure on him or take the initiative, it could damage your relationship in the long run! And never tell the kids that he needs to find someone new to create a “happy family” or take his time, they need to know it’s okay to be happy.

His children are not yours.

Although you should make an effort to get along with any children your widower has, you should always remember that there is a line between being nice and becoming too involved in their lives. If things take a turn for the worse, you should never hesitate to call it quits.

Do not allow anyone (including yourself) to compare yourself to his deceased wife.

Trying to compare yourself to his deceased wife will lead you down a very bumpy path! While it might be difficult at first, you should focus on making new memories with him instead of dwelling on the past.

FAQs about Dating a Widower When the Relationship is Serious

1. Is it okay to talk about his late wife?

When dating a widower, you should never press him for information about his deceased wife. While he might be comfortable talking about her at times, there could come a point when you’ll notice how uncomfortable it makes him! It’s best to avoid the topic if possible and focus on your growing relationship instead.

2. Should you attend events with his family?

If your widower is comfortable with you attending certain events or gatherings that include his family, then it’s okay to join him. This being said, never feel obliged to go somewhere if you are already uncomfortable in the situation! If you have concerns about attending, it’s best to discuss them with him in advance.

3. Is it okay to introduce him to my family?

Introducing your widower to your family is a big step in any relationship! It can be nerve wracking especially when your family members might not approve of him because he’s a widower or they might not understand what you’re going through. But if your widower has put in the effort to be with you, it’s important for you to give him a chance!

4. How do I show my widower that I care about him?

When dating a widower, it can become difficult to figure out how best to express your care and love for him. Make sure you listen to what he has to say, be supportive of the decisions he makes, and show that you enjoy spending time with him! If you put in a little effort, it’s likely going to go a long way in terms of showing your affections.

5. What can I do if his children aren’t accepting me?

Nothing is more important than the happiness of your widower and the happiness of his children. If you notice that there’s a division between him and his children because they don’t approve of your relationship, it might be time to call things off! It’s always better to walk away than stay and struggle to make things work.


Dating a widower can be just as fulfilling as dating any other partner. It’s all about taking the time to get to know one another and being open about your concerns and expectations! If you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort, chances are good he’ll return the favour.

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