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How do you deal with a nasty ex wife

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These days, psychos have become a worldwide phenomenon. The number of women who fall under this category is too much to be counted, and it’s frustrating. However, if you happen to have your share of experience dealing with a psycho ex-wife, then you would understand how it feels. Therefore, this guide is written so you can follow the proper procedures in dealing with your psycho ex-wife.

How to Deal with Psycho Ex-wife

How to Deal with Psycho Ex-wife When Children Are Involved

1.) First things first, try to get yourself some legal advice on the requirements of getting a restraining order or protection order. This is very important because if you confront her out of anger, you might end up doing something that can land you in jail.

2.) Try to keep your distance away from her. Don’t get yourself caught in the same room with her, especially when your friends are not around. You must never forget that she is a psycho, and this behavior is widespread among them. They tend to be more aggressive when they are all by themselves.

3.) Using your cell phone or any other recording device, record every single word she says so it will be easier for you to prove later on that she’s harassing you.

4.) Save all the text messages she sends you, whether if it’s through SMS, email, or Facebook message. Save all these documents and keep them on a separate drive so you will have evidence of all the times she harassed you.

5.) Try not to call her or send text messages back, even if it is to tell her that you know what she’s doing and where she is.

6.) If you’re living with your child below 18 years old, you need to enroll them in a karate class immediately. Make sure that they know how to use it properly. Why? Because psychos are notorious for harming innocent children, especially those who are living with the father.

How do you deal with a nasty ex wifeHow do you deal with a nasty ex wife

7.) Always be ready to move or stay in your office’s guest room if she shows up at your front door. If you have an extra bedroom at home, it’s a must that you put a lock on its door so she can’t get in. This is very important because most psychos tend to be more aggressive when they cannot do what they want.

8.) Make sure that if ever your front door has a peephole or any other means of checking who’s knocking, use it. Never open the door if you think no one is there or if someone knocks when your kid(s) are on their way home from school. Make sure that they know not to open the door no matter what happens.

9.) If she ever calls you and threatens to take away your child from you because of domestic violence, don’t argue with her or try to reason out. Just let it be and go to a police station right away. Have you checked first if she wasn’t the one who caused your injuries? Remember that most psychos tend to have impulse control problems, which explains why they do things without thinking them through first.

10.) If you’re not sure if she’s stalking you, try to do some research first about the technology that would help her track your phone’s location. Several free apps can allow someone to follow other people without them knowing it. All they need is your phone number and internet connection. Always make sure that your cell phone is never on silent mode when it’s in your pocket. Make sure that the ringer volume is loud enough so if someone tries to track you down, they can’t do it successfully.

11.) Lastly, put yourself first before anything else. Don’t let them boss you around or tell you what to do. Always remember that children need both parents to look after them, but if you’re the only one left who’s doing it, then make sure that you’re strong enough to do what’s best for your child. Always remember that they are innocent and don’t know anything about your relationship with their mother.

Do’s and Don’ts When Co-Parenting with a Psycho Ex-wife Who Is Unable to Move Forward after Divorcing

1.) If she is still hung up on the past and unwilling to look at reality, you must never forget that she’s refusing to see things. She’s probably doing this because of her deep-rooted resentment, making it hard for her to progress.

2.) Don’t try to reason out with her using logic because that will make her more frustrated. Not being able to cope with reality is one of the reasons why she can’t get over the divorce, which makes her unable to move on.

3.) Always remind yourself that even if you gain your ex’s trust back, it won’t guarantee that she’ll stop what she’s doing. It might just add more fuel to the fire because she’ll always have a way of manipulating you so she can have her way.

4.) If ever your ex-wife is abusing medication or alcohol, make sure that you don’t confront them about it because they will only deny everything and accuse you of being the wrong person.

5.) If you have to talk with them, make sure that it’s over the phone and not face to face because they will only use anything against you if ever they get mad. Always keep your conversations short and sweet, so you don’t give them more time to think of ways to hurt you.

6.) If you have to tell them something important, you should do this over the phone because being face to face with them is dangerous. You can never know what they will say or do next if ever you piss them off.

7.) If your ex-wife decides not to work on their issues, make sure that you don’t get sucked into their problems because you’ll only end up getting hurt. Just stay away and back yourself up by finding a therapist.

8.) If they’re manipulating your kid(s), then always remember that the best thing to do is to let them know that mummy or daddy can’t win by playing dirty. Please don’t argue with your ex, and don’t fight with them in front of your kid(s) because it only traumatizes them.

9.) Lastly, always remember that if you can still deal with their abusive behavior, then maybe that’s the best thing to do for yourself and your child. You will never fall into their traps or be controlled by them if ever they decide to harass you. You will only prove them wrong if ever they try and manipulate you because you will never forget that you’re the adult, and they cannot own your life unless you give it away.

10.) And if all else fails, call their bluff and let them know that you won’t be threatened by them anymore. Tell them that you’re moving on with your life and don’t need them to make it successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my Ex-Wife Has a New Boyfriend?– Keep your distance and never, for any reason, let them have access to your child. No matter how good they may be as a boyfriend/girlfriend, always remember that you know them better. You will also come to realize that they’re just trying to find a way to make you suffer.

What if my Ex-Wife Keeps on Trying to Go Back with Me?

– If this is the case, then it’s probably because they know that they can control you and that you’re too much of a pushover. Never give in to their demands so that you can have your kid(s). Your child will be traumatized if they see you always giving in to them.

What if my Ex-Wife Keeps on Blocking me from seeing My Child?

– If they’re doing this, then that’s typical of an abuser because it makes them feel like they still have power over you. Don’t feel threatened by them because that will only give them more reasons to do it again later.

– Make sure that you always seek help from the authorities if ever they’re blocking you behind your back and never let their vindictive behavior stop you from doing what’s best for your child.

– Talk with your child(ren) and tell them that mummy or daddy can’t be allowed to control themselves. You can also ask for help from their therapist, so you know the best way to deal with the situation.

What if my Ex-Wife is Partying Hard?

– If this happens, don’t think of them as bad people because it’ll only make you angry. Instead, think of it as a way to handle their depression and issues with self-esteem healthily and productively.

If you genuinely feel like they’re in danger, talk with their therapist about your concerns because that person already knows your ex-wife better than anyone else. They will know if something is wrong.

– If ever this is a way for them to cope, then always remember that you have a choice not to get involved with their life unless you want to continue being a victim of abuse.


If you follow the tips given in this article, it will always help you deal with your psycho ex-wife. But make sure that they’re not dangerous, and if they are, then call the authorities as soon as possible. Never let them win because they will also drag your child(ren) into their issues. Just remember that “You’re the adult and they cannot own your life unless you give it away.”

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