Best Pre-Shave Oil for Electric Shavers




Best Pre-Shave Oil for Electric Shavers

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Each time you shave your beard, you feel irritated, pained, and unpleasant, right? Fret not! All you have to do is lay your hands on a pre-shave and have all your problems absolutely sorted out. These are basically emollients that you apply on your skin to prep the same for the subsequent shaving exercise.

They soften the skin, raise the hair strands, and shield the same from the possibilities of razor burns that are likely to arise with use. Knowing the best items of these kinds at the moment definitely makes good sense if you are to enjoy the best possible outcomes. Our review and buying guide here below endeavors to do just that.

Best Pre-Shave Oil for Electric Shavers

Best Pre-shave Oil for Electric Shavers

a.) The Gentleman’s Pre Shave Oil


Is your skin rather sensitive? If it is, you have to use this pre-shave oil that is oriented to the sensitive skin. Unlike your normal emollients, this one is unlikely to irritate your skin when in use. On the contrary, it does soothe it to make it better placed to bear the sharp razors.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Simpler Applications

The product is easier and pretty convenient to apply. When spread out on a skin surface, it rushes farther and wider without any undue impediments. It is hence unlikely to cause any disruptions on your everyday applications and performances.

Natural and Organic Ingredients

Throughout the makeup, if this item, only natural and organic ingredients are used. Thanks to the use of only such kinds of ingredients, the item is on its own safer to access and utilize. That also translates into the kinds of experiences it is bound to give you.

Essential Oils

Some essential oils have been sprinkled throughout the entire length and breadth of the product. These essential oils have the impact of nourishing and smoothing your skin considerably. Examples of these include the grape seed, avocado, jojoba, sunflower, and the primrose.


  • Guarantees positive outcomes
  • Devoid of any grease that may block the sweat pores
  • Comprises wholly natural and organic ingredients
  • Good enough for all skin types
  • Aids in preventing razor burns


  • Limited potency cannot handle some skin types
  • Its impacts last a shorter duration of time
  • Does not penetrate deeper into the skin

b.) Pherolink Pre Shave after-shave Lotion Cream Best For Electric Close Shave Balm Freelette (ONE PACK)


Looking for a comprehensive emollient to use all the while? Look to no other than this one. It is useful and applicable both as a pre-shave and an after-shave. Besides that, it also delivers some characteristically soothing outcomes that are beyond the scope of many alternatives.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Electric Pre-shave and After-shave Lotion

As we have already explained, this is a product you may use for both the pre-shave and the after-shave phases of caring for your hair. Thus, it endeavors to shave your time considerably. While at it, the lotion also enables superior-close shaves.

3-in-1 Formulation

Its formulation is 3-in-1 in the sense that it handles three purposes at one go. With this lotion, it is possible for you to play the roles of manual razor aftershave, creams or gels, and the shaving foams, all in one comprehensive packaging!

Unique Herbal Extracts

Some unique herbal extracts are also abundantly present in the formulation of the lotion. Two of these stand out. These are the Bisabolol and the Saw Palmetto. They are the ones that are chiefly responsible for the smooth skins that the lotion generates.


  • Improves the balance and the health of the skin
  • Leaves behind a protective barrier and a pleasant feeling
  • Makes your skin to feel supple and soft to the touch
  • Gives off some distinctive masculine odor
  • Diminishes the risks of cuts and nicks


  • Too potent for a sensitive skin
  • Costly to acquire and come by
  • Only relevant to the normal skins

c.) Lather & Wood Shaving Co. Best Pre-Shave Oil, Unscented, Premium Shaving Oil


Have some sensitive skin to care for? You have this pre-shaver for your utilization if you answered the question in the affirmative. Of all the emollients we have in stock, it is this one that spreads out the fastest and with the least effort on your part.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Special All-natural Formula

It exhibits a special all-natural formula. This sees it blend all the 7 natural oils that jointly imbue some added comfort. Men who have extremely tough beards, suffer from the ingrown hairs, and are prone to the risks of razor burns will find it handy.

Proprietary Blend

A proprietary blend of ingredients also exists as a core part and parcel of its formulation. This is the one that conditions your skin and grants it the superior slickness that in turn gives for the benefit of extreme comfort.


With this pre-shave, you won’t have to expend too much of your emollients to be able to soothe or prep your beard for the subsequent task of shaving. Only a little will go a long way in enabling that. Just take a few drops and there you have it!



  • Lacks any fragrances
  • May not work effectively on normal skins
  • Does not leave behind far-reaching impacts

d.) Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion


Over and above merely prepping your skin for the subsequent task of shaving, this product will take you a step further by relaxing your skin and making it all the more conducive and supple. That stems from its incorporation of the lavender essential oils.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Pre-shave Lotion

This item does generate some mild pre-shave treatments to your skin prior to the actual shaving. It is particularly good to use with the electric razors as it raises the hairs to allow for closer and more effective shaving outcomes, overall.

High-alpine Speick

Some high-alpine speick extracts also form a vital part and component of the product. They both imbue some aroma and also possess potent healing characteristics. These, when applied to the skin every quite often, does contribute to some positive health of the persons concerned.

Lavender Oils

Rounding up its list of most awesome features is the lavender essential oil. It is this ingredient that relaxes your skin courtesy of its blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils. With this blend comes the added advantage of your skin developing healthy looks.


  • Pretty mild to the skin
  • Free of the harmful lactose and gluten
  • Great for the vegans
  • Manages gentler and close shaves
  • Relaxes your skin for gentler shaving


  • Complex operations procedures
  • Takes too long to set in the skin
  • Likely to leave behind some residues upon drying

e.) Old Ron’s Barber Co. Electric Pre-Shave Splash – Unscented – 4 Oz Bottle


Are you allergic to fragrances? Fret not because it is still possible for you to enjoy the benefits that these pre-shaves have to offer. All you have to do is to set your hands on this unscented pre-shave. It is still potent though, much like its scented counterparts.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Exceptional Performance

Compared to many of its peers, this item does perform exceptionally well! It generally gives rise to smoother and closer shaves. Moreover, it also irritates your skin less than the many alternatives that exist at this point in time.


We have already stated that the item does not generate any scent as it is completely fragrance-free. This is definitely some good news to those people who may be allergic or averse to the risks of fragrances.

Awesome Ingredients

A set of awesome ingredients also forms a vital part and parcel of the formulation of this pre-shave. Two of these stand out. These are the Isopropyl Myristate and the Alcohol Denat. They are the ones that give it the potency it requires to generate smoother outcomes.


  • Lifts the whiskers to allow for a closer and less irritating shaves
  • Helps your razor to glide with absolute ease
  • Lacks any colors or fragrances
  • Dries faster (60 seconds only)
  • Rinses out faster with cold water only


  • Some users do experience discomforts while in use
  • Unsuitable for those who want some fragrances
  • Yields limited returns on investments

f.) American Shaving Pre Shave Oil for Men (2oz)


Do you love or are inspired wholly by nature? You have this pre-shave for your choice and consideration. It is wholly manufactured by the strictly natural blend of ingredients. Moreover, it also contains jojoba and argan oils.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Original Scent

It does contain some original scent that sees it enhance the ambiance wherein it is installed and utilized. With this scent comes the added benefit of that ability to impress those who are around you. This also gives you some confidence to soldier on.

Fast Absorbing

When applied onto the skin, the pre-shave takes a shorter duration of time to trickle in the skin. That way, it does not smear on your clothes or leave behind some ugly marks upon drying. With it on your hands, you will get the outcomes you have instantly.

Effortless Irritation

Overall, the product does manage effortless irritations. It is subsequently awesome for the extremely sensitive skins that are easily injured or compromised by the use of ordinary emollients. On account of this, you also have it for your own safety and overall wellbeing.


  • Exudes an original masculine
  • Comprises purely natural ingredients
  • Manages to give off closer shaves
  • Eliminates the menace of the razor burns
  • Prevents all forms of irritations


  • Its scented nature is disparaging to those who are allergic to scents
  • Prolonged and regular use may pose respiratory tract infections
  • Performs poorly on rougher skin

g.) Dermalure Pre-Shave Oil


Could it be that all you are looking for is some close shave? If you are, this is the pre-shave to pick and use for the job. It does have the ability to raise the strands of the hairs in such a way as to make the blades of the razors pass through the skin unhindered.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Natural Anti-irritation Oil

This is natural anti-irritation oil. It strives hard to combat all forms of irritations that generally arise in the course of shaving or trimming off your beards. Thus, it also soothes your skin to prevent the same from feeling too pained.

No Greasy Feel

Unlike many of the pre-shaves we have around, this one does not contain any grease. Expect it hence to absorb faster and not clog your sweat pores as is the norm all the time. On the same note, it leaves behind no sticky residues as is the norm with many pre-shaves.

Unscented Formula

As a last strong point, the pre-shave does not contain any scents. This makes it good enough for those people who have respiratory tract issues or tend to be allergic to all manner of scents and fragrances. The lack of scent is largely brought about by the natural ingredients.


  • Shields your hair strands from being pulled by the razors
  • Protects your hair from all forms of potential damages
  • Expedites the gliding of the blades of the shavers
  • Offers a vast array of protection to your hair and scalp
  • Light-scented nature adds some fragrances to your overall experience


  • Too potent to use on a regular basis
  • The scent is somewhat sharp and disparaging
  • Incapable of impacting the skin

How Do I Choose Pre-shave Oil for Electric Shavers?

To select the most suitable pre-shave for your electric shavers, there are a number of issues you have to care for. We discuss the top issues here below:

Skin Type

The kind of skin you have no doubt determines to a great extent the kind of pre-shave you might use. Skins are generally categorized in terms of sensitivity, texture, and complexion. It is necessary that you match the one you have with the kind of pre-shave that is intended for it.

Scented vs. Unscented

Some emollients are scented while others are not. The choice of the right one with regards to this parameter largely depends on your own taste and preferences. If you happen to be allergic to harsh scents, you should go for the unscented. You do not want to suffer any respiratory illnesses, do you?

Mode of Application

This refers to how the pre-shave is applied. To avert the likelihood of having to undergo strenuous application procedures, it is important that you choose one whose application is simpler. As a general rule, you should also prioritize the ones that absorb faster over those that take too long to achieve the end.


By ‘formulation,’ we mean the kinds of ingredients that make the pre-shave up as well as the ratios in which they are mixed. A good pre-shave has to contain all the vital ingredients that an item of that kind is ordinarily supposed to possess. Be sure that its formulation also matches your skin needs.


Other than the formulation, you should also consider the potency of the pre-shave. Potency here refers to the strength of the ingredients and subsequently their abilities to achieve the intended ends. Needless to say, the more potent emollients are better than the weaker counterparts.

Reading through the explanations we have above and taking no concrete course of action is not a wise thing to do. How else can you possibly leverage the benefits that these wonderful items have to offer? For that, we now challenge you to pick at least one item from our list above and use it.

As you set to do that, figure out such relevant issues as the kind of your skin, the nature of the outcomes you intend to leverage and the benefits that you are up to. It goes without saying that your own financial resource endowment ought to come in handy.

Given the relative usefulness of these items, we caution against dragging your feet or treating the task of finding the right one lightly. Instead, we urge you to move with haste and lay your hands on the most suitable one as soon as is practically possible.

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