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Good-looking beards are absolutely essential for any grooming and body care regime. This feat is only achievable if you make use of the right care and cosmetics. Many of these cosmetics do exist. However, the beard oil stands out. These are special oils which are formulated for use and application on your beards.

Given their obscure nature, it may not be possible for you to make good use of them. That is why you have to receive the right direction and guidance to that end. These form the basis of our discussions hereunder. We have prepared a complete guide on the subject for your enlightenment.

Some of the topics we shall dwell on are, do beard growth oils work? benefits of beard oil, the best time to apply beard oil, how to apply beard oil, and what to look for when buying beard oil. These we shall do by digging deeper and getting to know the finer details regarding the stated areas of concern.

do beard growth oils actually work

Do Beard Growth Oils Works?

In a nutshell, yes, beard oil does actually work. But how is this the case? And in what way does the oil work? Indeed, the functioning of the oil is made possible by its formulation. Many beard oils contain pure Argan oil and unrefined jojoba.

These vital ingredients have potent moisturizing agents. In light of this, they supply your skin with plenty of moisture which is essential for triggering the growth of your beard. By making the skin supple and smooth, these ingredients also spare you from the feelings of itchiness.

Over and above that, the oil also eliminates unwanted dead matter from your skin. That is mainly because it has some potent purification capabilities. When brushed on your face, it scours the face to drag away all dead skin cells which overlay your skin. In this way, it also lets your skin to sweat unimpeded.

Upon applying it, the oil penetrates your pores to enhance the elasticity of your skin. Elastic skins are generally known to encourage the growths of beards. Additionally, elastic skins are easier to keep and maintain hygienically. This is because they respond well to soaps and other agents of washing.

Many beard oils are also fortified with Vitamin E and a couple of antioxidants. These two play the dual roles of strengthening your beard and repairing any damages that arise in the process. In this way, they maintain the health of your skin perfectly. Healthy skin is great for the long-term growth and development of your beard.

Stronger beards are also more likely to endure various adverse elements. With regards to this, the beard strands are unlikely to fall off, sustain any possible damages, grow feeble or easily pluck off. This is besides the reliable and sustained growth in the long run.

Many people grow longer beards for beauty and aesthetics. You are most likely one of them. The good news yet again is that these oils also serve styling, beautification, and aesthetics. Simply apply them on your beard, let it settle, and then use your comb to generate the appropriate style for your use.

Yet again, some oils have nutritional values. This is to mean that they have ingredients which are crucial in the growth of beards. When applied onto your hair, these ingredients sink in or are absorbed by your beard strands to shore up their growth. You may hence count on them to accelerate the growth of yours.

Growth of beard also entails grooming it. Though not primarily a grooming agent, these oils also make some positive contribution. They soften the strands of beards to make them easy to comb through and style. Your acquisition of the oil hence spares you from the need to acquire many other hair care products.

As you may see from the foregoing, the beard oils are comprehensive. They let you achieve many feats at a time. It hence goes that your use of them is a sure way of saving yourself time and money. You also get to simply your haircare by reducing the number of tools and products you purchase and make do with.

do beard oils work for growth

Benefits of Beard Oil

Many benefits do come along with the use of these oils. Below are but a few of them:

Revitalizes your Beard

The beard oils have that uncanny ability to revitalize your beard and the skin underneath. It does this in two main ways. For one, it makes your skin supple chiefly by loosening the wrinkles. Then it also eliminates any flakes which might have settled on your skin.

Softens the skin

As part of its revitalization role, this oil also softens the skin. The main reason underlying this is its role in eliminating any debris which lies in between your sweat pores. In the course of so doing, it makes your skin more flexible and elastic.

Adds some Fragrance

Some oils contain fragrance. They may hence play the secondary role of adding some fragrance to you with use. You do not have to purchase a perfume separately as is the case with those who opt for other beard-grooming products. This means you spend less time to care for yourself in the process.

Combats Dandruff

As part of their formulation, the beard oils also combat dandruff. They, as has already been stated, moisturize your scalp. In so doing, they neutralize the dryness that ordinarily comes along. In the course of so doing, they make your hair shiny and smooth. You also get to be more confident.

Hydrates your Scalp

Their primary purpose is to hydrate your skin. This stems mainly from the powerful moisturizing agents which they contain. While at it, the oils not only combat dandruff but also make your skin more supple, smooth and easier to engage on the whole. The oil makes your hair care a breeze.

Saving Time and Money

Typical beard oil is an amalgamation of many hair care products. These include the perfumes, hair conditioners, hair moisturizers, and stylers. Your purchase and use of these products is hence a sure way of saving some time and money. You get to perform all your grooming activities ‘under one roof.’

Deals with Dry Skin and Itching

It is not uncommon for your skin to dry and begin to itch with the passage of time. Yet again, the beard oils come in handy. They deal with these twin issues appropriately. These the oil do by neutralizing the effects of the itchiness and prickly occurrences that arise every now and then.

Promotes Hair Growth

Lastly, the beard oils also promote the growth of your hair. The main reason underlying this is their possession of the famed Vitamin E. When you apply it on your skin, the oil penetrates deeper and faster. It is thereafter absorbed by the strands of hair. It is at such a time that the strands absorb the Vitamin E.

Best Time to Apply Beard Oil

There are two main times when it is best to apply beard oil. These are:

Early in the Morning

Immediately you shower in readiness for work, you are advised to apply the beard oil. This, of course, is necessary as it complements your other grooming undertakings. It also enhances your overall appearance and makes you ready to take on your day well. The fragrance nature of the beards also helps.

Late in the Evening

Some experts have also identified late in the evening as one of those good times to apply the oil. They argue that the beard oil has enough time to seep into the pores and get absorbed by them. You are advised though to steer clear of the fragranced oils as they are more likely to inflict respiratory disorders.

How to Apply Beard Oil

Step I: Apply a few droplets on your palm

Start off applying some droplets of the oil on your palm. After this, rub the oil on both fingers severally. The aim of this is to distribute it uniformly in your palms. It also allows for smoother applications later.

Step II: Apply it on your beard

Now move on to apply this oil on your beard. While at it, be sure to distribute it evenly on your beards. Preferably, you should start from your roots to the ends of the strands of your beards. Be slow and meticulous while at it.

Step III: Massage the skin underneath your beard

After seeing to it that all beard is impacted, massage the skin underneath gently. This is to make sure that the oil seeps into the pores. Massaging also aids in softening the scalp and making it more able to enhance the subsequent growth of the beard.

Step IV: Comb and Style

Finally, comb and style your beard appropriately. Use a beard comb as it is the one that is designed to get to those inaccessible places easily. Generate the style you are interested in also at this time.

What to Look For When Buying Beard Oil

There are three main issues to take care of while searching for the right beard oil. These are:


Good beard oil must not contain some ingredients. These are fragrance, alcohol, and silicone. They are known to cause irritations, skin dryness, and the accumulation of debris. Avoid them as much as possible because you do not want to suffer the associated dangers. As a general rule, any oil on whose container there is no list of ingredient is a fake one.

Length and Texture of Beard

How long and thick are the strands that constitute your beard? These two parameters are absolutely vital as they determine the potency which your oil has to possess. Read through the containers of the many oils you have in mind to find out the more suitable one.


Lastly, what exactly do you want to use the beard oil? Is it only to soften your hair, style it, moisturize your scalp, or enhance the growth of your hair? These products are pretty diverse. They are subsequently suited for different kinds of roles. Be sure to find the best one for your course.

Cost Implications

Many of these beard oils are not cheap. That is because they are intended at those who have the financial wherewithal. You do not want to fall in this trap at all. That is why you want to see to it that the one you choose is well within your means. Compare the prices of the many oils on offer to find the cheapest one.

We have truly done an amazing job in showcasing the benefits and pertinent information about these beard oils. It is now up to you to take the mantle from where we have stopped. Reading through our explanations yet taking no tangible action is certainly not a good thing to do.

These products are available in the leading retail outlets and pharmaceutical stores. They are purchasable over the counter and need no prior doctor’s prescription. You have only yourself to blame if you cannot find the right one, hence.

Though we do not deal with these products directly, we aid people in making the most informed decisions possible. If in the course of your purchase you happen to get stuck, feel free to get to us. We are always eager to lend a helping hand just as we have helped many others before. All the best in your subsequent search and purchase!

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