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how much developer to use when bleaching hair

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Bleaching your hair can be beautiful but not good at the same time, bleaching regularly damages hair and everyone should avoid bleaching hair at any cost. Some people can’t do without trying to be a blonde at least once in their life, but if that is what you decide, then make sure to you use the right bleaching products.

There are a lot of things you need to learn about bleaching and developers; visit an expert if you want to try it, don’t do it on your own because you will get poor results. Let’s look at the various types of developers and how to use them.

How Much Developers to Use with Bleach?

Many people bleach their hair because it makes it look beautiful. However, it’s not good to do it all the time. It can cause damage that is why it is a good idea if you can avoid bleaching at all costs.

If you can’t avoid it, ensure that you use the right products, before bleaching, you need to learn a lot of things first. Consider visiting an expert, especially if you’ve never done it before. Below are the various types of developers and how to correctly use them.

The developer to be used should be two parts and 1 part bleach, don’t overuse one of these products. It’s good to use the right amount as it gives you a great mix and good results at the end.

It’s easy to apply the mixture when the mix is good, so if you want to get the appropriate runny mix, use the correct amount of bleach and developer, this will do a good job on your hair by covering all parts.

Another advantage of using the right proportions is that it works faster since the mixture is runny, unlike when you use a much thicker mixture. The only place you are required to use a thicker mixture is when focusing on a particular spot or when doing the highlights.

If you happen to use a thicker mixture, then use one part developer and one part lightener, be careful not to use excess developers because the mixture produced will not be right, leading to poor results.

Using too much developer will always leads to poor results, it makes your mix too runny and wet, and using this kind of mixture is difficult. To avoid such, just use the proportions, or else you will not be pleased by the kind of results you get.

A runny wet mix will lighten your hair instead of bleaching it, and it will become weak, thinner, and very flat. You can only use extra developer only if you want to saturate your hair.

If you can’t do the bleaching yourself, visit a professional who can help you. You don’t want to ruin your hair and end up shaving. If possible, avoid using bleach because it’s accompanied by various cons, but if you can’t, don’t use it regularly.

Always follow the instructions and use the correct proportions of bleach and developers for you to get good results and pull the desired look you’ve always graved to have. Bleaching is not tough so long as you do what is right.


how much developer do you use with bleach

What Happens If You Put Too Much Developer In Bleach?

It will lead to poor results, in fact, it will make your mix too wet and runnier instead of the required mix, and a wet mix will make your work of saturating hair difficult leading to poor results.

If you want to do your job perfectly use the right proportion of developer or else you will regret after seeing the results. Too much developer in bleach makes the mix wet, and if the mix is too runny, you may end up lightening the hair instead of bleaching, and it will become flatter, thinner and less long.

There are some cases that you’ll need to put extra developer, and that is when you want to saturate hair, especially if the hair is too long and you want to reach all the hair.

When it comes to choosing developer strength, it should be according to how many lift levels are needed and doesn’t use higher developer strength than you should, be using that will definitely not work.

How Do You Mix Quick Blue Bleach With 30 Developers?

Quick blue bleach is long-lasting that’s why it’s mostly preferred; don’t use excess developer in bleach. The correct proportion of mixing bleach to 30 volume developers should be 1:1 ratio. Your hair should be dried thoroughly before the bleach is applied. Quick blue bleach is the best option, but incases you are using are different bleach always read the instructions.

Quick blue bleach performs various effects compared to others; it lifts up to seven levels. There is no remixing needed during the application, and furthermore, this bleach stays moist and creamy throughout the application.

How Many Developers Do I Use With 1 Oz of Beach?

That depends on the level of lift you want to achieve, the volume of developer to be used should be 20 or 30. When preparing the mixture, here is what you need to do; the right developer to be used is Oreo cream. With one scoop of quick blue bleach slowly mix it with the Oreo cream developer until the required consistency is achieved.

For an off -scalp application mix 1.5 to 2 oz of 20 to 30 developer while for scalp application mix 1.5 to 2.5 oz of 20 to 30 developer depending on the type of lift you want to achieve.

Should I Use 20 Or 30 Volume Developer?

When planning to bleach your hair always follow the product introduction using too much strong developer regularly can ruin your hair. You can use either 20 or 30 volume developer depending on what you want to achieve. 30 volume developer can be used on dark hair and only if you want to lift several colors. But if you decide to use this volume of developer you shouldn’t leave it in the hair for too long, 30 volume developer is recommended for people with darker and medium brown hair.

20 volume developers are recommended for people with light brown hair; this volume is mostly used and is great for lightening one to two levels. Therefore, you should not use anything more than 30 volume developers because that is too much and will damage your hair.

Both 20 volume and 30 volume developer work well because they penetrate much deeper into the hair and oxidize the natural hair pigment, that’s the reason as to why it will take a lot of time before you get back to your natural hair unless you decide to cut your hair as it grows so that your natural colored roots start coming out.

how much developer to use when bleaching hair

What Happens If You Use 30 Developers Instead Of 20?

It just works like 20 developers; the only difference is that it should be used on dark hair. Using 30 developers on light hair causes damage, 30 volume developers lightens your color three or four tones while 20 volumes lightens hair two or three tones.

There is no big difference when using 20 to 30 volume developer; in fact, it’s the right amount. Don’t use more than 30 developers if you still need your hair in future, 40 volume developer is known to damage hair, but some people still use it.

Here is how the several developer strength to be used

  • 10 volume developer for level on level coloring and darkening
  • 20 volume for 1 to 2 levels lift for blonde and grey hair
  • Use 30 volume for 2-3 levels lift and 40 volume for three levels lift and more.

What Happens If You Use 20 Developer Instead Of 10?

10 volume is not as stronger as 20 volume developer. When 10 volume developer is used, it only changes the tone and the value of the shade, it doesn’t lift hair color and is only used whenever you want to add a color tone to your hair while twenty-volume lightens up to two levels, covers resistant grey hair with long-lasting colour.

The higher the concentration, the higher the bleaching effect, this simply means that 10 volume developer cannot work better than 30 volume. To achieve temporary colors, semi-permanent colors are mixed with 10 and 20 volume developers.

10 volume developer adds time to the hair at the same level of lightness, darkens hair by 1 level and works only if you are going from lighter to darker ones and not from darker to lighter while 20 volume developer can be used with temporary bleaching and permanent dye and is able to lift the tone of your hair by one or two levels.

Can 20 Volume Developer Lighten Hair By Itself?

Yes, of course, the reason being it consists of hydrogen peroxide which lightens hair. Any developer, whether 10, 20 or 30, are made of varying strengths of hydrogen peroxide that can lighten hair. The 20 volume developer opens hair cuticle lifting your hair by one to two levels

A developer bleached virgin hair they had never been breached before, there situations that will force you to use a developer with bleach in order to lighten your hair and this is when you have naturally blonde hair. You can use a 20 volume developer without bleach, but the results won’t be permanent as you would have expected.

20 volume developer should be mixed with only two or three times when you don’t want to lighten the color too much. Using this developer to lighten your hair will definitely disappoint you because you will get half results. Are you using half ingredients with hopes of getting full results? Of course, that can’t be achieved.

Can 30 Volume Developer Lighten Hair By Itself

It doesn’t necessarily lighten hair effectively by itself, but it only makes your hair a bit lighter than the natural color of your hair, if you want to get full results you will definitely need to combine the developer with bleach or dye powder.

Even though it’s known to be the strongest, but it can’t achieve the required results by itself not unless you are just trying to see how your hair will look like and you are not really that serious about lightening your hair, why would you want to try something incomplete in your hair though? It might look worse, and you end up shaving.

Whenever you want to bleach your hair, use the necessary products; be careful not to damage your hair. If you use only 30 volume developer, the results will disappoint you. The main reason being 30 volume developer alone cannot effectively lighten hair by itself.

What Happens If I Just Put The Developer In My Head?

Developer alone cannot produce good results, it will lift the hair color, but it won’t be as good as it should be. For good results, any developer should be combined with some other products like bleach.

It will lighten your hair, yes but it will lighten much more if you use a blow dryer on your hair. It’s not easy as it takes a lot of your time and effort. If you are a dirty timer and want to try lightening your hair, it is advised to visit a professional because when you do it yourself, you may end up with bad results leading to damage or shaving.

How Long Should I Leave 30 Developers On My Hair?

After applying developer in your hair, you should be very careful because if it stays for long, your scalp starts irritating and may cause other serious damages on your hair. Therefore you need to work very quickly because the 30 volume developer lightens hair in a short period of time.

The developer should be left for only 30 minutes and rinse your hair when it has reached your desired level of lightness, time depends with the kind of developer you are using on your hair, if it’s a low volume developer it means that it can stay for a while, for instance, a 10 volume developer can be left for up to an hour because it takes a lot of time before the hair is lightened, but for the high volume ones, it requires less or little time.

Developers are available in several levels of volumes starting from 10, 20, 30, 40 and even 50. You only need to learn a few things. Everyone needs to learn something before they start putting them in practice. These things are; how many developers to use with bleach, what happens to in case you put too much developer in bleach, how to mix blue bleach with 30 developers, and how much developer to be used with 1 oz of bleach, whether you should use 20 or 30 volume of developer, what happens if you use 30 instead of 20 developers.

In addition to that know what happens if you use 20 developer instead of 10 if 30 volume developer lightens hair by itself, what happens when if a developer is put in hair and how long a 30 developer should last in hair.

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