Is Pre Shave Oil Necessary




Is Pre Shave Oil Necessary

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If you are thinking of shaving or time, you suffer from irritations after shaving; you have to try out pre-shaving oil as you will never regret as it will make all the difference for you. This is one of the underrated products in men’s shaving. There are factors to get a good shave, just like the quality of other shaving products to avoid irritation. You have to be keen on shaving products used, type of razor, and other services like shaving after taking a bath. Another way to overcome irritations is by exfoliating the beard areas and use of skin scrubber to get rid of the dead skin hence enabling the razor to glide easily.

Is Pre Shave Oil Necessary?

Pre shaving oil is essential as it reduces the risks of developing ingrown hairs after shaving as it provides natural softness on your whiskers hence allowing smooth shave that will not cut out hairs closer to the skin and cutting at inappropriate sharp angels that will cause ingrown hairs. Pre shaving oils as well protect your skin by locking in moisture hence preventing any irritations that you may experience after shaving, which can are caused by razor burns. The pre-shave oil will help in lifting face hairs, making it easy for the razor to cut through them effectively, and it as well creates a buffer between the face and the razor, giving way for hairs to be cut. The pre-shaving oil does not eat up as it moisturizes after shaving is complete.

should i use pre shave oil

How to Use Pre Shave Oil

Perhaps you are thinking about this product’s ability to meet your expectations. You are right on this, and let us take a look at how you are going to use this product as it is a simple enough process.

Step 1

Pre shaving oil should be applied before the shave and before applying any favorite shaving cream as this pre-shaving oil will serve as a lubricant to your skin.

Step 2

Ensure that your skin is dry or little wet before its application. If you want to shave the entire face, you can put a few (about five drops) drops of pre-shave oil in your hand, then rub your hands together to warm the oil then massage your face with it.

Step 3

Ensure that areas to be shaved are well smeared and handled adequately for the amount of 30 seconds. When you feel a bit of dryness on your skin is that the pre shaving oil has already been absorbed, and then you can stop the massage.

Step 4

Prepare your razor together with your shaving cream, and then ready to start shaving. The smoothness and easiness when shaving is a result of the pre shaving oil, and it will be washed straight off when washing the shaving cream. Then apply the aftershave as you usually have been doing.

Is Pre Shave Oil Necessary

Benefits of Pre Shave Oil

One of the best ways of upgrading your shave is by start using pre shaving oil, as it is a natural product that can be applied to areas that you want to shave before the application of shaving cream. Use of pre shaving oil has the following importance;-

Reduces any risk of ingrown hairs;- ingrown hairs are generally very bad as it causes bumpy, painful infected and itchy feeling and people tend to struggle with the discomfort from it just because of bad shaving routine, and the use of pre shaving oil can prevent such issues before shaving.

Helps in eliminating razor burn, itches, and redness

Applying pre-shaving oil is of importance as it eliminates burning sensation over your neck or at the edges of your face after shaving. This is mostly a result of lackluster shave routines that can be solved by the use of pre shaving oil; hence irritations after shaving caused by razor burn are solved by using it before shaving.

Prevents cuts and nicks

These are cuts that can occur when you are shaving and are very regular. You can avoid these cuts and nicks by use of pre shaving oil as it hydrates your skin first, softens the hairs and it tends to create slick surface over the skin. This helps the razor to go smooth up to the final stop hence preventing chances of cuts.

Hydrating of the skin

when your skin is hydrated it makes shaving t easy and smoother preventing wrinkles and fine lines which can be obtained by use of pre shaving oils

Does Pre Shave Oil Make Any Difference?

Pre shaving oil is the difference that you need as it will softens and prepares your beard with botanical ingredients that are essential for a close, neat, comfortable shave. Using this oil ideal for most sensitive skin and will not leave any oily residue, and the results are almost no razor burn, ingrown hair, or irritation, hence softening your beard well, allowing for tug and pull free shave. The pre shaving oil coats your skin at the end, giving a comfortable, smooth shave and as well leaves your skin hydrated. It also offers a natural shaving solution as you will be making a choice to care for your skin before, during, and even after shaving and makes your skin look suitable for long years coming. If you are looking to trim your beard, then the procedure will almost be the same, but you should be keen to apply pre shave oil only to areas that need to be shaved.

Can One Use A Coconut Oil As Pre Shave Oil?

Yes! You can use it in place as pre shaving oil. Coconut oil is considered perfect for meeting most of your beauty needs. Coconut oil is cuticle oil as it can seal the moisture inside your body to overcome the chances of dry skins and brittleness when shaving just like pre shaving oil. Coconut oil not only moisturizes the areas to be cut but also it keeps the smooth shaving conditions and eliminates chances of hair undergrowth. It has well when shaving acts as a protective lather between the skin and the razor; hence irritation and razor burns are well handled during the time of shaving.

Damaged hairs can be repaired when coconut oil is applied and as well eliminates dryness in your hair. Therefore you can use it in place of pre shaving oil as they have the ability to yield similar results.

Can You Use Baby Oil As A Pre Shave?

Baby oil is generally mineral oil plus fragrance. This are refined products of hydrocarbons from petroleum products and are moisturizes in most cosmetic products. The use of bay oil prevents water loss and removes wrinkles as a result of dry skins and can be used as a pre shaving and after shaving oil.

When having no alternative, you can use baby oils pre shaving oil by just applying a few drops to the area that you intend to shave. Baby oils reduce any risks as a result of nicks, razor bumps, and other shaving complications like skin irritation. There are a few setbacks of using baby oil in place of pre shaving oils as it is greasy hence not easy to wash it off from your hands and can cause clogs in your razor blade with shorn stubble; therefore you can use your razor once and disposing it off as will get messy during or after shaving.

Can Beard Oil Be Used As Pre Shave Oil?

Yes! There is a way beard oil can take a position of pre shave oil. Beard oil is made to replicate the skin’s natural oil to balance pH and other factors to prevent itching caused by having dry skin. It helps to soften the whiskers and keeping hear to look healthier. There are chances that you can use beard oil to work as pre shave oil, but you cannot use pre shave oil for beard oil.

Can I Use Olive Oil as a Pre Shave Oil?

Olive oil can as well be used in place of pre shaving oil as it contains fatty acids that have the ability to lock in moisture hence the provision of easy and smoother shaving experience. The vitamin E in it as well is of help in providing healing of burns and scars that might have been as a result of improper shaving. When whipped together with their butter plus almond oil, it tends to create buttery cream that softens your hair and skin hence improving skin texture just like pre shaving oils.

Does Pre Shave Oil Cause Acne?

The use of pre shaving oil does not cause acne. There is nothing that can ruin a perfect shave like having red breakings and ugly looking bumps on your face. Acne mostly occurs when there is clogging in your skin caused by oils and dead skin cells, causing pimples like features with blackheads and whiteheads times they become much inflamed. These acnes are a result of many skin damaging causes like razor bumps, which you can solve by the use of pre shaving oil before shaving. Also, dirty razor blades, poor shaving preparations, or even irritating skin products can cause acne, and the only way to avoid these is by ensuring you have followed the right procedure and have used pre shaving oils properly and used the right tools for shaving. Use of hot water to rinse your face after shaving is another cause of acne on your face.

After shaving, you need to close your pores to prevent dirt and other debris from entering through the open pores to cause acne; therefore, using cold water for rinsing your face or head after shaving will prevent acne.

Others tend to use bar soaps for washing heads after shaving, as it is not formulated at any point for you to use it. Bar soaps tend to dry your skin completely, furthermore increase irritation in your skin and can cause acne and razor bumps to occur. Always ensure you have embraced proper shaving techniques to reduce chances where hear is being pulled away from the skin, increasing chances of getting acne after shaving. Sincerely, the use of pre shaving oil is one way to solve acne problems on your face.

Can You Use Pre Shave Oil With Electric Razor?

If you are sick and tired of lathering your head or beard up with detergents and chemicals in the name of skin cares. This is the only oil that will delay your skin’s aging process and potentially, and when using an electric razor for shaving; you should not forget applying pre shave oil.

Is Pre Shave Oil The Same As Beard Oil?

No beard oil is different from pre shave oil. Beard oil is a leave-in application that tends to soften your hear hence eliminating chances of itching. It is mostly meant to be left on the skin and can be used on a daily basis by preventing your skin not to get flaky as it helps in moistening it, unlike pre-shaving oil that is only applicable before you start making a shave. The two products are generally designed to handle two different tasks.

It is essential always to be observing the shaving products, applications, and maintenance to ensure that you are not encountering discomfort before, during, and after shaving. As it will determine how you will be looking like before people.

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