Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant




Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

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We all know that guy. The one who is always asking about your plans for children and trying to set you up with friends’ single siblings. He might even drop not-so-subtle hints about what a great dad he would make. But does he want you to get pregnant, or is he just using baby talk to score points? Here are signs that he’s secretly hoping you’ll get pregnant.

Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

He gets very excited around babies and children

A guy who is only interested in babies and children might not be a good choice for a long-term partner. On the other hand, it’s a very clear sign that he is ready to have his own kids if he thinks they are so awesome.

He drops subtle hints about how wonderful fatherhood would be

If your guy keeps talking about what a great dad he would be, it’s a sure sign that he wants babies. If he says things like, “I can’t wait to have kids,” or “It will be so much fun to watch our children grow up together,” take him seriously. These comments are often warning signs of hidden desires for his own family.

He gets uncomfortable when you spend time with other guys

A guy who is ready to have children will often get jealous if you spend a lot of time with another man, especially if that man has kids. For example, he might accuse you of flirting with the babysitter’s boyfriend or show spiteful behavior at playdates. This isn’t necessarily a good thing – it could also mean your boyfriend is abusive – but it’s a sign that he wants to start a family as soon as possible.

He brings up marriage early on in the relationship

If your guy starts talking about marriage early in your relationship, there’s a good chance he wants babies. If he brings up engagement and wedding planning before you’ve even gone out on a second date, he might be thinking about settling down as soon as possible. You should proceed with caution if you’re looking for a long-term partner.

He pushes to lengthen your current method of birth control

For example, let’s say that you’re using the pill, and he wants you to try an IUD. This is not normal behavior in someone who isn’t planning to have kids anytime soon, especially if that person has never expressed any interest in starting a family. If your guy gets pushy about this kind of thing, it’s likely that he wants children now – or at least very soon.

He enjoys talking about pregnancy, childbirth, and baby milestones

If you notice that your guy gets excited when talking about pregnancy symptoms, birthing options, or how soon kids can be potty-trained, he might want to start a family. This type of discussion is usually reserved for parents looking forward to their upcoming childrearing adventure. If your partner displays this behavior often, it’s probably time for an honest chat about his plans.

He talks about the future, which includes you and your children

He may want you to be a part of his if he starts talking about the future in abstract terms. He might say things like, “Our kids will love this game,” or “When we have kids, they’ll never sleep.” Pay close attention to this type of behavior; it can indicate that he’s ready for fatherhood.

He gets angry when you mention other men

If your guy reacts negatively when you talk about attractive guys on television or in real life, especially if there is no reason for him to feel threatened by them, then he probably has some baby fever. If he also makes jealous comments or accuses you of flirting with these strangers, your partner is likely struggling with the reality that you’re not ready to start a family.

He wants his biological children instead of adopted ones

If your partner has already considered adoption but then decides that he would rather have his biological babies, it could mean one thing: He’s getting ready to make a baby. If you don’t want to give him the family he desires, you might have to end things quickly.

He gets upset when you say that your future doesn’t include children

If your partner is bothered that your life does not include kids, it’s time to leave him. It’s best for both of you if you go out while he still can’t remember all of his dreams and goals – before kids come into the picture and ruin everything. Now that you know some of the signs he secretly wants you pregnant, it should be easier for you to decide whether or not this guy is worth keeping around. Good luck!

He is great with kids

If your partner is great with kids, he likely wants to have his own. If you notice that your beau gets along well with other people’s children but doesn’t like kids of his own, this could mean that he knows if he doesn’t get started soon, it will never happen.

He has friends who are already dads

If your boyfriend hangs out with fathers or wants to be a father, it might make him feel like he’s lagging in life. If he feels like an outsider when talking about fatherhood, he may be ready to make the transition himself. He might act differently around these men; for example, maybe they can tease him about not having a child yet.

He defends children and seems to understand them

If your beau is quick to defend kids, says that they should behave a certain way, or shows genuine interest in children, he might want his own family someday. Somebody who likes kids usually likes raising them – so if this guy stashes baby toys around the house or talks about baby names with you from time to time, it’s a sign that he’s getting ready for fatherhood.

He spends a lot of time reading parenting forums online

If your partner reads parenting forums or mommy blogs regularly – even though these websites do not appeal to him – there could be one reason why: He wants to become a dad as soon as possible.

He wants you to quit your job

Some men think their partners should quit their jobs and stay home after the baby is born. If this is your partner’s opinion, he could be getting ready for fatherhood. After all, how will the kid get fed and clothed if mom isn’t bringing home any money? This man could be a traditionalist – but there’s also a chance that he’s trying to prepare his household for a new family member.

He gets angry when you talk about birth control

If your guy starts yelling at you or accusing you of leading him on when you mention birth control, it might mean one thing: He secretly wants you pregnant! He will not become upset when birth control is mentioned if he does not want kids right now or shortly.

He starts talking about your 7th-grade science teacher

If your partner brings up that one teacher you had in 7th grade and becomes convinced that this person must be having kids at his age, he may want to have a baby ASAP. It’s normal for most men to want to transition when they are around 30 years old. If this guy was always interested in family life, he likely feels like fatherhood is an achievable dream; if it wasn’t before, it is now.

He always wants to have unprotected intimacy

Some couples stop using condoms after they have been together for a while. If your man wants to take off the rubber without discussing it with you first, there could be one reason: He is ready to make his dream of having a child become a reality.

He gets angry when you bring up birth control

If your partner starts yelling at you or accusing you of leading him on when you mention birth control, it might mean one thing: He secretly wants you pregnant! He will not become upset when birth control is mentioned if he does not want kids right now or shortly.

He offers to babysit for family members or friends

Your guy might volunteer to babysit his friends’ or cousins’ kids without being asked. If he does not want his own kids, he won’t offer to help take care of someone else’s child without an invitation. However, if your boyfriend is willing to spend time with other people’s children, it might mean that he is thinking about adjusting his lifestyle to have a baby soon.

He’s obsessed with pictures of himself as a kid

If your partner is a fan of looking at old pictures from his childhood, it’s a sign that he wants to be a dad soon. Most men want kids of their own because they enjoy being the center of attention. When was the last time you saw your man look nostalgically at old photos from when he was in his 20s?

He becomes obsessed with baby names, clothing, and gear

Your guy could be making himself ready for fatherhood if he starts talking about naming options, buying new outfits, and going shopping for toys daily. Somebody who likes children typically likes going through all of this stuff before somebody arrives. If this person is already a kid enthusiast, the current trend towards having babies will only make him more excited at the idea of having a kid.

He becomes attached to kids who come over to your place

If you notice that your boyfriend has become overly affectionate with the children in your family or circle of friends, he could be up to something. Just as some men want children because they like attention, others want them so that kids can boost their self-esteem and make them look manly and mature to friends and relatives. If this person shows extreme interest in caring for other people’s kids, it might mean that he is trying to get ready for fatherhood.

He tells you straight up

Some guys are open about their desire to have kids. This person could hint at his intentions, or he might come out with it and tell you that he wants a baby. If your partner is that direct about the subject, there’s little use in trying to change his mind or postpone the inevitable.

He gets jealous of couples who have children

Even if he never mentioned wanting children before, if your guy starts acting upset when seeing other adults with kids, it could be because he has changed his mind and now wants one of his own. Pay attention to how this person reacts when watching TV together; if it seems like something bothers him, ask what makes him feel that way and talk about it openly.

He keeps talking about what your babies will look like

He might not be ready to have kids yet, but if your guy is constantly talking about what kind of babies you two will have together, he could be making plans for the future. If he keeps telling what kinds of traits their appearance will have, there’s a chance that it’s because he wants to start thinking about having his very own child.

He starts paying attention to other people’s children

If your partner used to show little interest in children before but has suddenly become fascinated with them, there could be another reason for this behavior. This person might want to get himself mentally prepared for fatherhood by looking at other people’s kids and trying to imagine what it would be like if the roles were reversed.

He stops buying condoms

Even if your guy is not ready for fatherhood, a sudden decision to stop using condoms could signify that he wants to get closer to you. If he would rather go without protection than use it, there’s a chance that the thought of not being with you anymore makes him put his desire for having kids on hold.

You become a part of his family

If you’ve been thinking about having children with your partner and he is on board with this idea, it could signify that the two of you are ready to start one. If both of your families approve of your choices and assume that you will be starting a family together shortly, there’s no need to worry – enjoy the ride and see where life takes you.

He buys large items without consulting you first

This person might want to surprise you with something special, but if he would rather go ahead and purchase things like strollers or baby carriers without checking their prices or asking about what types of things you already own, it could be because he wants to make sure all the necessary equipment is there before committing.

He gets upset when you bring up abortion or adoption

Suppose your partner is against the idea of not having kids or putting them up for adoption but is still respectful and supportive about your decisions and feelings. In that case, he could be trying to make himself more understanding and patient with these choices. Even if this person wants to have children as badly as you do, he might still hesitate because he knows that it’s important for you to go at your own pace until you’re ready.

You become pregnant without using protection

Even if getting pregnant was not on either of your lists of priorities, sometimes fate has other plans for us – especially when we least expect it. If nature has finally made it so that there is no other option but to have a child, don’t worry – it might not be what you were initially planning for, but this is how things are supposed to happen. If your partner seems to be pushing the issue even when you’ve said that you’re afraid of getting pregnant, he could be fearful of losing out on fatherhood yet again.

He begins to become very particular with his finances

If saving money has never been your partner’s biggest priority, but suddenly he’s become very attached to making sure that you take care of your needs first before spending cash on other things, it might be because he wants to make sure that his future family will always have enough food.

He beginning to take better care of himself

If your partner is trying to get healthier, more physically fit, and energy-boosted to be around for his future family, it could be because he wants to make sure that they will always be taken care of and supported in every way possible.

He promises you something new and nice

Before asking if you’re ready to start a family with him, this person might want to make sure that you’ll know how grateful you should feel after receiving such an amazing gift. Even if getting pregnant wasn’t part of the plan before, it doesn’t mean the two of you haven’t been thinking about having kids together since day one – instead, your partner might just be waiting for the right moment to surprise you with big news.

He moves forward with the process without you knowing

If your partner plans on making changes to his life, such as quitting his job and moving abroad, before telling you that he wants to be a father and start a family with you, it might be because he doesn’t want to make any rash decisions. Even if this person is longing for children desperately, he might still hesitate until he knows if you’re ready – after all, having kids is not something that should happen out of the blue.

Always compliments you on how great of a mom you will be

Suppose you’ve never been the type of person to show off your parenting skills or discuss things like pregnancy and looking forward to becoming a mother, but your partner keeps bringing up topics like this out of nowhere. In that case, there might be something greater behind his actions. Even if having children wasn’t on either of your lists of priorities, you might just be thinking about how it would be to become parents together at some point down the line. Don’t worry – everything will work itself out eventually!

He always wanted you to meet his family, but now he’s starting them for you

Before asking if you’re ready to start a family with him, this person might want to make sure that you’ll know how grateful you should feel after receiving such an amazing gift. Even if getting pregnant wasn’t part of the plan before, it doesn’t mean the two of you haven’t been thinking about having kids together since day one – instead, your partner might just be waiting for the right moment to surprise you with big news.

He begins to take better care of himself

If your partner is trying to get healthier, more physically fit, and energy-boosted to be around for his future family, it could be because he wants to make sure that they will always be taken care of and supported in every way possible.

He gets very close to your family

If your partner has never been the type of person to want to spend so much time with your family, but suddenly he’s very interested in keeping tabs on how they’re doing? Don’t rule out the possibility that he’s trying to find a way to keep his mind busy while waiting for you two to conceive!

His reaction is different whenever you miss a period

Don’t panic just yet if you two are trying to have a baby, but your period is late. Sometimes women ovulate at different times in their cycle without realizing it, so there’s no reason to worry if it happens once every blue moon. That being said, if this hasn’t happened before and he doesn’t seem too concerned about what could be causing the delay in your menstrual cycle? It might be because he already knows that something went wrong during ovulation.

Speaks about getting married on the ‘next level

Before asking if you’re ready to start a family with him, this person might want to make sure that you’ll know how grateful you should feel after receiving such an amazing gift. Even if getting pregnant wasn’t part of the plan before, it doesn’t mean the two of you haven’t been thinking about having kids together since day one – instead, your partner might just be waiting for the right moment to surprise you with big news.

Plans future dates on his own

Since he knows what your perfect date consists of, chances are your significant other is already planning out a romantic evening for when the two of you can finally relax and enjoy yourselves once again. If this guy also schedules time alone with certain people during such periods, it might be because he wants to make sure that everyone involved knows about the upcoming changes.

Gives you a baby shower

Getting gifts for someone who isn’t pregnant yet might seem like an odd idea at first – but don’t forget that these gatherings usually involve the presence of several people who already know what’s going on and will understand why certain things were purchased in advance. Not only this, but it’s also possible that your partner’s getting together with them before he finally makes the big announcement!

You catch him following a lot of baby pages on his social media networks

Even if your partner isn’t the type of person to ever look at such pages – it doesn’t mean that he didn’t secretly start following as many as he could as soon as you accidentally missed a period. This way, not only will he be able to keep his mind busy and share any milestones with those who matter most in this situation, but these accounts might also help him find out everything about the pregnancy so far and what kind of symptoms and changes you should both expect next.

what does it mean when he says he wants to get you pregnant

He’s been very protective lately

If your guy has been behaving differently around other people for any reason, don’t worry too much about negative comments from others – the chances are that they’re just jealous of how well things have been going between the two of you. If he feels like standing between you and anyone else, there’s always the possibility that it’s because he doesn’t want anyone to upset your delicate state of mind while you both wait for things to get started.

He says ‘We’ more often

Whether your partner talks about ‘we’ instead of just you on social media or when he discusses certain pieces of news, there’s always the chance that it’s because he wants to ensure that everyone else knows that this is something you two decided together. Even if he doesn’t seem too excited at times, saying the word ‘we’ might be his way of making sure that nothing gets out of hand before you’re ready to take things even further!

He seems a little bit more mellow around babies and children

If your significant other seems to be more relaxed around babies and children, that’s because he already knows what it feels like to take care of someone else. Whether he has always wanted kids or decided recently to make them a part of his life, there’s no denying that he should know what this lifestyle is like – which might be why everyone around him noticed the difference first!

Sudden interest in baby products

While it might seem odd for someone who isn’t even planning on getting pregnant anytime soon to start buying things related to deliveries and baby showers, keep in mind that these items were usually designed with both parties in mind – so even if your partner never considered himself as part of the equation before, the chances are that he might have a change of heart if things escalate quickly.

He loves having talks about pregnancy and children despite how you feel about it

One of the biggest signs that this guy is ready to become a father could be how enthusiastic he gets about discussing certain things with you. If your partner keeps bringing up future children despite your feelings, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s trying to pressure you into anything – even if it might seem like it at times.

He starts making sly comments about babies

Instead of hiding his excitement, this guy will let everyone around him know how much he loves talking about kids and planning for their arrival. Once everything becomes official between the two of you, don’t be too surprised if all sorts of jokes related to pregnancy start coming out of his mouth left and right!

You’re still in the honeymoon phase of the relationship

Even if you’ve been happily in love for a while now, your partner might have just noticed that you’re ovulating! While it’s important to keep an eye out for small changes within your body, don’t forget that there are various other factors at play here – especially when you’re not trying to get pregnant.

He gets excited whenever he comes across news about pregnancies

Every male knows how this feels like – so if your partner can’t hold back his excitement each time someone else becomes pregnant on social media or elsewhere, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to experience this feeling too. Just because he doesn’t seem overly eager right now, don’t assume that he didn’t consider the option in the past.

He’s been looking for a way to make his sperm stronger

Once your partner starts discussing matters related to sperm or how he can improve its quality, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants you pregnant anytime soon – even if you’re already going through menopause. If your significant other has been struggling with infertility issues, don’t be surprised if this sudden change of heart seems a bit too odd at times.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can a man sense when his girl is pregnant?

While some women out there seem to know when it’s time for them to give birth even before they get confirmation from their physicians, most men can’t sense anything related to pregnancy unless their significant other decides to let the news slip during the right moment. If he has been looking for ways to become pregnant without your knowledge, though, the chances are that this man will find out before anyone else!

Is there any age limit for a man to father a child?

Unless you decide to create an adoption plan or use artificial insemination for this purpose, you can’t force your significant other into becoming a father at any point in the year. While it might seem like something fun and exciting, remember that there are plenty of things to consider before taking this step – so even if you’re eager to have a baby, don’t rush into anything.

How do I tell my boyfriend I am pregnant with his baby?

If you don’t feel comfortable talking about this subject in person, you can always take a more subtle approach. For instance, why not take his favorite meal out – complete with the pregnancy test kit that he’s been asking for all along? Surprise him with an adorable onesie and remind him that this is the life that he’s always wanted!

Do men get baby fever?

Yes! While most men can’t sense anything related to pregnancy, they are more likely than women to have baby fever. If your boyfriend seems overly excited about having children, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to experience this feeling, too – even if you both aren’t ready for it just yet!

What does it mean when a man wants a baby right now?

It might mean that he has already started looking into ways to increase your chances of conceiving, and he found the solution. It’s also likely that his work has been giving him far too much stress lately, and he needs some positive change to feel better about everything else. Or maybe you’re finally ready for the big step, and he can’t wait to become a father.

If you notice a few of these signs in your partner, the best thing to do is sit down and have a real conversation about whether or not he wants to be a father. If he does, talk about your plans for future children – you might be pleasantly surprised by his enthusiasm!


The idea of having children can be very scary for women who aren’t ready to make that kind of commitment. The good news is that there are ways to tell if your man wants kids – it just takes a little detective work on your part. Pay attention to how he acts around babies and small children, as well as how often he talks about pregnancy and parenting with you. If you want to know whether or not he secretly wishes you were pregnant, look for signs that he wants children as much as you do.

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