What Color Hair Dye Lasts the Longest




What Color Hair Dye Lasts the Longest

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Hair colors and dyes are the current hair trends that people love, they can be done in so many colors and styles and since it is simple and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, you can try if you have never done hair dyeing it coloring before. You need to know what it is and how it is done and you are good to go.

What Color Hair Dye Lasts the Longest

What Color Hair Dye Lasts the Longest?

Brown hair dye is believed to be the longest because it has the strongest staying power. Try using the brown dye if you want something that lasts longer, brown is a natural hair color that is ranked the best to other dyes. A long-lasting dye is the best because you do not have to dye your hair every now and then.

If you are not sure of the kind of dye you need to use, try asking a professional, don’t use something that will damage your hair or one that will need re-dying. Always consider using strong hair dyes after all, they are affordable.

But be careful, don’t use dyes with too harsh chemicals because they can damage your scalp. Not only the scalp but also your hair, ensure that before applying any dye to your hair, know how to do it read the instructions on top of the products carefully to ensure that you get good results.

Hair dyes are great and last longer when the right brand is used and when it is done correctly. Buy dyes that do not have a lot of chemicals because there are several types of dyes.

What Color Hair Dye Fades the Fastest?

Before you think of picking a dye know that there are two types, the natural and fun punk colors. Red color fades faster when it comes to natural colors and blue fades faster for punk colors. Before a good hair dye fades, it should last for four to six weeks that is the least a hair dye should last. It should remain on your hair until your hair grows, exposing the roots.

In general red hair fades faster than any other color, hair dyes fade faster because of insufficient processing time. Hair color fades faster, especially on grey hair that is because its cuticles take long to open and absorb hair color.

You need to know a lot about dyes and their brands before applying them that helps you find the strongest dye for your hair and you’d rather ask rather than guessing and messing up things. Sometimes other things might cause your hair to fade, for instance, using hot water, hot water is a big contribution to your hair fading.

If you have applied dye always wear a hat when outside because sunlight can cause your hair to fade. The harmful rays can burn your hair to prevent your hair from fading, spray a little sunscreen on your hair.

Why Does My Hair Dye not Last Long?

Several things can make hair dye to fade faster or not to last long. One main one is using a dye that is not strong enough. Below are some reasons why your hair dye is not lasting long.

Insufficient color processing time

It means the hair color did not stay long enough before you washed it, after applying hair dye you should give it enough time to last longer even after washing your hair severally. People with grey hair should observe this because grey hair cuticles take long before they can open and absorb hair color.

Inadequate emulsification

Emulsification helps ensures that hair absorbs color easily, for a good emulsification process, add a little amount of water to the hair and massage it well with the color already in the hair because it helps hair absorb colors.

Rinsing with hot hair

Avoid rinsing dyed hair with hot water because it opens the hair cuticles further than it should be hence rinsing out some hair colors during the rinsing process. Always use lukewarm water during the shampooing process if you want the dye to last longer.

Improper UV protection

Do not use products without proper UV protection because the rays can damage hair hence the color fading away easily. Therefore if you or your clients want a long-lasting dye, then consider wearing a hat when outside or use leave-in, shampoos and conditioners with natural UV protectants.

Not coloring hair frequently

Remember that your hair will not remain the same after the first color maybe because of rinsing and other causes make sure that you color your hair regularly by doing so, you will not be disappointed by the results.

Shampooing hair too soon after coloring

Don’t shampoo your hair immediately after coloring, take time and wait for at least 24hours before washing the hair. The most important thing is using the correct aftercare products. The products will help your hair color stay quite longer and looking good too.

what unnatural color hair dye lasts the longest

What is the Hardest Hair Color to Maintain?

Dyeing hair is a process that is easier for some and difficult for others, some hair colors are easier to maintain than others therefore, before applying dye on your hair, think if you are in a position to maintain your hair.

Some shades require more upkeep than others, several hair colors are beginning from the least to maintain to the most difficult. Let’s discuss some of the toughest colors to maintain and this are;


This is one of the toughest colors to maintain, it’s fun having fiery hair, right? But the problem comes in when it comes to maintenance, it fades easily, that means you should consider the darker hue than the colder. You should also touch-ups at the salon every week.


This is another tough color to maintain but that should not scare you but keep in mind that you have to put a lot of effort for the colored hair to look fresh. You can get another easier color that you can maintain if you find this tough.


It is a type of hair that is trending but dealing with it is not easy, it is up to you to decide if you want this color because apart from it being difficult to maintain, it also fades faster. That means that you will have to re-dye hair every now and then. You don’t have to worry though, try if you want this hair color.

What Hair Color is Low Maintenance

If you are worried about a certain hair color because you can’t maintain it, then you have another chance of rocking colored hair that can be easily maintained. Below are some of the simple to maintain hair color types.


Black is a color that many people prefer, even though it is easy to maintain but that works only on naturally dark hair. It becomes a bit tough when your natural hair is not black. It needs patience for those with lighter hair, black are easy to maintain but you will spend a lot of time on it than expected.


This is a color that is achieved after blending brown and red colors, this color suits almost everyone and if you have red or brown hair, this is the best color for you that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.


Brown can be maintained easily no matter the color of your natural hair, anyone can color their hair to brown without much worries and straining.

If you decide to dye your hair to any crazy color, you will be forced to limit washing your hair every now and then and if you need to wash, use cold or lukewarm water and not hot water.

What Colors Fade Faster in Sunlight?

Hair colors are of different types, some fade faster while some last longer. It depends with the type of dye you use during dyeing or if you regularly wash your hair with hot water. In this case, the color that fades faster in sunlight is red, the ultraviolet rays from the sun can break down the bonds of hair colors and that is what causes the color to fade faster.

Other colors that fade in sunlight are yellow and orange, while blue is the last color to fade in sunlight, if you don’t want your hair color to fade, ensure that you follow the rules and regulations of hair coloring.

Do not wash hair with hot water, wear hats when outside and avoid shampooing hair anytime soon after coloring. This will help lengthen the duration of hair colors in your hair. Consider using a blue color if you spend a lot of time basking in the sun, blue doesn’t fade faster no matter how long you stay in sunlight.

How Can You Make Hair Dye Last Longer?

There are several ways of making hair dye last longer, some of us are the major cause of the hair dye fading out earlier because we do the wrong thing after dying. Let us look at some of the things you should do to make hair dye last longer.

Use pre-shampoo treatment

Consider using a treatment known as Oplex number 3 it helps in strengthening and reducing hair breakage. Leave it for a while for about 19 minutes and then apply shampoo and a conditioner.

Avoid washing and dry shampoo instead

Washing colored hair regularly makes the dye fade away, especially if you don’t use hot water. After dyeing your hair, wait for 48 hours before washing it. Shampooing the hair right away is a bad idea because the dye will fade away due to the open cuticles. Hair professionals recommend you to Oribe gold shampoo it is the best since it smells great and removes odor, leaving your hair fresh.

Avoid or limit using styling tools

Overusing styling tools can open hair cuticles because of the steam that is let out. If you want to use the styling tools, use it two times a week and don’t fail to use a heat protectant when styling hair because it protects your hair against damage.

How Do You Keep Brown Hair from Fading

Just like the other hair colors, you can prevent brown hair from fading by following the correct instructions and procedures about hair colors. To prevent brown hair color from fading, you should;

  • Not overuse hot tools
  • Avoid hot showers
  • Avoid deep conditioning
  • Use a thermos protectant when styling hair
  • Avoid using hot tools
  • Swim smarter
  • Try using a shower filter.
  • Prepare your hair before coloring
  • Don’t wash your hair immediately after hair coloring

These are the only things you should do for your brown hair color to last longer, it is that easy and the rules are simple and clear for everyone to understand and put in practice. By avoiding these things, your hair dye will not fade any time soon and you will not have a rough time maintaining your hair.

Maintaining colored hair is that simple and it is the only way for it to last longer. If you can do the above-mentioned things, then you are good to go you will never have problems with coloring your hair go for it.

Does Purple Dye Fade Fast?

It all depends with your hair structure it can for up to three to four weeks before starting to fade. You can wash two to three times before noticing fading near the roots but you can prevent the fading by adding dye to the conditioner you are using or you can regularly dye before it fades off.

Understanding things about dyeing and coloring hair is good because you will know the necessary things needed when your time of coloring hair comes. Some of the things that you should know are; whether purple dye fades faster, the colors that fade faster in sunshine, how to make hair dye last longer, the hair color that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and those that need high maintenance, why hair dye fades faster, what color fades faster and the color of hair dye that lasts longer.

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