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is it ok to have a beard without a mustache

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Having a beard with a nice style seems to be a trendy thing for men globally. Most men in this century have decided to grow out their facial hair to embrace the new look. A majority of men want to emulate their favorite celebrities while some do this out of curiosity. What most of them don’t know is that if you decide to follow the path of growing a beard, you consequently need a routine for you to maintain it.

This passage rite requires you to understand the type of beard you are dealing with so that it can suit well your needs. You can use your mirror to find out whether the beard you have chosen suits your style. The shape of your beard should ensure that your face is seen properly. It is also essential to trim your beard regularly to keep it clean. You should also keep it even as it grows so that you avoid it being unkempt.

Is a Beard without Mustache Ok

Is It Ok to Have a Beard without a Mustache

The answer to the above question is absolute. Yes. For many years, individuals have been having a beard without a mustache. This kind of beard style is one of its types because it is affordable and enhances an outstanding look.

People who prefer having a beard with no mustache always do it out of curiosity, faith, or sometimes they want to try something new. Additionally, this kind of style usually suits young people who focus on emulating celebrities or experts in a particular field of career. Besides, beards without mustache work best for individuals who have a form of a diamond face.

Beard with no mustache creates an impressive and daring personality. It gives men a new look, which can play a significant role in building their self-esteem. This allows them to exude confidence when undertaking tasks and also improve their facial appearance.

Having beards without a mustache is more fashionable. It enables you to adapt to a classic and elegant method(s) to maintain your beards. With it, you can easily determine the means of trimming your beards up to the length you desire. They appear stylish, manly, and very sexy regardless of the shape of your beard or facial hair; it generally adds more flavor to your appearance.

is it ok to have a beard without a mustache

Studies and reports claim that men usually take an average of about 67 days to ensure that their beards grow to the perfect height. Therefore, you are the one to determine how you can design the shape of your beard without a mustache.

You need to appreciate the fact that men wear beards and not mustaches. This is what has been happening for several years. You don’t need to worry about the perception of people on you as long as what you have generates joy to your existence. The mirror will always be your guidance.

Facial hair can be of great benefit to you, and people with beards without mustache can attest to this. You can be surprised that the beards can have a significant influence on making women get attracted to you. The beards can drive them wild and bring you the right personality that you have been searching for years.

Should You Decide You Want A Beard Without Mustache?

The decision to this always depends on individual taste and preferences. The truth of the matter is that it is upon you to make a quick decision on what to do to your facial hair. Maintaining a well-trimmed beard with no mustache is an easy task to do. It is less stressful, simple, and doable. People live with their beards, not mustache. You only have to select the beard style that fits you.

As a person always put your priorities right, if beards without mustache work well for you, then it is crucial to keep. Never worry what other people will say, always find time to look at yourself in the mirror, and if the beards suit you, keep it.

Beard Styles without Mustache

As earlier mentioned having a beard without a mustache is one of the trendiest styles that one can keep for a long time. It is a fashionable style that has been there for long and can serve you right. It also allows you to appear masculine and descent.

There is a wide range of beards styles without mustache that exists in the global market. You can easily have one when you have facial hair if need be. They are not limited to the following.

Soul Patch

This is one of the most straightforward beard styles to keep without a mustache. It covers an individual chin towards the bottom of your lip.

The small area that has your beard on the bottom of your lip can be thin or wide, triangular, or square. It can also have a different shape depending on what you want it to be. You should allow the beards to grow and consequently, it can become the center of attention of your face.

The beard style is always achieved when you allow the whole place of your face to be fully shaved to ensure the soul patch to be the focal point of your face. It always loses its attention when stubble approaches.


Chinstrap is a top beard style that generates an excellent impression without a mustache. It stands out clearly and brings outstanding facial appearance. The style works efficiently to people who have patchy beard hair. It can easily sculpt all over the challenge regions.

It runs throughout your face side and goes up to your chin. It is one of the best styles that work effectively as an option for people who engage in developing a complete beard. It at times, allows hair to grow around your chin.

Chin Curtain

It is an easy beard style to build and maintain. Not to mention, this beard style with no mustache can offer you the flexibility to keep it in several techniques. The good thing is that this beard style can easily be trimmed from the jawline to the soul patch.

The main prerequisite condition to achieve this beard style with no mustache is to ensure that you shave the top side of your lip that is close to the nose.

It is critical to trim your beard frequently for you to keep an elegant look with this style. Ensuring that your facial hair is maintained on your cheek will play a key role in making your beard style come out clearly.

Mutton Chops

This is one of the best beard styles with no mustache that has been there since immemorial. For those who ensure that mutton chops grow literary on the face side can easily change their appearance to be memorable.

Fully grown mutton chops can easily be shaved to go towards the jawline and consequently deliver a rounded face. For you to maintain this beard style, you have to ensure that you shave regularly around the chin area and the upper lip to ensure that the stubble doesn’t interfere with the beard style when it develops.

Neat Chinstrap

It can provide you with an excellent beard shape with no mustache when designed and handled well. You have to ensure that you grow your beard to the appropriate height so that you can comfortably shape and brush your beard. You also need to trim your beards regularly to keep your appearance as you shave the mustache and cheeks areas. You are required to do the process of shaving daily to maintain the overall look.

Proper care, shave, and maintenance will offer you the right art design of this beard style.

Chinstrap and Goatee

This is a great combination that can offer a perfect beard style design without a mustache. It is a superb style that requires proper care to keep. The good thing is that when you maintain it well, the end product is usually outstanding. It involves the daily trimming of your beards.

For this combination to be complete, your hair should start at the mouth side towards the chin then up to the jawline.

Lincoln Beard

This kind of beard style with no mustache gives you the joy you have been admiring for centuries. When done correctly, it provides you with power, looks, and prestige. What this style offers will drive all women to you.

For you to obtain this beard style, it is crucial to trim your chin carefully to ensure that your entire beards maintain equal length. You also need to make sure that there is no hair stubble below your nose, cheeks, or lips.

Long Goatee

It is a mixture of a small area of facial hair mixed with the essential creativity of art. For you to accomplish this beard style, you need to keep the cheeks, jawline, and mustache areas to be stubble-free. After doing this, you can then decide to sculpt low your goatee from the mouth side towards other areas.

You will be required to minimize the trimming of the long goatee to maintain the lower region straight. This will allow you to stand out in a group of your peers and friends.

Chin Puff

This beard style is one of the easiest beards to achieve when you moderately trim your beards to perfect length. It at times involves a lot of effort because if a small region of the face is filled with facial hair, you are required to shave other areas; including neck, mustache, and face and below your lips to ensure that you obtain the best beard style.

Full Chin Curtain

It is one of the best beards styles that is found all over the world. For you to enjoy its results, you have to ensure you allow your facial hair to grow to the desired length on the largest part of your face. You have to give your hair rare maintenance.

To acquire this appearance, you let your beards on the face sides close to the jawline to grow in moderate height and also allow facial hair below your chin to develop as long as you wish.

Constant trimming along the mustache and cheeks regions with adjustable trimmers will allow this beard style to flourish.

Many people hold the key to determine the future of their look, and if you want the best appearance, you will have an obligation to maintain your beards. You need to be on the forefront to embrace the beards that fit your face and needs.

You may decide to grow your beard without a mustache, and this will require you to put the best beard style into account. For you to keep a consistent length of your beard length and face shape, you will need to cut your facial hair with an ideal blade. It is crucial to do this as a routine to keep your beard outstanding. The above tips should be followed keenly so that you can get your desired beard style effectively.

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