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benefits of showering with cold water in the morning

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You may be wondering whether the timing for cleanliness really matters. Well, some doctors say that there is nothing wrong with showering at night, in the morning or both. However, if you shower at night, your day won’t be as fresh as you may think. This is because when you get up in the morning, there is all this sweat and a lot of bacteria sitting on your skin. So, to wash all the sweat and gunk, take a shower in the morning. Enjoy the read through this article as it clearly defines the benefits of morning and night showers, and from this, you will easily choose what’s best for you.

benefits of showering with cold water in the morning

Benefits Of Showering In The Morning?

Generally, when it comes to taking daily showers, there are only two different kinds of people. That is those who see showering as practical and handle each process carefully and very quickly. Also, some lavish during the process, and they tend to indulge a few more minutes in the shower steam. Whichever type of person you are, showering must be a part of your daily routine. The primary benefits of showering are hygiene as well as cleanliness. But maybe you have never considered the benefits beyond the two above. Research has found that showering brings along numerous benefits to your mind and body. Therefore, the benefits of morning showers are as follows:

  • Improved blood circulation

Morning showers will literally improve the circulation of your blood. When water runs over your body, it implies that blood will rush under your skin. This leads to proper blood circulation, which plays a crucial role in your health, which is the transfer of nutrients to parts of your body. What’s important to note is that if your body gets to lack proper blood circulation, conditions such as hypertension and heart attack can occur and that’s why hydrotherapeutic (use of water for therapeutic purposes), is a commonly used way to improve circulation of the blood.

  • Decreases stress

If you happen to wake up with some stress about the many things to be done that day, well, then taking a shower in the morning is a superb way to get over the felling. Also, taking a colder shower increases your oxygen intake. This increased oxygen supply to your brain decreases your stress levels.

  • Relieves a cough

If you may be suffering from a cough, then taking a morning shower might give you quick relief. A warm shower relieves you from a cough as the steam will loosen the mucus that tends to accumulate while you sleep and sets you at ease within little time.

  • Boost your energy

If you are looking for a great way to boost your energy, then taking a shower in the morning will rejuvenate you. Giving you a great start to your day.

  • Washes away toxins

While you sleep at night, toxins are discarded from your body through your sweat. Taking a morning shower washes away the toxins.

Is It Bad To Take A Shower In The Morning?

People who are in love with morning showers can bet with you that there is no better way to start your day than washing the sleep off. If you are one of a kind that experiences some hard times while waking up in the morning, then taking a shower in the morning can make a huge difference. And, not forgetting that showering in the morning will also wash away blanket hairs. In case you are ambitious, it is advisable that you take a shower right after your workout. Experts say that morning showers boost one’s alertness. But still, they recommend a more refreshing, not very cold shower to avoid raising your body temperatures drastically. High body temperatures lead to heat intolerance, nausea, nose bleeding, and rapid breathing.

What Is The Best Time To Take A Shower?

Does the shower timing really matter? This is a question that most people find themselves pondering on. For those who believe in the energizing effects of taking a shower will argue that water wakes them up for the day. But others really prefer to end their day with a relaxing shower as they cannot get into bed dirty and as a result, they sleep much better.

However, science shows that different shower temperatures give different results as follows. Cold showers; decrease irritation, swelling, reduces pain, improve blood circulation, decrease muscle spasms, and lower cortisol levels. While a hot shower: improves sleep, better blood flow to muscles and joints, improves brain health, improves cardiovascular health, and not forgetting that it reduces muscle soreness as well as fatigue.

Who is right though between the two? It gets that the evening cleaner carries the day. Of course, if you want to take a shower in the morning, go on and do it, but still shower at night. This is because it’s of importance to go to sleep clean. After all, that’s what will separate your day from the night. Besides, if you have been wearing some sandals, you should at least wash your feet before going to bed. However, there are some benefits to both evening and morning showers.

A morning shower will make your skin look healthier, allow you time to meditate, and organize yourself before a long day and also decreases skin inflammation by keeping cortisol hormone in level. It’s also advisable to shave in the morning as you will be more alert. Thus, it’s less likely for you to injure yourself with the shaving equipment. Night showers will better your sleep, skin, and all-round body health. Thus, it’s clear that only evening showers have a health benefit.

benefits of taking showers in the morning

Does Showering In The Morning Make You Sick?

Based on science researches, there may be more reasons to shower in the evening. Although there is no evidence of a person getting sick because of taking a morning shower. It turns out that some things can happen to improve your body health after taking a night shower and can’t happen when you take a morning shower. They include;

  • You can’t get acne

If you are jumping into your bed and putting your head on a pillow with sweat and oil on your body from the hectic day, it could result in acne. Dermatologists recommend cleaning your body using zinc soap, to help prevent acne.

  • It fights seasonal allergies

For instance, if you have a seasonal allergy to pollen, then it gets on your clothes and skin. Unless you are taking a night shower to get the residue off, then your symptoms worsen.

  • It promotes relaxation

Considering science, heat, and warmth can ease anxiety and tension. It makes a lot of sense that a night shower is the best way to relaxing and end your day in a style mentally.

  • It promotes healthier skin

Taking an evening shower gives the hormones that are responsible for your skin health, a favorable time to do their job. Hormones like growth hormones which are responsible for a quick skin turn over.

  • You will get germs on your pillow

It turns out that there is a lot of bacteria on your hair or instead of your head, so going to bed without thoroughly washing your hair for several nights contaminates your bed, making your face susceptible to acne.

  • It’s better for your hair

You should wash your hair at night as it gives it a chance to lock in moisture, which in turn makes it softer and healthy too.

Following the above information, showering in the morning can’t make you sick. But, evening showers triumph morning showers. Taking a morning shower cannot prevent acne and others.

Is It Ok To Shower At Night Instead Of Morning?

Some people prefer to shower at night over the morning. It is as a result of the ultimate benefits that come along with night showers. If you desire to sleep on your sheets clean, then take a night shower. Also, when you need to improve your sleep quality as a result of dropping your body temperatures. What’s more is that a drop in your body temperature slows down your breathing rate, heart rate, and your digestion rate. On the other hand, morning showers are found to lack any real scientific benefits, although, through an alternating cold and hot water, morning showers improve your alertness.

Will I Smell If I Shower At Night?

The main reason as to why you opt to shower at night is because you lack time to shower in the morning. Although, you still mind not to offend others with your scent. Below are some simple tips that you should consider to smell fresh

What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Body With Soap?

Taking a shower without using soap, nothing much can happen. Washing with warm water helps you remove most or rather some of the dirt and body sweat. Although you may not feel as clean as you should be, in addition, in case you have oil, grease, and maybe other a few substances on your body, then you will find it difficult to successfully removing them without soap. Also, there is a positive outcome where the fine white powder on your elbows change and peel off like dead skin.

What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Shower?

Picture this, that you have been working from your home in pajamas for the whole day, you might be wondering if you really need to shower in the evening. What about the many times you tell yourself that you will take a shower in the morning, knowing very well that you won’t have time. Suddenly, days come to pass since you showered. Now, here is what can happen to your body if you don’t take a shower.

  • You can get harmful bacteria, which makes you sick.
  • Your skin can break out
  • You can release up to thirty bad smells
  • You can get brown spots on your skin
  • Your hair can get greasy

What matters at the end of each day is your personal hygiene, its crucial because it takes care of your mind and body. But, if you happen to skip showering for a day or even two, do not stress as we all do it.

What Is The Correct Way To Take A Shower?

With the understanding of the importance of taking a shower, well, now you might wonder what’s the right way to take your shower. For your information, all showers aren’t created equally. Well, water and soap will give a positive outcome. However, it is all about technique. If you take your shower correctly, you’re sure of a shiny hair and glowing skin. Below are a few shower tips that can help.

  • Get the temperatures right; warm water gives the best results•
  • Brush your hair before getting it wet; wet hair increases its tangles and also its chances of breakage
  • Shampoo thoroughly
  • Don’t leave the conditioner on for an extra time; as it won’t make any difference to your hair
  • Clean your body safely; use a block of bar soap but not a loofah, because the bar soap can be shared if need be, but loofah can’t be, plus they harbor bacteria and yeast thus you should replace loofah on monthly basis
  • Wash your face on the sink; use warm water to clean and cold water to rinse your face to prevent acne
  • Do not over scrub
  • Rinse your hair with cold water
  • Apply lotion right after the shower

The basic importance of showering is to maintain cleanliness. With reports made from various shower researches carried out, you may be one who loves showering in the morning before you start your day, as this gives you a significant boost. Well, it’s also advisable to take a night shower as it’s the only time you experience health benefits. However, research shows a night shower has a significant benefit health-wise to your body. Although sometimes you skip having a shower should not worry you much. But, skipping showers repeatedly, as you have read, has some negative effects.

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