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Is Talking About Past Relationships Healthy

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Good women exist, the only thing you are supposed to do is maintain her and remember that good women are rare, you don’t want to regret losing her when she is already gone. This article helps you to understand a lot about how men behave after losing good women.

How Long Does It Take For A Man To Regret Losing You

Do Men Regret Losing A Good Woman?

Yes, they regret losing good women, and they know it is one of the worst mistakes they ever made because fixing the whole thing is not easy. Men should know that finding good women is not easy, and whenever they have one, they should not mess around.

When a man does not know how to appreciate a good woman, in his mind, he knows that good women are all over, the reality is different it not that easy to find a good woman.
Losing a good woman hurts a lot, it fills your heart with sorrow and pain, but then you can’t get her back. Learn to appreciate something good when you still have the chance to do so because once you lose it, you will not be able to forget.

You will remember her all the time, and you won’t have peace of mind, losing a good woman is just like losing a friend for life, your greatest support, and the sincere love you might never find again.
You must have seen how an ocean changes and losing a good woman is the same as it. One moment it peaceful and calm and in the next moment, it’s different, reality hits you after some time, and you can’t know the value of something until you lose it.

The regret big losing a good woman is there, but you won’t feel it immediately you will realize after some time. Here are various things you need to know when you have lost a good woman.

When He Realizes How Rare She Is

Reality will start hitting a man after some days of realizing that the woman she had was special, you can’t find another woman who can make you feel certain emotions, she has something charming and unique that makes you attracted to her.

The bad thing is you realized all that when she’s gone, and it is too late to win her back, of course, you might convince yourself that you will come across someone else who is better, but as time goes, you will know that she is rare.

When hurting begins, when you realize that your efforts to get her back into your life bears no fruits, she was a perfect choice, but you took it for granted and now you feel sorry and can’t do anything to change the situation.

When He Realizes that He was the Best and Let Her Go

One of the worst things after losing a good woman is when it’s too late, and you realize that she was the best and a one-time opportunity. The chance of meeting someone like her is rare, and sometimes you cant completely.

Don’t be fooled because good women are not found anywhere, the world is full of women but not like her. You now feel bad because you can’t replace her with someone else.

How Long Does It Take For A Man To Regret Losing You?

At first, he won’t regret it, but after realizing that you had unique features and you were a good woman, he starts missing you and starts regretting everything. The answer is different for every guy, but most men regret it after six weeks or one month.

Regretting is real and happens to most men who dump women feel it, even those who thought they wouldn’t regret do. They will always question whether they did the right thing if you want to make it regret even much try the following things.

Keep your composure

It’s hard to do it, but you have to try, even though it is hard but it makes men regret breaking up or losing you. Guys expect to see a girl stressed after a break up so if you don’t show any signs of being weak about the whole thing, it makes them feel they are the ones that failed.

Get a makeover

When a guy dumps you, the first thing you should do is get a makeover, look good and focus on yourself. No guy would want to admit dumping a girl who is glowing all the time.

Make more money than him

If a guy leaves you for another woman, don’t worry yourself instead, you should challenge him by making more money than him so that he can feel ashamed to try and get back to you more so, you will be able to treat yourself with whatever thing you want.

Get his friends on your side

If you have always been good to him and his friends know you were, believe it or not, his friends will know that he made a mistake. It is hard to find a good partner, so they might even question him about you because they liked you, so don’t be surprised when he tries to get back to you.

Is Talking About Past Relationships Healthy

Types Of Men Who Will Regret Losing A Good Woman

When you look back at your past relationships, you always wonder why you even tried to make it work. On the other hand, the guy who broke up with you regretted that dumping you was his worst mistake. The kind of men who regret losing good women are;

The ones who tried to manipulate you emotionally

Some men are too controlling, and one way is by trying to manipulate women emotionally, your feelings for him were real, but he was just there to pass the time. He might, at some point, made you feel guilty for something you didn’t do to control you. At that time, he did not care, but once you call it quits, he starts regretting it.

A man who took your love for granted

When a man is loved well, he tends to take it for granted, they don’t make any effort of loving back. You might have done everything to make your guy feel loved and valued, but in return, he took it for granted. Something for sure is that he will regret it.

One who thought you wouldn’t survive without him

Sometimes you can give all your best to a guy, but then he does not care about you because he thinks you are in love and can’t do without him. It doesn’t matter how independent you are so long as he knows you love him, he might not care, he assumes that your world revolves around him, but when you break up and move, he starts to realize his mistakes.

The kind of guy who broke his promises repeatedly

This type of person thinks that you are of no value, he does not fulfill his promises, meaning he took you for granted. He promises you but comes up with excuses, later on, this kind of relationship sucks, and you decide to end things and start over with someone else, but what you need to know is this man regrets and can’t even move on.

One that mistook your kindness as your weakness

You might fall in love, and in the process, you become kind and good to him. He might be rude and insulting, but you tend to wait for him to change, but on the other hand, he mistakes your kindness as weakness. He thinks you can’t move on with someone else, and now that you did and he has known where he went wrong, regrets befall him.

A guy that prioritizes others over you

This man wanted you to treat him well but does not do the same to you. You might have tried a lot to make him feel at the top of your list, but instead, he prioritizes other people. He now knows that good chances come once in a lifetime.

The man who thought you’d wait for him forever

String women can be patient, especially when they like someone, however, some men can take this for granted and can leave you to wait for long and in the end, they fail to give you the love and respect you deserve. You waited long enough, and when you let go of him, he starts regretting.

The one who thought you are too naïve

Almost all men think that they are superior to women, and he might look at you as someone immature. He failed to respect opinions and wants you to respect his. Who does not get tired of this behavior anyway, now that you left him, he starts to regret it.

Signs He Regrets Losing You

Keeps contacting you

When a relationship ends, most people stop contacting one another and if it happens, it’s only once in a while. So if a guy is over you and has moved on, he will stop anything to do with you, and if he contacts you more often, then there is a possibility he still has feelings for you.

Gets nostalgic

If your ex keeps text you every time about how the old days were good, it means that you are still on his mind. Someone who has moved on and is happy with his relationship will not bother their ex. So if he keeps reminding you of your past with him, he regrets losing you and wants you back.

He is too interested in your love life

It’s not bad when your ex calls, but what is he talking about when he calls? If he asks about your love life, he is simply trying to see if you are single so that you can get back together.

It’s normal for them to call, but how often does he call, does he keep nagging you about your love life? There is no other reason why he wants to know if you are single he wants to make up with you.

You keep running into them

He knows where you hang out mostly, and running into them is not a coincidence. He does it on purpose, even if you change your hangout places, he can easily find your location with the help of Google maps.

He wants to run into you because he regrets losing you and wishes to see you again. He might even try to prove that he moved on by posting stuff on social media that should not bother you that guy is hurting and wishes to have you in his life once again.

He is still protective of you

If your ex still protects you and wants to be there for you when you have a problem, it means that he has not gotten over you. He texts or calls to make sure you are okay shows that he still cares about you, and the truth is he loves you and wants another chance with you.

They complement you

Compliments feel good, and of course, many people can complement you without meaning they do that to impress you. But if a guy regrets losing you, he will start complementing even the tiny things on you.

Signs You Lost A Good Woman

When you lose a good woman, you will realize it almost immediately, good women are great, and when they break up with you, you feel miserable, especially when you remember how they cared for you.

A good woman is loving, caring, and ready to forgive. You won’t realize these things when she is still around, but you will know how much you messed the moment she is gone. Not all women love and care for their men, so if you happen to find a good woman, stick to her and show her unconditional love.

Every man at some point in life must have regretted losing a girl, men are strong, and they rarely show any signs of hurting a bit in real sense, they go through a lot. So if you have been wondering whether men regret losing a good woman, the answer is yes, they do.

You must have also known that men are human, and it takes just a matter of time before they regret losing you, that is why they can do anything to win you back. The decision is yours when it comes to whether to take them back or not.

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