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How To Shave Stubble

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When hair is left to grow on the face or body, it becomes longer and stiffer. These extra lengths and stiffness make the hairs harder to cut later on. This being the case, you cannot rely on ordinary shaving techniques to do the job. You must just use a formula that is wholly meant for the said role.

We are here to help you out with this. After spending a lot of time researching and investigating, we have come across some tips which are more likely to yield you awesome outcomes. Take your time and read through our explanations hereunder for that very inspiration.

how to shave stubble without getting razor burn

How to Shave Stubble Beard

Step I: Find a Good Comb to Use for the Job

To start with, you should find a good comb to utilize for the job. Of all the combs that are in existence today, the fixed-length comb is by far the most suitable. It does a comparatively better job of trimming your stubble for the subsequent role of shaving.

Chances are that you will not find one specific comb for your use. That is why we strongly recommend that you pick a multi-purpose comb. The All-Purpose Gillette Styler is a good one to play your bet on. It does comprise three main attachments i.e. 2 mm, 4 mm, and 6 mm for you to choose from.

Step II: Choose your Desired Stubble Beard Length

Next, you should now choose your desired stubble beard length. To do this, attach the 1-10 mm comb you have and then set the desired length by way of turning the precision wheel accordingly. In case you are not certain of the choice to make, start with the 3mm and then trim the beard slowly and steadily.

Step down in batches of 5 mm each. Take some pause and reflect on the appearance of the beard altogether. This way, it will be possible for you to determine the length that is perfectly suited for your own desires and expectations.

Step III: Prepare your Face

Before embarking on the task of shaving your face, you have to prepare it for the same. This requires that you rinse the face using warm water. In this way, you will help the face to hydrate and prepare appropriately for the said role. Follow this by lathering the hair.

You will have to apply the shave gel on the parts of the face which you want to shave completely bare. Be sure to impact your neck, cheeks, sideburns, and mustache completely. The shaving gel will prevent cuts, nicks, and all forms of irritation. It also makes the cuts smoother and faster.

Step IV: Trim the Facial Hair

Now, trim the facial hair accordingly. Trimming the hair right before shaving brings about a couple of awesome advantages. Among these are the reduced drag, elimination of the tug, and the minimization of the pulls, to name but a few. All these combine to make you very comfortable.

On the blade side, trimming before use may prevent the risk of the blades clogging. In this way, it lengthens the lifespan of the blades altogether. This is not to mention that trimming also reduces the costs of repairs and maintenance you may have to confront. You get to enjoy some reduced operational expenses hence.

Step V: Shave your Stubble

We now get to the core of issues. It is at this stage that you now shave your stubble. You are highly advised to always shave against the grains and using a precision trimmer to do the job. Alternate each shave with some combing to hasten the process and make it hassle-free.

From time to time, you should double-check your hair to see to it that everything is just fine. At this stage, you should aim at getting consistent and uniform outcomes. Do not mind a lot about perfect prunes yet. Only be sure that no patches of facial hair of diverse lengths exist on the head. As a general rule, you should always shave using light and gentle strokes.

Step VI: Shape your Stubble Beard

Having trimmed your beard, you now have to shape it appropriately. To do this, you will have to remove the trimmer of your comb and use it to trim your beard. To be able to obtain the best outcomes, be advised to maintain the hair on your cheeks and neck sections shorter.

Yet again, remove the comb from your beard trimmer. Trim your hair from the bottom segment of your neck in an upwards direction gradually. End the hairline somewhere in between the top and bottom segments of your Adam’s apple. At all times, utilize slow and continuous strokes to do the job.

Generally speaking, you are also strongly urged to trim away from the hairline. This one has been proved to prevent accidental shaving of the beard shape. It also sees to it that you attain some nice and straight clean lines.

Step VII: Ascertain your Symmetry as You Go Along

While trimming your hair, be sure to ascertain your symmetry too! This simply means that every bit and strand of your hair has to be uniform and equal in length to the other strand. In this way, your hair will exude some awesome appearances.

Use a mirror extensively to ascertain this. Also, take great care that you do not trim too much of your hair in an attempt to look uniform.

Step VIII: Create some Styles

Though optional, you are strongly urged to create some styles, if you can. The kind of style you choose depends on your own unique tastes and preferences. Some people do alternate the lengths of the hairs. Some, however, prefer making some decorative shaves that leave behind lasting impacts.

Yet many others will prefer bringing all the mustache to the same lengths all the time. Given the complex natures of many beard styles, you will have to invoke the assistant of a professional hairstylist to go about this issue, somehow. Be sure to look for one who possesses the necessary experience and expertise.

At this stage, you should also mind the borders. Use a precision blade to create some sharp boundaries and demarcations along the hairline. The all Fusion5 razors will particularly help you to achieve some nice outcomes. Be sure that the border blends well with the styles which you may have chosen earlier. You want to minimize inconsistencies and give rise to awesome styles.

Step IX: Lay some Final Touches

You are now almost good to go. Before you may call it a day, you should lay some final touches on your hair. This you do by inspecting those inaccessible parts and places of your hair. Ensure that no hair strand remains in them. If you come across any, apply some gentle strokes and shave against the line of hair growth.

Step X: Rinse the Blades Every Now and Then

In the course of your shaving, rinse the blades every now and then. This is to ward off the accumulation of hair, dirt, and germs. In this way, it also ensures that the blades remain sharp and resilient enough to be able to deliver extremely sharp cuts that eliminate all hairs.

After you are completely done with shaving your hair, you will yet again have to clean the blades thoroughly. This is to prevent the buildup of the said debris and germs. In doing so, it prevents untimely corrosion which might eat away the metal and materials used to make the blade up.

Step XI: Rinse, Dry, and Moisturize your Stubble

Lastly, rinse, dry and moisturize your stubble. Use some cool water to do the rinsing. Then, employ a dry towel to clear out all the water and moisture from the skin or hair. Leave the beard exposed to the air to let it dry out completely. After it is fully dry, apply some aftershave to hydrate the affected portion of the skin.

A lotion or balm may yet again come in handy to soothe the skin and let it heal faster. You are now good to go! As a bonus, you might want to trim your stubble in intervals of two to three days. This way, it will grow uniformly without any entanglements.

How To Shave Stubble

Pros of Keeping Stubble Beard

  • Great for the working class
  • Adds some touch of masculinity
  • Good for sensitive skin and faces
  • Negates the need for daily shaves and cleaning
  • Induces a sense of confidence and elegance

Cons of Keeping Stubble Beard

  • Looks weird if not styled thoroughly
  • Demands excess attention on your part
  • Some organizations may not allow it

Common Shaving Mistakes When Having A Stubble Beard

Below are some of the most common mistakes we do when shaving the stubble:

Skipping the Post-shave

After shaving your stubble, you have to apply some post-shave. If you skip this vital step, you will most definitely attract some problems and issues. These range from pimples to rough beard to some infections to name but a few!

Over-using the Blades

With each use, the blade wears out and becomes blunt. It hence becomes less effective in getting rid of the hair. If you insist on using the blunt blade, you will most definitely cause some rashes to occur on the skin area. This might also lead to some excess pain from emerging.

Employing Brute Strength

Even when shaving the thickest beards, it is important that you use moderate force. Using too strong force may bring along the undesirable side effect of damaging your skin. The situation worsens when the skin is sensitive and prone to injuries.

Shaving too high from the Scalp

For the best results, it is generally advisable that you shave as close to the scalp as possible. It is only in this way that you will be able to eliminate all unwanted hair. Shaving too high will definitely leave some hair and with it, some ghastly appearance.

Shaving against the Grain

Save for the stubble, it is always necessary to shave along rather than against the grain. This way, your hair will not develop too many rashes as is the norm. It also leads to reduced pains while shaving which is great for your own comfort and convenience.

Utilizing Canned Foam

Using the foam that is canned is yet another way to ruin your own hair and skin quality. That is because the canned foam has the tendency to inflict razor burns and redness. These often damage your hair and skin excessively when left unhindered.

Jumping the Pre-Shave Lube

Before starting to shave, you have to prep your beard. You will have to use the pre-shave lube for this role. The failure to follow this step and more so using the pre-shave lube is a recipe for chaos. It leaves your skin rough and vulnerable to bleeding and other forms of damages.

Mixing the Aftershave with Alcohol

Alcohol is never that great for the skin at all. You hence want to avoid using it on your skin. Many people make the mistake of mixing the aftershave with alcohol. This way, they get to burn their skin and pose some permanent damages as well.

Prepping using Cold Water

Lastly, there is the issue or prepping the beard for the shaving using cold rather than warm water. Coldwater does shrink the pores. This way, it makes the pores tougher for the blades to impact. The end results of such a shave are usually skewed and ghastly.

Having done our part to explain to you the procedures you need to follow to trim your thick stubble, we now leave it to you to implement the recommendations. Simply read the explanations in finer details and master the process keenly. You may carry out some mock shaving just to drive the point home.

Of course, you are not the only one who might be interested in shaving his stubble. Chances that are that there are tens of others like you in your area. It is only fair and rational if you pass this information to them as well. This way, you will be able to equip them with the same level of skill and expertise.

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