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how to clean your electric razor

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Electric razors, though great, are not without their own share of potential downsides. They, in the course of shaving your hair, trap and harbor plenty of germs. These may be the hotbed of future diseases if not eliminated in time. That is why you have to clean and disinfect yours every quite often.

Cleanliness and maintenance of the electric razors may seem simple. However, as you are about to note, the process is delicate and more complicated than you ever thought. Read through to get to know all the basics of cleanliness you need to do a great job.

how to clean your electric razor blade

How Often Should I Clean My Electric Razor?

To be sure of utmost safety, it is important that you keep your electric razor clean every now and then. We are going to look into just how often you might have to do this. Remember, germs do pop up and grow quickly. Any delay on your part might never bode well for your own safety.

After each Use

There are two times you have to clean your shaver. The first is after each use. Immediately you shave your hair, clean the electric razor to rid of any dirt. Yet again, you have to sanitize it to eliminate excess germs and slow down further growth of the same in the future.


Even if you do not use the electric razor, it is still advisable that you clean it once a week. This is to keep it in the best shape and form all the time. In this way, you also prevent the further buildup of debris. Also, you make your future cleaning undertakings simpler to do.

How to Clean Your Electric Razor

We now get to the crux of the matter. It is at this stage that we now clean the electric razor. Electric razor blades are very delicate items. If handled recklessly, they might injure or cut through your skin. That is why you want to exercise great caution.

The following are the procedures to follow to be guaranteed the best outcomes. Be slow and meticulous as you implement the strategies. This is absolutely essential also to maintain your electric razor blades in the best shapes and forms for long.

Step I: Switch off the power

Your first task is to switch the power off. Remember, these electric razors draw their power from electricity. They are hence more likely to predispose you to the risks of electric shocks. If yours is corded, pull out the cord from the wall.

For those that are corded, you have to remove the batteries from the rest of the appliances. Countercheck the power supply systems i.e. the reset buttons, power switches, and the battery units to be sure that they are perfectly in order before proceeding.

Step II: Disassemble the Electric razor

Move on now to disassemble the electric razor. Follow the manufacturer’s manual to remove the constituent parts and components that constitute the electric razor. If possible, you should take the video of the removal. This is to help you with the reassembly after the conclusion of the cleaning exercise.

Yet again, you have to be slow and meticulous. Rushing may damage the delicate parts and components. It may also lead to the loss of the parts. Lastly, going slow will also see to it that you do not injure yourself unnecessarily.

Step III: Dry Brush

Having disassembled the parts, go ahead now to dry brush the entire structure. Use some dry brush to get rid of any debris and dirt which may be available on the electric razor. As you do so, turn over the electric razor to dispose of any dirt that may have clogged inside the item.

You may also use a dust blower in case you still sense some dirt in the electric razor. This step is crucial as it will make the others that follow simpler and easier to undertake. You want to ensure that you do a pretty good job in this.

Step IV: Water or spray to clean

With all the dirt, debris and dust gone, you now have to clean the parts using water or sprays. The exact approach depends on the makeup of the structures of the electric razor. Those which are cleaned using water have an oil-based coating that resists the intrusion of moisture.

In such a case, dip some clean cloth in water and rub it against mild soap. After you are through, rinse the electric razor using clean water. If yours cannot handle water, then the cleaning sprays will come in handy. Target the sprays to the blades and other vital parts.

Step V: Sanitize the electric razor

It is also important to sanitize your electric razor over and above merely cleaning the undesirable dirt. Do this by rubbing it with alcohol. Apply some limited amount of alcohol on a cotton cloth. Rub the blades and other parts slowly and steadily.

Then, leave the alcohol to settle for some time. This is to give it room to impact the germs completely. Keep the electric razor in a sheltered place to allow for maximum exposure and minimize any possibilities of the alcohol drying before achieving full impacts.

Step VI: Clean the rest of the Body of the Electric razor

Move on now to clean the rest of the body of the electric razor. For faster outcomes, you are advised to use an alcohol-based wipe to get rid of any dirt from the body. In the absence of such wipes, you may use the paper towel, a dab of soap, and some little water.

Pay keen attention to the crevices that may be present in the body of the electric razor. They are a hotbed of germs, dirt, and other contaminants. Pass the dab of cloth or the wipes over those areas repeatedly for best outcomes.

Step VII: Dry the electric razor

The actual cleaning is followed by drying of the electric razor. Drying is necessary so as to forestall any possibilities of the electric razor sustaining rust and other undue damages. Kick off the drying process by patting it using a clean towel. This is to eliminate excess water from the electric razor itself.

Then, spread out the constituent parts and pieces on another dry piece of cloth. Give those pieces some sufficient time to dry out completely. Do not hold them with your hands till they are completely dry. Doing so will leave ghastly marks on them.

Step VIII: Reassemble the Parts

The time to bring back the constituent parts and components has now come. During the disassembly process, we pointed out that you should take a video. You now need to follow the video to know how to attach the constituent parts back in place.

Follow this by lubricating the moving parts. Chances are that the said parts are no longer as agile as they once used to be. Clear the surface where you cleaned the electric razor.  Follow this by putting away the cleaning supplies you used to cleanse your electric razor.

Step IX: Test the Electric razor

It is certainly a good idea to test the electric razor. Plug it in the mains socket and then power it on. Carry out some mock shaving to ascertain how effective it may be. In case it is not as effective as it should be, it is probably a nice idea to relook how you re-assembled it.

how to clean your electric razor

Electric Razor Maintenance

Your electric razor will sustain damages and downtimes from time to time. This calls for some maintenance to guarantee long-lasting outcomes and reduce the need to purchase new ones every quite often. You need some appropriate advice to be able to carry out reliable maintenance.

We devote this segment of our discussions to just that. You need not necessarily be an expert to do a good job. The following tips will guarantee that your electric razor stands the test of time:

Step I: Clean the shaver regularly

It goes without saying that you have to clean your shaver regularly. This has to happen immediately after each use and just after retrieving the same from storage. The method you use has to be well suited for the electric razor of your caliber.

Employing the wrong method might not bring the desired end results. Then there is the risk of damaging your shaver permanently. As part of your cleaning, be sure also to sanitize to eliminate all germs from the machine.

Step II: Charge the shaver only when needed

If yours is powered by a rechargeable battery, you are advised to charge it only when it is needed. Overcharging it might overheat it and endanger your life. When this happens persistently, the battery may also become obsolete too soon!

On the flip side, you should also not leave the charge to be fully depleted from the battery. It is also important that you read the instructions carefully. Different manufacturers have their own preconditions which have to be adhered to fully.

Step III: Encase the shaver to protect it further

As a further intervention measure, you are advised to encase the shaver. Use a casing that is specifically designed for the job. The casing guards against the dangers that come with accidental dropping and hard impacts. Also, it shields the appliance from dust and dirt.

As part of your protection regime, you are advised to desist from tapping it into the sink. This may cause the mechanics to jostle and fall apart too soon. Carry the device entirely in a very cautious manner.

Step IV: Lubricate the mechanical parts before use

Before using the shaver, be sure to lubricate the mechanical parts and components. In the course of their use, these shavers do sustain some friction which has the tendency to wear and tear the parts apart. It also reduces the heat output to spare your head from any intense pains.

The light and fluid oils are by far the most desirable lubricants. They flow faster and smoothly to the uttermost parts of the shaver. Being highly fluid, they are less likely to clog the mechanical parts.

Step V: Replace the Foil or Cutter regularly

You should also replace the foil or cutter regularly. With continued use, these parts accumulate lots of bacteria, germs, debris, and dandruff. These are potentially harmful to your own health as they are a hotbed of diseases like impetigo.

Though cleaning may offer temporary relief, the best long-term solution comes with the complete replacements of the parts. Dispose of the old parts safely in a place where the children and unsuspecting persons cannot access them easily.

Step VI: Leverage the Warranty

All products are accompanied and backed by some generous warranty. These warranties shield you from unnecessary losses which may arise in the course of your use of the products after purchase. Since you are entitled to them, you are highly advised to take advantage of them.

In fact, as soon as things go wrong, take the item to the nearest dealer. It is only after crossing this bridge that you may attempt other intervention measures. You will get to save some money in the process too!

As you may have already seen, cleanliness of the electric razor is not a really simple exercise. It requires a lot of attentiveness to details and observance of tiny details. The beautiful thing though is the fact that it is still easily manageable by the less skilled person. You can never afford to shy away from implementing it hence.

How soon should we expect you to embark on cleaning yours? Have you found out insights and discussions really eye-opening? Kindly let us hear from you in the comment’s section. Good luck also as you embark on this awesome chore.

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