Talking Stage Dos and Don’ts in a Relationship




What are the rules in the talking stage

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As you progress in any relationship, there comes a stage where communication is essential to stay connected. The “talking stage” of dating can be both exciting and stressful for couples – it’s the phase that allows partners to learn more about each other’s feelings, personalities, attitudes, and values. Talking should involve open communication, so your partner feels safe discussing things with you; however, keeping certain boundaries in mind is essential. This blog post will explore the dos and don’ts of talking during the relationship-building process to reach a more robust connection as a couple.

talking stage dos and don'ts

Talking Stage Dos and Don’ts in a Relationship

Talking Stage Dos in a Relationship 

Start Slow

Starting slow is essential to forming a strong and happy relationship. Taking the time to get to know someone before jumping in with both feet is critical. Taking it slow allows both partners to figure out expectations, likes, dislikes, dreams, and whether they’re on the same page regarding their future vision.

When two people move slowly into a relationship, it can give them time to build trust – an essential element for solid relationships. Allowing everyone involved to make sure they’re making the right decision and pace for them is why starting slow is vital in fostering successful relationships.

Be Open and Honest

A crucial component of a healthy relationship is being open and honest with one another. This can be easier said than done sometimes, as we may feel vulnerable, scared to admit our mistakes, or not want to cause distress to the other person. However, this communication type is paramount for a relationship’s progress.

When the two partners communicate openly and truthfully with each other, they can establish trust between themselves and speak freely about any issues that may arise. Though it may be uncomfortable initially, opening up is often crucial to nurture a trusting connection that can withstand the test of time.


Listening is a crucial component of a strong and healthy relationship. When two people come together, it’s essential to truly listen to each other to build understanding and trust. Often, couples get so wrapped up in convincing the other person about their point of view that they forget to take the time to absorb what the other has said.

But couples can reach a deeper level of connection and closeness by dedicating some quality time to actively listening and focusing solely on what the other person is saying. Communicating this way allows for mutual respect, assurance that your partner is heard–and, most importantly, peace in your relationship.

Respect Each Other’s Views and Opinions

Respect for one another’s views and opinions is an essential building block of successful relationships. Not everyone will agree – that’s just a fact of life – but learning to listen to one another, take their points on board, and discuss things calmly can help maintain healthy relationships and bring people closer together.

Understanding each person’s viewpoints in a relationship helps build trust and strengthens the bond between two people. Even when they disagree, respect for what the other person says is critical to meaningful conversations, leading to healthy relationship growth.

Keep an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind is an essential tool in any successful relationship. With it, conversations can become more active and leave partners feeling unheard or disconnected.

An open attitude encourages new ideas, the ability to accept differences of opinion, and the confidence to express when something may not be suitable. It allows for good communication between partners to understand each other better and find creative solutions.

A lasting relationship is ultimately critical to having an open mind and practicing respectful dialogue.

Show Respect for Your Partner 

Showing respect for your partner in a relationship is essential for healthy communication. Relationships tend to run smoother when you treat your partner with kindness and understand their thoughts and feelings. Showing respect doesn’t just mean being nice – it means truly listening to what your partner has to say and considering their perspectives instead of disregarding or dismissing them.

Choosing a respectful tone of voice while speaking to your partner can also make all the difference – taking a moment to pause and listen before responding can help prevent unnecessary quarrels. Remember: strong communication skills are the heart and soul of any successful relationship. Showing respect for your partner is just another stage of this journey.

Talking Stage Don’ts in a Relationship

Don’t Rush into Things Too Quickly 

One of the most important lessons in all relationships is to take time with things. This is especially true during the talking stage when two people are first getting to know each other, as this can create an unhealthy dynamic and bad expectation for the future. Taking your time will allow both parties to feel more secure with one another and form a healthier bond that could eventually lead to a relationship.

Ultimately, it’s essential to make sure not to rush into things too quickly while in the talking stage of a relationship because taking your time creates the best chance of forming a strong connection with your potential partner.

Don’t Lie or Exaggerate

Honesty is essential in every relationship and even more important in the early stages. When someone fibs or exaggerates, it erodes the trust necessary for any healthy connection. It can be tempting to say what we think someone wants to hear, but relationships built on deceit or misdirection often falter sooner rather than later.

With that in mind, having open and honest conversations is critical to a successful partnership, beginning with this “Don’t Lie or Exaggerate” talking stage don’t. Knowing your partner has your back and will tell you the truth – no matter how difficult it may be – is foundational to all lasting relationships. Make sure to cultivate a relationship with honesty and trustworthiness at its core.

Don’t Overreact 

Regarding relationships, couples will inevitably go through talking stages and disagreements. Rather than overreacting, which often leads to more conflict, partners should understand that they are on the same team and try to talk things out. Calmly expressing one’s feelings can help resolve any issues.

Pushing away or getting into an argument never solves anything; open communication is the best way to develop spiritual understanding and growth in the relationship. Finally, when both parties are devoted to the relationship, don’t overreact. Moments become the challenges that strengthen it.

Don’t Play Blame Games

Blame games are a natural product of any relationship; however, it’s essential to be aware of when these conversations happen. All too often, couples brush off their missteps and point fingers at the other instead. If an issue isn’t addressed correctly, it will continue to fester, leading to larger and more consequential arguments.

The key is for both partners to take responsibility for the issues and not to shy away from having productive conversations and being open to compromise. Facing complex topics head-on, and avoiding clever tactics such as playing the blame game, is fundamental for building a strong relationship that can withstand the test of time.

Don’t Give up on the Conversation When Things Get Tough 

It can be challenging to navigate difficult conversations, especially in relationships. When things get tough, and tensions are high, it’s easy to want to walk away from it all. However, one of the best ways to get through those tough conversations is by standing and working through them. Don’t give up on the conversation when things get tough – the talking stage doesn’t have to be a negative experience.

Not only will having hard conversations help build a foundation of trust in your relationship, but it will also help both parties gain clarity on where they stand and how they feel about various topics. Have an honest discussion and work together towards mutual understanding.

Don’t Assume You Know What Your Partner is Thinking

Healthy communication is critical to a successful relationship, and many couples struggle to stay on the same page. Too often, one person misreads the other’s intentions, which can become a barrier to proper understanding. That’s why “Don’t Assume You Know What Your Partner Is Thinking” is such a vital talking stage. It reminds partners to be conscious of their assumptions and to take the time to ask their partner how they feel before jumping to conclusions.

Individuals should recognize that this doesn’t resolve all of their relationship struggles, but it guides them toward more open communication while strengthening their bond in the long run. 

What are the rules in the talking stage

Don’t Try to Change Your Partner’s

Trying to change another person’s thinking should not be a primary focus of any relationship. Focusing too much on getting your partner to think a certain way can lead to tension and conflict between a couple, taking away from the little moments that make relationships so special.

Instead, couples should communicate regularly and discuss how each can support the other in something that matters. Taking the initiative creates mutual understanding, trust, and respect, allowing both parties to feel heard and cared for. This is far more rewarding than trying to alter your partner’s thoughts and beliefs.


Getting caught up in the little things that can lead to a conflict is easy, but it’s important to remember what truly matters. Avoiding blame games, working through difficult conversations, and not assuming you know your partner’s thoughts are critical elements of fostering a healthy relationship. Any relationship can be successful if both parties are willing to communicate and learn from each other.

By practicing these things and being open to compromise, couples are more likely to experience a significant connection that will stand the test of time.

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