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Sweater over dress shirt is one way to look stylish. It makes you stand out, works well in the office and is very comfortable.

This style is perfect for men who feel they can’t really pull off a sweater or don’t know how to mix the two. If you are bold enough, this outfit will definitely make people take notice.

Men were always looking for a way to dress in layers without being bulky or look too casual. Sweater over dress shirt is an ideal solution for this problem.

Even if you are not wearing shirt, sweater over shirt with trousers work just as fine. If you are still unconvinced, try it out when the weather is cold enough. It will give you an style upgrade.

how to wear sweater over dress shirt

How to Wear Sweater Over Dress Shirt

Method 1

What to Look for in a Dress Shirt

Use a dress shirt with a fitted cut to avoid bunching beneath your sweater.

Wearing a dress shirt that is too baggy or having it tucked into your trousers can cause wrinkling in the sweater when you sit down. This creates bulk under the sweater and will also look bulky when you try to pull up your pants after sitting down. Also, wearing your shirt untucked is usually not recommended because it looks unprofessional.

If at all feasible, choose a thin dress shirt.

It will be easier to pull your sweater over a dress shirt that is thinner. You can find these shirts at department stores or brands like American Apparel make them, but they are often more expensive than thicker dress shirts. Avoid wearing thicker dress shirts with sweaters because it creates unnecessary bulk and makes it harder for you to get the sweater on and off.

Select a short-sleeve button-up in hot weather when the temperature is more moderate.

If you are wearing a sweater with shorter sleeves, an option is to wear a short-sleeve dress shirt with it. This will be easier to get on and off if the sleeves are too snug around your upper arm. However, avoid wearing this particular look in cooler weather because it may not always be appropriate when the temperature drops below 50 degrees.

Method 2

Selecting a Sweater Style

Maintain a professional look with a simple crew neck sweater.

A crew neck sweater has a round neckline similar to a t-shirt’s. For work, you can’t get more professional than this. It is versatile enough to be paired with dress pants or jeans for day or night looks. You can even wear it while exercising at the gym .

No matter what your office dress code is, this is a surefire go-to outfit for the stylish man.

Wear a V-neck sweater to show off a tie.

A V-neck sweater is perfect to pair with a dress shirt because it will show off the fabric of your colorful tie. Since the two pieces are complementary, you can put together an outfit that has both business and casual elements. For example, pair this look with khaki pants for the office or chinos on your downtime.

Choose a cardigan sweater for a business casual appearance.

A cardigan sweater is a safe bet when it comes to business casual dressing in the office. It has a dressier feel, but its less formal than a suit jacket. Plus, it’s classy and fashionable enough to take you from your 9-to-5 gig to after work drinks with friends or social events.

Admittedly, wearing a sweater to the office might seem like a throwback look, but it will definitely give your wardrobe some needed variety.

Throw on a sweater vest over a dress shirt for an informal look.

A sweater vest is a great addition to a casual, yet put together outfit. You can wear it over a dress shirt or a T-shirt for an easy going look that you can easily take from the classroom to the boardroom. Gain some style points by accessorizing with slacks and lace up leather shoes .

how to wear v neck sweater with dress shirt

Method 3

Colors and patterns that match

## For a more conservative look, use neutral tones.

Conservative colors like grey, black and navy are ideal for work. If you want to get more creative with your color palette, make sure the shades you choose compliment each other .

To express your individuality, combine solid hues with designs.

Don’t be limited by simply wearing solid color sweaters. Patterns like tartan plaid, houndstooth or even bold stripes are acceptable for office wear as long as you combine them with matching dress shirt and pants .

For a commanding appearance, go for a tone-based wardrobe.

Clear, classic colors that transition well from day to night are ideal for work. You can even add a pop of color with accessories to brighten up your look without being too loud.

Wear simple sweater to create an understated style statement.

If you want to make a memorable fashion impression while keeping it professional, choose neutral colors that are easy to wear. Pair a simple gray sweater with black dress pants and lace-up leather shoes for a look that’s sure to turn heads .

Method 4

Finishing Your Look

Wear a tie for a more professional look.

A sweater can be worn over a dress shirt for style’s sake, but if you want to keep it more formal, wear that outfit with a tie. Not only will it show respect for your environment, ties are known to give off an air of sophistication and power .

Roll up the sleeves for a casual appearance.

If you want to show that your outfit is casual, then roll up the sleeves of your sweater. It’s an easy way to add some interest to a work outfit without being too loud .

Add a blazer or coat for a more complex feel.

You can also add another layer to your sweater over dress shirt look, just make sure it contrasts the colors in your outfit . For example, wear a gray blazer and black pants or go for a white coat and dark jeans.

Accessorize with glasses to complete your stylish ensemble.

If you want to maintain a polished yet casual look, opt for a pair of glasses to complete your outfit. They are functional and stylish, so they are the perfect finishing touch for any business casual ensemble.

If you want to make a good impression, tuck your shirt in.

If you want to dress up your outfit, tuck your shirt in and wear dark-colored dress pants. You can also add a belt or cuff links for even more polish .

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some other appropriate occasions to wear this look?

Sweater over dress shirt is appropriate in most places throughout the year. It can be worn in casual settings, but it’s also acceptable for formal events like weddings or important social gatherings .

What are some variations on this outfit?

For a fancier look, wear the sweater over a blazer. Additionally, if you choose solid colors to keep your look classic and refined, use patterns to add a bit of interest to your outfit . Are there any times I shouldn’t wear this look?

If you’re going for a very formal look, then it’s best to steer clear of sweater over dress shirt. Save the sweaters for casual affairs with friends or family members until you’re sure about what kind of impression they will give off in that environment.

Is it acceptable if I mix this look with other items, like a denim shirt or a tie?

If you want to wear sweater over dress shirt and introduce some more casual elements into the outfit, then feel free to do so! Just make sure your colors or patterns work together . A denim shirt or a tie can be worn with anything to give off a polished appearance.


As long as you keep your outfit clean and simple, sweater over dress shirt is a great way to add style and sophistication to your work ensemble. When worn with dark colors, black pants and leather shoes, it’s perfect for the office. For an element of formality , wear it with dress pants, blazer or coat. To maintain a casual appearance, roll up the sleeves and wear a belt to complete . Finally, don’t forget to accessorize with glasses or a tie. When worn together, these pieces create a fashionable yet professional look that’s perfect for any occasion.

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