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is shaving a beard really that important for an interview

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When it comes to interviews, there are a lot of things we need to put in place. An interview is something that most of us have gone through, so if you are a first-timer, you shouldn’t panic because we have you set.

Your physical appearance is the first test in an interview, and failing to appear neatly means the entire interview is going to be useless. Try to be your best whenever you are attending an interview, look at the commonly asked questions, research the company, and prepare yourself a week earlier before the interview so that you’ll be comfortable when the time comes.

If you are yet to shave your beard, don’t do it a day before the interview because you’ll be uncomfortable, especially if you’ve been attached to your beard, you will feel like something is amiss, and that might cost you. Do it a week earlier so that you get to be used to your new self. And during the day of the interview, you should arrive much earlier than the provided time.

is it professional to have a beard for an interview

Is Beard Professional For An Interview?

It is advisable to shave or trim beard while attending interviews, some companies are very strict, and tiny things might cost you a lot. If the company has no problems with your beards, ensure that they are not sparse and patchy but neat.

No company necessarily needs someone with beards, which depends on an individual, and to be on a safe side, just ensure that you look excellent, starting from head to toe.

Beard can grow back, why don’t you just present yourself well while going for an interview? Some people might be so attached to their beards, but when it comes to this, you need to put that aside and look the best of you by shaving.

Is It Unprofessional To Have Facial Hair?

If you just let your beard grow without trimming it, it shows that you don’t care about taking care of yourself. People may find your appearance unprofessional. Having facial hair is not unprofessional at all; it only depends on how you take good care of it.

People judge you by appearance. You can simply judge a person simply through her appearance; to avoid the bad judgments, you, therefore, need to do something. In many fields, beards can be a big no. However, a short, neatly trimmed beard can be fine.

The most important thing that working-class men should know is when it comes to working place; it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a job or you are already employed your facial hair gives a clear impression of who you are to the recruiters and even co-workers. Is the impression positive or negative? If negative, you know what is expected of you, right?

is shaving a beard really that important for an interview

Is Clean Shaven More Professional?

Yes, it’s much professional compared to shaggy untrimmed facial hair, this doesn’t mean that people with facial hair aren’t more professional, but that depends on how the facial hair looks like.

A clean shave is something that will never go out of style, after all a clean shave does not make you look any less manly over other men. Most men grow facial hair maybe because it’s sexy and is loved by ladies, not looking at how unprofessional it could be.

There is a study showing that most men who hold bigger positions have little or no facial hair at all, billionaires and millionaires are cleanly shaven. Most young men have been turned down on job interviews because of unkempt facial hair; these young men assume that its fashion, but some people see it from a different perspective.

How Do Professionals Wear a Beard?

When it comes to keeping a beard in a professional manner, it needs sacrifice and care, people tend to believe that beards can make someone look unkempt or unprofessional, but that’s not right.

We’ve seen several men who hold higher positions who have proven us wrong with their neat beards. If beards are not attended to properly, they will of course appear unkempt.

When it comes to wearing a professional beard, you need to perform regular maintenance trims, and you should not wait until the beard is too long, condition your beard every time to prevent itching. Conditioning makes your work easy when combing and trimming and also provides a wonderful appearance.

Comb your beard out regularly, and when trimming, pick a professional barber who can give you a classy beard style. Set a beard length goal since it will help you decide what to do during the entire growing process. Trimming your beard shows that you are ready and willing to keep it professional.

Should I Shave My Mustache For A Job Interview?

It’s advisable that whenever you are in for an interview, you should get rid of your facial hair, that is; beards, sideburns and chin whiskers. Got the case of shaving mustache? It’s not necessary to shave; there is a higher chance of acquiring a job when a mustache is sported.

There is a study showing that men with mustaches can get jobs compared to bearded and clean-shaven men. Just make it neat and you good to go; not all interviewers would love mustaches, and therefore you should do great research on the company much earlier to avoid messing yourself.

There are no strict rules that someone should not have beards, mustaches, or facial hair when attending interviews, but it is strongly advisable to shave before attending an interview since most interviewers consider that as proper grooming. If you find it so confusing whether it’s right or wrong not to shave a mustache, you’d rather shave because after all, you might be lucky, and if you want to keep it, then trim it short and make it look nice.

It doesn’t matter the kind of interview you are yet to attend, but the rule will always remain good grooming comes fast. That’s always your first test, not unless you are not serious about the job.

Should I Dye My Beard For An Interview?

That is totally wrong; nothing like that should be done whether you are old and want to hide your gray hair, or maybe you are just doing it for fun. Show the real you, don’t force things that will end up messing you. Do what is necessary proper grooming is simply the best.

From the rules of good grooming, there is nowhere indicated that dying hair is part of grooming, but if you really feel that you need it for your own reasons, don’t overdo it, but keep in mind that it’s not advisable.

Just imagine dying your hair and manage to secure the job, will you be comfortable dying your grey hair all the time? You need to show your true self during the interview; don’t try to be someone else because you’ll not be comfortable, and without a doubt, you’ll ruin your interview.

Some believe that dying hair might boost self-confidence, but again confidence relies on your skills, experiences, and knowledge, so even if you dye your hair and you have no content/ skill, it won’t add up. Always look your best when attending an interview.

Is Shaving A Beard That Important On An Interview?

Before you think of anything else, the most important thing is your confidence, if you think and feel that you are looking your best, the chances are high you are going to be comfortable during the entire process. There are a few other things that come first before you even think of whether you are shaving or not, and this is; be yourself and know much about the company by doing thorough research.

Yes, it’s important because you don’t know the kind of interviewer you are going to meet; some of them might end up judging you from your physical appearance. If you really want to attend an interview with your beard, know well about the company, and if you find out that it’s not a big deal, you can simply trim it and make it look good.

Shaving before an interview is always recommended, so if you have a beard and you feel that it’s not appropriate for the interview, shave it off because it will still grow back, but if the company has got no problem with it, then you are good to go.

Professional Beard Styles for an Interview

We have several, but let’s just look at a few of them.

Designer stubble

This is a short and well-maintained beard; with this kind of beard, someone looks manlier.

Corporate Beard

Just as the name suggests, it’s a full well-groomed beard. A corporate beard is simply a clean and tidy beard that looks formal of professional.


A common style worn in workplaces and is allowed on interviews because it’s decent. It’s a kind of style that isn’t prohibited at all so long as it’s neat, and the hair strands are not fraying.

Van Dyke

It’s meant for working-class people that an employer will find wonderful. Try this style sometime if you’ve never as it’s stylish and helps hide a short chin.

Balbo with small Goatiee

A unique style that’s not worn by everyone, it requires a professional barber. Anyone who wears a Balbo beard is definitely very fashionable.

Jobs that Require You to Shave


It’s a profession that requires good grooming at a high level; teachers are advised to shave because they can scare students with their beards.

Cooks and chefs

The kitchen is a place where hygiene should be observed and therefore being a chef you need to shave clean, sometimes your beard might be itchy, and of course, you can’t work on your hair and work on food at the same time.

Lawyers and judges

It’s a very sensitive job that requires decency of the highest order. Lawyers and judges should always be presentable because of the act as an example to the entire nation.

Jobs Where You Can Have Beard

Manual labour

Facial hair is not prohibited in this kind of job; you can go with any kind of facial hair. When we talk about manual laborers, we simply mean truck drivers, mechanics, welders, farmers, sailors, park rangers, and many others.

IT and computer experts

These people do not need to shave their beards, so if you are one of those guys, you must be very lucky since you might not attend any formal interviews, you might be hired by people who already know you and love your skills.


Photographers do not need to shave. In fact, they’ll look better with beards, most girls love photoshoot, and when they finally meet a photographer with beards, it is going to make them even happier, and that is a way of attracting customers. Photographers should look classy, stylish, and attractive.

Generally, good grooming is important for everyone; whether you are attending an interview or not, you should be neat all the time. Most of us only focus on our physical appearance when only attending interviews, but there is one thing you should know. Good grooming comes in hand with your health; don’t wait for an interview so that you can look good. You need to look good always and all the time.

So far, you’ve learned a lot about interviews, the do’s and don’ts, and everything you ever needed to know, and I believe that by now, you are really set and ready for your interview. Be confident when there and be yourself, be neat, and hope for the best.

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