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proper grooming for an interview

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Someone who has never attended a job interview finds it very difficult, but it’s not a big deal if you put into consideration what it’s required. You need to be confident when it comes to this because it’s the only way of getting a job.

When called for a job interview, you shouldn’t panic but instead, get ready to do any research about interviews on anything you might need to know. Like the types of questions you might come across, how to behave, how to dress and the other several things.

Grooming For an Interview

If you are attending an interview, you need to be very careful. One tiny thing can make you lose your job, starting from head to toe you need to be 100% neat, that’s the always the first interview. Your hair should be neat, too much makeup should be avoided, wear comfortable clothes, don’t wear shoes that you are not used to because you will be uncomfortable during the entire process.

You are going for an interview that takes a little of your time, just sacrifice and look the best. Don’t think that because you are looking for a job, it will mean only papers that is a big no. Be decent when attending any kind of interview. No one is safe when it comes to this, men should not wear tight or sagged trousers, hair should be short and neat, and your shoes should be clean and shiny. Who on earth would want to employ someone who cannot be even taken care of his/ herself in the first place?

grooming tips for an interview

How Do You Groom Yourself For An Interview?

When attending an interview, both male and female candidates should dress appropriately.


Trim and clean fingernails

You might shake hands with your interviewer, and therefore you need to make sure that your nails are short and clean before attending the interview. For the ladies, if in case you are wearing nail polish, ensure it looks neat and do not peel.

Wear cleaned and shined shoe

Your shoe should match with the clothes you wear; they should be well shined and neat. Don’t wear shoes that do not look good and can attract people’s attention, who would then assume that you don’t care about your appearance. Ladies should totally avoid wearing heels on any kind of interviews since that are not comfortable.

Wear comfortable clothes

Don’t wear clothes that are too short or too tight you are going to a job interview, and you need to be very comfortable, avoid wearing short clothes at any cost because that is a turn-off.

Your hair should be neat

This is what you should begin with; men should shave one week before an interview while women should comb and brush their hair well and away from the face and if possible make a ponytail style that won’t disturb you during the entire process.

Don’t use too much cologne

Of course, you don’t know the kind of interviewer you are going to meet; some people do not like colognes while others might be allergic; therefore ensure you use a little of it.

proper grooming for an interview

Why Is Grooming Important In an Interview?

Good impression

How you dress is the first impression of who you really are, how you dress very important. An interviewer can look at how good, or bad your grooming is and immediately judges you and no matter the kind of certificates you own; you will be denied a job.

Shows that you care

Good grooming shows the kind of person you are dressing well gives an interviewer a clear indication that you care about yourself. If you can’t take care of yourself, will you really be a good employee?


Representing yourself well is good because all the companies look for people with high self-esteem and confidence. Good grooming shows the kind of person you are and completely shows a reflection of you.

Increased confidence

You might even get lucky during an interview to get a job because of the great confidence you have. Attend an interview with confidence, and this is by achieving everything that is required making sure you look the best.

How Important is Appearance in an Interview?


Your physical appearance shows your employer the kind of person you are if you are attending a professional job whereby everyone wears a black tailored suit, and you show up in something different is a clear indication that you don’t know what is expected of you, or you are just ignorant, and you don’t care. Just imagine going for a teaching interview, and you show up in casual wear, it simply shows how unprepared you are for the job.


Don’t dress well just because you want to look professional. When someone dresses appropriately for an interview, it shows how aware they are on the norms of the institution. You might be perfect in your working skills, but your appearance matters a lot.


The appropriate dressing can boost your confidence, dress appropriately for any kind of interview; in fact, you need to dress perfectly. Looking for your best brings out the best performance in you; you can’t show up in clubwear while attending a teaching interview and expect to be confident that is a total mess.


Your appearance shows how serious you are about the job, genuine and respectful. It also shows that you can easily fit the workplace. If you want to impress your interviewer learn about the company much earlier so that by the time you attend the interview you already know almost everything about them.

Do and Don’ts of Professional Grooming

There do’s, and don’ts simply means what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. Let’s look at some of them.


· Ensure that your shoes are well cleaned and shined, not forgetting to iron your clothes neatly. Of course, that’s what everyone one does whenever they attend interviews.

· Your hands and nails should be neat, go for a red, pink or neutral manicure. Make sure that your fingernails are short and if not, you should trim them.

· Of course, you need to make sure that your hair is neat, for ladies, comb and brush away from your face while for the case of men they should get a haircut to make things simple.

· Wear light makeup if you can’t do without; make sure the make-up you use suits your features. Apply lip balm because your lips shouldn’t be dry but should look healthy and moisturized that’s for ladies, and as for men you can decide to trim your beard or comb it really well.

·Use little fragrance and brush your teeth


· Don’t wear tight uncomfortable clothes or shoes that you are not used to.

· Never wear undried hair(wet) on an interview

· Don’t wear facial products that are too harsh and can cause irritation or redness

· Don’t use too much makeup if possible, avoid using eyeshadows or lipsticks.

· Don’t use strong colognes since some people might have allergies and might get irritated

· Don’t wear facial products that are too harsh

How Do You Groom Professionally?

It’s always important to maintain a professional appearance all the time. Here are some of the tips you need to follow to achieve that professional look.

Wear clean and presentable clothes

You need to have several clothes, some pairs that are strictly meant for office wear and those that can be worn when hanging out. It’s not good to wear clothes that are stained or have holes when in the workplace if you want to look best to wear your favorite cleanest and presentable outfit when going to work.

Dress conservatively

Of course, if you want to bring out a respectful image, you need to dress appropriately, dress your best in the office. As for ladies you should wear clothes of proper length and should fit you well, don’t wear clothes that are too revealing.

Invest in iron and dry cleaners

Some clothes can’t be simply washed by hand because they require special care and that is only achieved if it’s cleaned in a dry cleaner. Trousers look good when ironed therefore you need to always be keen on this two.

Should You Get A Haircut Before An Interview?

It’s rather good to get a haircut before an interview, trim your hair a couple of days before the interview. This depends on how long your hair is, can you imagine going to an interview with long hair? Sometimes long hair is hard to comb, and you might attend an interview with a bad hairdo the best thing is cutting it off.

You can lose your job just because of something silly, why don’t you just shave your hair? After all, it will grow back; some people feel attached to their hair, but the thing is if you need a job and a good life, you need to sacrifice a lot.

Should I Get My Nails Done Before A Job Interview?

Yes, you can, but the condition of your nails is what matters the most during the interview. Your fingernails should be neat, clean and trimmed. Use a nail polish that will not cost your job offer in any way.

If you are to do your fingernails, do it a day or so before the interview, neatly trimmed neat fingernails shoes that you are perfect. Never go for an interview with long nails and shouting color nail polish. Fingernail polish depends on the kind of job interview you are attending.

Attending a job interview in a salon means that you can use any kind of nail polish because you need to attract customers with those looks. When going for interviews, it’s even good to be natural, why don’t you just trim your fingernails and ensure that they are neat and clean that’s even more perfect than nail polish.

Is It Okay To Wear Short Sleeve Shirt To An Interview?

Never wear a short-sleeved shirt when attending an interview; this is a place where you need to present yourself really well. Both men and women should not wear this kind of shirt; you are going for a job interview, not a show-off competition.

When going for any job interview, you are advised to wear long-sleeved shirts because they look much decent. Iron your clothes well and achieve that look that you think is perfect for you and work confidently to the interview.

Can You Wear a Colored Shirt to an Interview?

Of course, you can, but only a few come out well with a suit, for example; grey-blue and black are good. Almost everyone prefers wearing white when it comes to interviews while others would love to wear printed shirts if it’s that necessary then go for a subtle one.

It doesn’t matter the kind of job interview you are attending, but there are some colors that you should not wear when attending any kind of job interview no matter how you like the color just stay away from it, avoid shouting colors at any cost. The colors to be avoided are; orange, red and brown.

Someone needs to be prepared when attending a job interview. Research a lot about the company, think about what to wear, make sure your CV is up to date, and prepare some good questions to ask during the interview, be courageous and work to the interview very early in the morning.

When being interviewed, don’t shy off or bite your fingernails that’s wrong and it shows that you are not ready, try as much as possible to answer the questions however difficult they might be. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer; show them that you are very ready. If you follow all the steps, you are good to go.

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