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best adjustable safety razor for sensitive skin

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To be able to shave your beard conveniently, the razor you choose has to be flexible and adjustable. This is to allow for impacting those areas or portions of your head that are largely inaccessible. How else can you possibly enjoy this end save for gaining the right insight to that end?

Our reviews and buying guide here below endeavors to grant just that insight. We have sampled and are going to review ten of the best adjustable safety razors on the market at the moment. This we shall follow by looking into the factors to consider while on the lookout for the most suitable one.

best adjustable safety razor for sensitive skin

Best Adjustable Safety Razor

#1: Merkur Vision safety Razor

Looking to hasten the shaving of your beard? This is the one to pick and choose. Its double-edge character has the distinctive advantage of being able to cut back and forth. In this way, it also deepens the cuts to leave behind some smooth and shiny appearances.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Twist Open Design

It operates via the twist open design. This makes it easier to engage as it does not struggle to open and close. On account of this aspect of the razor, you may be sure to spend the least amount of time to be able to engage the apparatus altogether.

Elegant Appearance

Other than the core role of shaving off hair from your skin, this razor also exudes some elegant appearances. In light of this, you may also use it to enhance the beauty of your rooms and toilets. Place it strategically at a position that anyone can behold and admire it.


  • Loading is stress-free
  • Exhibits a fantastic fit and finish
  • Highly versatile and convenient to engage
  • Leaves behind pretty smooth shaving outcomes
  • Unlikely to inflict rashes and abrasions


  • Quite costly to come by
  • Comparatively harder to keep clean
  • Too big to impact tight spots easily

#2: Merkur Futur

Other than merely shaving off your beards, you also want to generate some styles. If you are such kind of a person, this Merkur Futur could be what you are looking for. It incorporates all the features, settings, and traits that the ideal styler ought to possess ordinarily.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

6 Settings

The razor does have some 6 settings. You use these settings to determine the kind of style you are intent on leveraging at any given time. It is this specific functionality that in fact makes it possible for you to generate the unique styles and appearances you could be yearning for.

Compact Size

In all, the razor comes about in some compact size indeed. The item measures only 4 inches long and weighs a paltry 90 grams. These two dimensions let you easily get hold of it, carry it around, and engage it as need be at any given time.


  • Comparatively simpler to clean
  • Delivers some excellent shaves
  • Longer handle impacts hidden areas with ease
  • Gives off plenty of flexibility to you
  • Stress-free loading and handling undertakings


  • Handles get too slippery when wet
  • Unable to impact the nose and lip areas
  • Likely to injure you when not keen enough

#3: Merkur Progress

Razors may also play the secondary role of enhancing the beauty and décor of your own interior besides shaving off your hair. Unfortunately, not any taken randomly may yield that very end. Only one that is specially designed for the job as this one may come to your rescue.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Variable Settings

It is possible for you to enjoy varied settings and options of use from this razor. Two settings particularly stand out. These are the lowest and the highest settings respectively. Using the former, you undertake wet shaving while the latter handles faster and expedited shavings easily.

Classy Appearances

We have already explained that this razor also plays a secondary role in enhancing the beauty of your own interiors. This is a benefit that arises mainly out of a classy appearance. You may consider placing it strategically at a point where anyone in the room may behold it.


  • Five adjustable settings
  • Enables stress-free loading and use
  • Quite simple to understand and engage as need be
  • Classy looks give off some beauty
  • Yields higher returns on investments


  • Inflexible to operationalize
  • Lacks any knurls and is hence slippery
  • Prolonged use may harm your fingers

#4: Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Have some sensitive skin? Get hold of this razor and say goodbye to all forms of rashes and pimples. This expensive razor is indeed optimized for the handling and impacting of those skins that are way too delicate to handle normally. This notwithstanding, it also does a pretty good job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Double-edge Razor

It does have two edges. These two edges give it the ability to carry out the required ends faster with minimal delays. At the same time, it also gives your skin some shiny and distinctively awesome appearances. All these it does without harming the delicate nature of your skin.

Durable and Sturdy

By all accounts, the razor is durable and sturdy. It hence lasts longer not to mention retaining its firmness and vitality for a prolonged duration of time. With these dual traits, expect the blade to last longer and deliver a reliable spate of use for an extended amount of time.



  • Does not irritate or scar the skin unnecessarily
  • Well-built and appropriately balanced
  • Manages close shaves that are sparklingly awesome


  • Breaks apart when used on coarse skins
  • Demands complex operational procedures
  • The handle is shorter than usual

#5: Chieftain Safety Razor by Vikings Blade

To be on the safe side of issues, you want a razor that is manufactured by a reputable and reliable company. Of all the companies that engage in the manufacture of these razors, it is this that is the most reputable. Expect hence its line of products to be similarly awesome.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Wet-shaving Capability

One added advantage of this shaver is the fact that it also shaves in wet conditions too. Moreover, it also comes about with a lifetime warranty. This makes it able to give you the use you need wherever and whenever the circumstances may so determine.

Premium Makeup

Its overall makeup is premium indeed. Stemming from this premium makeup is the fact that it lasts longer and handles the coarsest applications with absolute ease. This makes the item a good one to place your bet on if yours are coarse and exceedingly rough hair.


  • Enjoys 30 years of experience
  • Richer in quality than many other razors
  • Lower in price
  • Eliminates coarse hair with absolute ease
  • Does not get damaged too soon


  • Smaller handle disparages those with larger hands
  • Cannot accept any upgrades or attachments
  • Has only one razor; a fact that lengthens the shaving time

#6: MUHLE R41 Razor

Never attempted to shave off your beards or use such razors before? We invite you to attempt this specific razor is it is the one that is intended for the newbies. On the whole, this razor is smaller and simpler to comprehend. Choose it for your first attempt in use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Very Light

You will find this razor pretty light as it weighs a paltry 2.3 ounces. Owing to this lightness, the razor is able to handle and access the otherwise hidden areas with absolute ease. Moreover, it does not tire you at all even when you have to engage it for an extended duration of time.

Textured Design

Throughout its stature, the razor comes about in some textured design. The design accords some grip to the razor in such a way as to allow you to handle and engaged it with absolute ease. On account of this trait, you will also be able to engage the razor for wet shaves.



  • Unsuitable for professional applications
  • Too simple to undertake complex chores
  • Breaks apart easily when handled vigorously

#7: WEISHI Nostalgic Razor

In order to enjoy repeated and prolonged use, you want a razor that is strong and truly durable. Look for no other razor than this one. It is not only strong but also has all the trappings necessary to handle the most strenuous of chores and applications.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Aggressive Shaves

The razor has the distinctive ability to deliver aggressive shaves indeed. It is, as we have already explained, strong and reliable enough to manage this very feat. Look up to it for your coarse beards and tangled hairs. It is unlikely that you will feel prickled or hurt in the process.

Durable and Strong Build

All factors considered, the build of this razor is strong and durable. It is this particular reason, in fact, is what makes the razor able to last longer and perform many incidences of use. Owing to the strong build, you should expect the razor also to cost less to repair and maintain.


  • Adjusts to conform to your beard contours
  • Cleans easily after an incident of use
  • Reverts to its sparkling appearance easily
  • Changes the razors simpler and more conveniently
  • Delivers higher returns on investments


  • Quite weighty and cumbersome to engage
  • Its handle is shorter
  • The head is too rigid to access hidden areas

#8: Rockwell 6C Razor

No other blade combines strength and beauty in the awesome mix better than this particular safety razor. Owing to this comfortable mix, the razor is more likely to bring about better outcomes. Also, it manages to yield added value for your money.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Stainless Steel Makeup

In its entirety, the razor comes about in a stainless steel makeup. This gives it some strength and vitality that are both beyond the scope of your ordinary razors. It also ups the razor’s ability to survive drops and other issues that may disparage its structural integrity.

Unique Flippable Blade System

It operates on a unique flappable blade system. Thanks to this system, it is possible for you to adjust the razor to different kinds of beards. Similarly, you may also handle many kinds of skins, unlike the ordinary razors, allow for. The pleasure of maximum convenience is indeed yours to leverage.


  • Handles many kinds of skins and beard types
  • Comes with additional cartridges
  • Manages closer shaves
  • Imbues some comfort along the way
  • Truly comfortable to handle and engage


  • Too much on the pricey side
  • Slips off your hands when used in a wet environment
  • Unable to accommodate any upgrades

#9: Feather Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor AS-D2S

Intent on leveraging some luxury? Place your bet on this specific razor. It comes equipped with many a breathtaking appearance that exudes some luxurious looks to you. Its design is also such that it grips firmly on your hands to deliver awesome operations.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Comfortable Shaves

All factors considered, the razor does manage comfortable shaves indeed. These shaves are mainly brought about by the adjustable handles and contoured makeup. For this reason, it is possible for you to maintain repeated usage and reliability. Say no also to any possibility of tiring.

Fancy Burgundy Case

It is enclosed in a fancy Burgundy case. The role of this case is to accord some beauty to you in addition to merely safeguarding the items that make the razor up. Thus, the case also adds to your beauty and overall elegance. Place it at a position that is strategic to be able to accrue the said benefit.


  • Weighs a paltry 90 grams
  • Exhibits truly high quality
  • Attaches to a comb that guards the blade too
  • Provides some nice grip when engaged
  • Comes in diverse colors and hues


  • Out of the affordable range of many
  • Delicate enough to be easily affected by scratches
  • Lasts a shorter duration of time

#10: Parker Variant Adjustable

Most adjustable blades are very expensive and way beyond the reach of many people who want them. If you are price-sensitive, we suggest no other brand than this one. It is purposely intended to cut you some expenses while at the same time guarantee the same topnotch performances.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

All-metal Finish

Its exterior is wholly adorned with an all-metal finish. This gives it some added strength and vitality. Being strong, the finish also spares you from the harsh and sometimes costly maintenance you have to carry out ordinarily. Complementing the finish is the knob that seals the parts firmly in place.

Crisscross Knurling

Also aiding your comfort is the crisscross knurling. It plays the role of accord some grip to you. In doing so, it prevents you from possibly getting too tired or worn out in the process. This definitely makes for comfortable and prolonged applications all along.


  • Gives off excellent weight and balance
  • Adjusts to suit different circumstances of use
  • Cheaper than your standard razor
  • Resistant to corrosion and other agents of deteriorations
  • Calls for reduced spates of repairs and maintenance



  • Slightly more complicated than your standard razor

Choosing Between Adjustable Safety Razor or Non-Adjustable

Other than the adjustable safety razor, we also have a non-adjustable counterpart. Choosing the most suitable one of these two is never an easy thing to do. In this segment of our discussion, we are going to examine how to possibly arrive at the most appropriate purchasing decision.

Adjustable Safety Razor vs. Non-adjustable


Generally speaking, the non-adjustable razors are great for starters and those who lack the necessary experience. That is because they are simpler in scope and easier to make do with. The adjustable counterparts, on the other hand, are more complicated to come by and use.


Owing to the fact that the blades of an adjustable razor adjust, these razors are capable of achieving feats and generating styles that are beyond the scope and handling of the non-adjustable safety razor. Moreover, it is also strong enough to handle aggressive strands of hair with absolute ease.

Scope of Impact

An adjustable razor can handle just about any kind of beard and hair levels.  That is because it adjusts the settings accordingly to be able to manage this feat. With the non-adjustable razor, it is impossible for you to generate many styles and handle more than one kind of hair though.


Other than the settings it is also possible for you to determine the level of aggressiveness that is desirous to you with an adjustable safety razor. The same might not really hold true for the non-adjustable safety razor. It only manages one kind of aggressiveness and that is it!

From the foregoing explanations, it is clear that the adjustable safety razor is the one to look up to for complex shaving applications. It also manages to generate the styles other than merely cut off your hairs. As with the non-adjustable safety razors, only light shaving duties may be performed.

It is not really a good thing to read our explanations yet take no meaningful course of action. That can only mean scouring through the products we have reviewed above and settling for the most suitable one for yourself. To arrive at the best possible choice, we recommend that you re-read the explanations.

As you do so, take particular note of the specialties of each razor. Then, weigh the same with the unique roles you would wish to have the razors do for you. That way, it will be possible for you to narrow down to a razor that is unlikely to let you down.

To be able to obtain better outcomes, we opine that you consider the cost implications and your own level of expertise. The former will ensure that you do not spend too much while the latter guarantees easier use and applications thereafter.

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