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Is long hair or short hair more attractive on guys

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Most men with long hair are drawn to the look for a number of reasons. Some have long hair as an expression of their individuality or rebellion against societal norms. Other’s have long locks because they feel it makes them more attractive to women, and some just want to make a statement about themselves. There is no right answer on why people choose to grow out their hair, but there is one question that has been debated over time: do women like men with long hair? We’ll explore this question in detail below!

do women like men with long hair

Do Women Like Men with Long Hair?

This is one of the most common questions I get, and yet it’s a very difficult question to answer. There are so many variables to consider here – personal taste, fashion trends/cycles, age (which changes male preferences), etc. The short answer is yes, women like men with long hair. In fact, they tend to be attracted to it. But there are caveats to that simple answer which I will get into below.

First, let’s address why someone would ask this question in the first place. If you’re asking because you have male pattern baldness and want to know if long hair will help compensate for your thinning hairline, the answer is probably not. Although there are many women who find a thinning hairline attractive and sexy on men (Brad Pitt comes to mind), it’s still generally considered less desirable than being naturally bald or just having shaved/short hair. So in that respect, if you’re looking for a miracle way to look better with your thinning hair, then unrealistic expectations might be setting you up for a big disappointment.

The other reason is because perhaps your doctor or hairdresser said that long hair will make your nose look bigger, or your ears stick out more, or even that it will make you look fatter (or skinnier!). Again, these are aesthetic judgements. They are influenced by fashion trends, age, personal preferences and sometimes even just arbitrary opinions.

The best way to answer this question is to look at the reasons why women find long hair on men attractive or sexy in the first place. So here it goes…

1) Longer hair generally makes men appear more virile and masculine. There is a reason why most male superheroes have long hair – and it’s not because they’re trying to be “pretty boys”.

2) L ong, healthy hair has a nice sheen or shine. It’s an indication of good health. If you want to look your best, then this should matter to you.

3) Longer hair is an indication of power and status. It’s said that women are attracted to powerful men (true) – which also means that they’re attracted to symbols of power and scarcity. A man with long hair who is well-groomed can be seen as a catch.

4) Longer male hairstyles are often more unique, creative or even eccentric. It’s a way for men to stand out and express themselves in unique ways; things women tend to find more attractive than the average, run-of-the-mill kind of guy.

5) Women like longer hair on men because it gives them something to play with during sex. They can twirl it around their fingers, grab it in their fists, run their hands through it and generally get a good handful of hair. This is especially true if the guy doesn’t just have long hair, but also has slightly wavy or curly locks too – which only adds to the sensuousness of running your fingers through it during sex.

Is long hair or short hair more attractive on guys

What is the History of Long Hair on Men

There have been many theories of the reason why men choose to grow their hair long. One theory is that it started during the hippy movement in the 1960s, where men with long hair appeared peace loving and laid back.

Another theory is that it started with sailors who needed to wear their hair long for practical reasons; such as having their hair tied back in order to fit under a hat or inside a helmet.

The most popular theory is that it began with Samson from the bible who was given extreme strength when he had long hair, but lost this power when his hair was cut off. This has been suggested as being symbolic of men needing to be strong and in control of their power.

What are the Benefits of Having Long Hair

  1. It is thought that men with long hair are less likely to have baldness or male patterned baldness. The reason for this is because having long hair protects the skin on the head from being damaged by sun exposure and air pollutants.
  2. It can also add a few years onto your appearance, which is good if you feel you are starting to look older.
  3. Having long hair has a slimming effect and can make you look slimmer than you are, especially if it is braided or put into a loose pony tail.
  4. It can also help to keep the sun off your neck during the summer months.
  5. The final benefit of having long hair is that it can make men feel more attractive; especially if you are willing to try different styles such as dreads, cornrows and topknots.

What are Some Styles that Work Well for Men with Long Hair

  • One of the most popular styles for men is to grow long hair but keep it tied back or up in a loose pony tail.
  • Another popular style is dreadlocks which are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, especially with people who have black hair. If you don’t know how to make dreads, there are many tutorials on how to make dreads yourself.
  • Another style that is growing in popularity is cornrows. Cornrows are great for when you are active and have a busy lifestyle, because all you need to do after some time has passed is simply take out the braids and your hair will be left looking clean and neat.
  • A less popular but equally attractive style is to let your hair grow, but keep it tied up or in a pony tail. This will achieve the same effect as having dreadlocks and will make it easy for you to wash your hair every day.

How Do You Care for your Locks to Keep Them Looking Fresh and Healthy

  1. The first thing you should do is try to avoid having your hair cut too short. When your hair is shorter, it will be easier to damage and break off. As long as you are willing to put some time into caring for it every day, there’s no reason not to grow your locks out.
  2. If you have straight hair, it’s best to wash your hair in cold or luke warm water as hot water will damage the hair.
  3. When you have long hair it is more likely that people may want to play with it which can cause frizz; if this happens simply use a little bit of moisturizer or conditioner. If the frizz is caused by dirt, it’s best to wash your hair in cold or luke warm water.
  4. It is also important to carefully dry your hair after you have washed it so that you don’t cause unnecessary damage. Any brushing should be done with a wet brush before tie down the locks; this will make sure that there are no knots or tangles.
  5. If you have curly hair, it’s best to wash your hair with natural moisturizers and avoid using any products that contain sulphates or alcohol.
  6. It is also important to dry your locks carefully after washing them so that you don’t cause damage. It is always best to air dry your curls, as this will reduce frizz. If you don’t have time for this, it’s best to airdry the top part and use a diffuser on the bottom section.

Why Does It Seem Like Most Women Prefer Short-Haired Men Rather than Guys with Longer Locks

There are a few reasons why most women prefer men with short hair rather than guys with longer locks.

  • Firstly, there is the issue of maintenance – people who have long hair usually spend more time taking care of it and don’t have as much time to be out socializing or spending time on other activities that could help them build connections with other people.
  • Secondly, as long hair is usually tied back in some way or put up, it makes it less likely that they will run into the other person accidentally if they are walking around.
  • Thirdly, women like to be able to run their hands through a man’s hair and play with it – if your hair is too long to do this, it makes it more difficult for you to have a good romantic and sexual relationship.

However, there is nothing wrong with having long hair – in fact, research shows that women at certain times of the month are actually attracted to men with longer locks as they see them as being more capable of protecting their offspring.

FAQs About Women Liking Men With Long Hair

Q: Can I grow my hair out without being judged for it?

A: It’s clear that the current trend is to have short, well-kept hair. However, if you feel confident about your choice to grow your locks out and still feel like people give you strange looks or comments, rest assured that there are many people who will appreciate your decision.

Q: Is there any way to make my hair grow faster?

A: If you are concerned about your hair growing quickly or slowly, it’s important to note that there is nothing wrong with either length – no matter what the growth rate of your hair, it is perfect for you! However, if you do want to make your hair grow faster, then the best way is to eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of protein, as this will provide your body with everything that it needs to produce the cells needed for the growth of new hair.

Q: Do women prefer men who have long or short hair?

A: It’s important to note that just because a certain hair style is more popular right now, doesn’t mean it will always be. While the trend is definitely moving towards short hair at the moment, this may well change in time – and if you are one of those people who wants to grow your hair out longer, then you should feel confident about what you are doing and know that there are many people who will appreciate your decision.


I’m not surprised that women prefer men with long hair. Women are generally more attracted to tall, masculine and confident males. A recent study found the best predictor of a woman’s attraction was how much skin she could see on her date when he walked in the door for their first meeting. This means if you want to impress your next Tinder match or find love online, make sure you’re sporting at least some length on top!

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