How to Get Mustache Hair to Lay Down




how to make mustache hair lay down

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When you begin growing out a long beard, everything appears to be reasonably organized. Although you may go through a slightly itchy phase and a patchy beard, in the end, everything will look neat and organized because you do not have a lot to look after. However, your beard might begin getting a little bit out of control after a few months. If your beard is becoming unruly and some of your facial hair is sticking out in all directions, then this guide will help get your facial hairs to lay flat and also prevent them from sticking out everywhere.

How to Get your Mustache and Facial Hair to Lay Down

It’s no doubt that mustaches are making an epic comeback. Nowadays, facial hair classic styles are becoming more and more incredibly popular with many men from all over the globe. Therefore, if you are considering giving your look a fast update, then growing a long mustache might be the way to go. The only thing you should do is look for your perfect shape. There are numerous mustache styles out there that you can use for inspiration, but regular grooming and maintenance is vital to maintain a stylish appearance. Here are some tips to help you get your mustache hair to lay down.

how to get facial hair to lay down

  • Wash your facial hair

When you’ve got everything you need to clean your beard, you should first hop in your shower and thoroughly clean your beard. However, you should make sure the shower water is not too hot because it can potentially damage your beard by drying it. Use lukewarm water and ensure that you clean the mustache with a conditioner specifically designed for the beard. Do not use standard shampoos or the conditioner you use for your head.

A standard shampoo will not only strip all the natural oils within your beard like sebum that keeps it moist, but it’ll also provide your beard with a coating that will hinder any moisture from getting absorbed. The shampoo is good when it comes to giving your hair a healthy and shiny look, but bad for your beard and mustache.

  • Apply your preferred beard oil

After you have thoroughly washed your beard, use a towel to pat dry it to a certain level of dampness that allows you to apply beard oil. Applying beard oil at this stage is vital because, at this time, the pores of your skin are most exposed. After applying the beard oil, continue to pat with a clean towel and dry your beard and mustache.

  • Comb your beard

After drying your beard, comb it through to assist in spreading the beard oil throughout your beard and untangling any intertwined beard hairs. Ensure that you do it in a way that does not tug on your beard. If you want, you can use short, simple strides.

  • Apply a beard styling balm

Once you are done combing your beard, you should get a beard styling balm of your choice and emulsify it on your hand and begin spreading it out across your beard and through it as well. Then gradually begin shaping it downwards towards the face and your cheeks. The balm will give you a firm hold that will help your beard lay flat with ease.

  • Shape using a beard brush

After applying a beard styling balm, get a bristle brush, and then run it through the beard, and you can do this regularly for a couple of weeks. By doing that, you will be shaping the beard into place and also begin training your beard and facial hair to grow in a particular direction. For the sticky out bits, you can either give them a quick snip or even reach for some wax and only apply to that specific area.

How Do You Eat And Drink With A Beard?

Generally, if you would like to eat with a mustache, when using a spoon or fork to eat food, you should avoid overloading your spoon. The less food you have on your fork or spoon, the higher the probability it will go directly in your mouth and not hung on your beard. Better still, before you take a food bite, use your thumb and your forefinger and brush aside any facial hairs near your mouth.

You can also roll your upper lip upward and drop the lower lip when eating with a beard. By doing this, your teeth will become more exposed to angle the mustache from your mouth to increase the space area for you to feed yourself easily. But when eating messy foods like chili or soups, you should have a wet facecloth close to clean away any messes with ease. That’s a better option than utilizing the entire pack of napkins at the dining table.

how to make mustache hair lay down

Using a handkerchief or a damp cloth will help you prevent paper particles from hanging in the facial hairs like that of paper napkins. The other way to eat with a long beard is by using unscented baby wipes. They are not only good enough for the sensitive bottom of your baby, but they can also keep your face sparkling clean despite how messy your meal might be.

When eating foods like a large sandwich that is too big for your mouth using your hands, you should rotate the food below and up the mustache, and then open your mouth wider than normal. You should also avoid using any beard or mustache wax near your mouth because foods will tend to stick to all these regions and even become hard to clean.

How Do You Stop A Mustache In Your Mouth?

When you begin growing out your mustache to crown your beard, one of the common problems most guys experience is that the facial hair is constantly getting into their mouths. Here is how you should stop your mustache from curling in your mouth.

If you realize your beard is curling in your mouth, you should start by washing or rinsing your beard with warm water to get rid of the build-up of oils from it. After washing, pat dry your beard using a microfiber or cotton cloth. If you normally take a shower in the mornings, then that’s the best time to attend to your beard.

After cleaning your beard, you should apply some mustache wax. Scrap out a small amount of wax using your thumbnail, and then warm it and melt it between your index and thumb fingers.

Using your thumbs and index fingers, lightly grab your beard from its center and start sweeping your mustache to the side, and above the lip line. You should continue sweeping until you feel that your mustache is completely out of the way. The bigger your mustache hair, the more wax you will want to use.

How Do You Drink With A Mustache?

Keeping all the beverages, you take out of your mustache is an easier job than trying to keep food from getting trapped in the facial hair. One of the simple fixes is taking your drinks from a water bottle or using a straw. However, that can be problematic for the men who love their beer from frosty cold mugs. Travel mugs usually funnel the beverages to smaller openings to cut on anything that comes in contact with your mustache and beard.

Also, try to drink from the bottom lip, even though it might feel strange. It is pretty easy once you get used to it. Regardless of what you drink with a beard, you should keep your handkerchief close to help you dab off any liquids easily. When you get into a routine, it’ll become easy to keep your mustache and beard sparkling clean at all times.

Are Mustaches Creepy?

Facial hairstyles are becoming more and more common nowadays. Most men usually try them at least one time in their life, and they end up with a creepy mustache. When you start selecting a perfect mustache, you might find it complicated most of the time. That’s because, the more complicated your mustache, the better it will look. Creating a mustache is usually an art and requires some practice. That is why it’s always good, to begin with, easy options before trying the more complex ones. Otherwise, you will end up with a creepy mustache.

Nobody likes sporting a creepy mustache. That’s the reason why the mustache approaches should be serious. However, if you do not have the time to visit a stylist, you should consider creating something simple to start with. You will have to learn how to utilize the trimmer with various heads and the mustache wax as well. Once you become good at making some simple mustache styles, you can try more complicated styles according to your preferences.

Should Your Mustache Cover Your Lip?

Growing a mustache usually requires more than simply growing one. There many other things that you ought to consider if you would like to achieve that desired look: density, styling, and shape, among others. If you are ready to make your own, there are many types of mustaches you can try, but it doesn’t have to cover your face.

If you are going to grow a long beard, you should as well get it right. Generally, mustaches are quite tricky, and they need more care and upkeep than stubble style or other fully shaved looks. The most important thing you should learn is how to shape it.  You can start by envisioning the shape in your mind, and then create an overhang that does not cover the entire lip area. Your mustache can extend to the end of the lips, but only to a reasonable degree.

How Do I Stop Biting My Mustache?

If you realize that your facial hairs are intruding your lips area then, you should consider trimming the ends using an electric trimmer or a pair of scissors It’s just like trimming your hedges: You are not cutting them down, but you are shaping them properly and keeping the growth out of the lip area.

With small pair of sharp grooming scissors, trim the protruding tips of your beard along the line following the top part of your lip. Trim a little hair at a time and ensure that the unruly hairs are completely out of the way, or even trim a bit more to make you comfortable.

When using electric clippers, you should look for the size guard that allows you safely groom your beard and mustache to retain the exact length you want. You will find that it’s a lot more comfortable and neater if you trim the mustache a bit. Besides, it also grows pretty fast, and together when it is even.

If you find it daunting, you can go to a local stylist and explain what is happening. Any professional stylist should know how to utilize their grooming tools to trim your beard. Besides, you should regularly groom to prevent it from getting to the point that it is in your mouth most the time and avoid the temptation of chewing your hair.

How Do You Eat With A Long Mustache?

Do you have a mustache, here are some tips to help you eat and drink without any messes.

  • Open your mouth horizontally rather than vertically to help move your mustache’s curtains out of the way when eating. That is essential because it is pretty easier to clean the bottom and top facial hair than the side hairs.
  • If you’re still biting on the hairs of your mustache as you eat, then you can consider holding the curtains of the mustache to the sides using your finger.
  • When eating bread along with butter, or other foods with sticky top sides, you should turn the bread upside down because it will be easier to wipe away once it gets on the bottom lip.
  • Slice your sandwiches and any other foods into some small bites to help make it easy for the food to enter the mouth without touching your facial hair.
  • Turn all handheld food sideways if possible to prevent getting sauces and bits on your mustache because it’s easier to wipe the bottom and top of your beard and mustache than the sides.

Men keep beards of all sizes, lengths, and shapes, and the styles can vary significantly from one another. Regardless of the style, keeping your beard well-trimmed by regular grooming is important when you want it to lay down. Uneven lengths and scraggly hairs can easily turn any stylish mustache into a mess. But with the information discussed above, the right tools, and patience, your mustache will properly lay down with low maintenance.

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