Can a Man Love His Wife and Mistress Equally




How do you know if a married man loves his mistress

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A man can be a loving husband and a caring father, even if he has a mistress. The “other woman” is usually not aware of the existence of another woman in her lover’s life – that is, his wife. Can a husband love both women equally?

Can a Man Love His Wife and Mistress Equally

Can a Man Love His Wife and Mistress Equally

There is a thin line between love and hate. When one man started having two mistresses, he found that the two women were constantly battling over him. He was forced to choose between them.

A married man with a mistress (or vice versa) faces an unusual dilemma: He must somehow divide his commitment, time, and resources evenly between lovers who were initially strangers and whose interests overlap only in the most immediate physical sense.

Can a Man Love Both Women Equally?

This is one of those questions that sounds like it could be asked only by someone who has never been married or had children. The answer is: “No, he cannot.” Now we’re going to go into some detail as to why the answer is “No, he cannot.”

A husband/boyfriend has a built-in physical preference for his wife/girlfriend. No matter how many times she’s been sick or complained about their sex life, he still wants to have sex with her more than he does with his mistress. This isn’t judging the quality of either woman’s lovemaking; it’s just the way things are.

The heart has reasons that reason doesn’t understand. There is a mysterious bond between people who spend their lives together that makes them want to be with each other more than apart. It’s like gravity–we can understand it as it works, but we can’t un-understand it. We may hold down a job in two different cities, but we can’t love two people at once. The heart wants what the heart wants–and if the man’s wife is all he wants, then that’s who he wants.

Does this mean that one theory is wrong? Not necessarily.

This is not to say that there are no men who can love equally; it only says that if you’re looking for one, he will be few and far between. There’s a reason why the phrase “faithful to his wife” has two words in quotes (just like “honest politician.” You trust that they exist, but you probably don’t expect ever to meet one.

How do you know if a married man loves his mistress

How Can You Tell If Your Husband Is In Love With His Mistress?

He becomes emotional.

If you notice that your husband becomes highly emotional and sensitive, this is usually a sign that he’s in love with someone else. His emotions for his mistress may be so strong that it outweighs his feelings towards you, which will lead to him not wanting to spend as much time with you.

He spends less time at home.

If your husband is spending most of his time away from home, this usually means that he’s either working late or seeing someone else. If it does not work and it’s something like a night class, then you should know about it because he will try to keep you in the dark as much as possible if he has another woman in his life.

He calls and texts other women.

If your husband calls and texts another woman, you should know about it because he’s probably doing so to meet up with her behind your back. If you notice that he’s becoming more secretive than usual, this will tip you off to the fact that something is going on.

He makes excuses to see other women.

If you suspect that your husband is seeing another woman, this will be pretty obvious to you if he makes up an excuse to see her for one reason or another or leaves the house without telling you where he’s going. This may be harder to notice than the rest, but it’s a sure sign that something is going on if he makes an excuse to go and see her.

He wants your advice about his love life.

If you’re not sure if your husband is seeing someone else, then this is something that may tip you off as to whether or not he has another woman in his life. If he asks you for advice about love or relationships, this could be because he’s in love with someone else that’s not you and doesn’t want to tell you the truth.

He buys gifts for other women.

If your husband is buying gifts for another woman, this should tip you off because there’s no girlfriend he would buy gifts for. If you notice that your husband is spending more money than usual, this could mean that he’s buying expensive items to give to another woman or just an excuse to see her.

He cancels on you last minute.

If your husband regularly cancels on hang-outs with you, this could be because he’s meeting up with another woman or doesn’t want to spend time with you.

He wants more alone time with another woman.

If your husband is spending too much time away from home, then this should raise some red flags for you. If he seems distant and uncommunicative, this will also let you know that there is probably something going on that he doesn’t want to tell you about.

He suddenly wants to meet the parents of another woman.

If your husband suddenly wants to spend more time with the parents of another woman, then this should make you suspicious because it’s not normal for him to take an interest in her family when he wasn’t interested before. If he wants to have a relationship with her family, then this will be a red flag.

He shares secrets about his mistress.

Sometimes your husband can unknowingly let something slip out when talking about another woman that he’s seeing behind your back. Sometimes they might even bring up something embarrassing they said or did in front of her. If you notice that he’s talking about another woman strangely, this will be worth looking into.

He talks to other women online and flirts with them.

If your husband is spending too much time on his phone or computer, then he might be flirting with someone else behind your back. If you notice that he’s spending a lot of time talking to other women online or flirting with them, then you should pay attention and listen for any signs that something is off.

He suddenly wants to spend more time with you than before.

If your husband suddenly wants to spend more time with you than ever before, then this can be a sign that he’s afraid you’re onto him and knows that he can’t keep seeing other women the way he has been. Sometimes when they realize they’ve been caught, they’ll try to make up for it by being more attentive.

He spends time with another woman in your presence.

If your husband is spending time with another woman in your presence, this should raise some red flags. When you’re with him during his time with her, he may have to be more careful because he knows that you could confront them at any time.

He gets jealous of other men.

If your husband gets jealous over another man spending time with you or talking to you, then this should be a red flag. He might even check your phone to ensure that you’re not talking to another man behind his back or try to track your location if he has access.

He suddenly wants more sex with you.

Sometimes when a man spends time with someone else on the side, they may feel guilty about it and try to make up for it by being more attentive to their wife.

He buys another woman a gift that’s strikingly similar to a gift you bought him.

If your husband gets a new phone or expensive item that looks an awful lot like something you’ve given him, then this should be a red flag because he’s already got one, and there’s no reason for him to buy his mistress a new phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does he have a mistress?

A: If you’ve been asking yourself this question for a while, then you should trust your instincts. You already know something is going on, and if he’s not telling you anything or keeps brushing it off, then that’s reason enough to believe that there’s another woman in his life.

Q: How long has he been seeing this other woman?

A: If your husband is spending too much time away from home and not spending enough time with you, then there’s something going on. If you’ve noticed that his behavior has changed a lot recently, then it may be a good idea to dig deeper into things.

Q: What should I do?

A: If you’re sure that your husband is having an affair, then it’s time to take some steps towards protecting yourself. You won’t be able to get through this on your own, and if you don’t have anyone else who can help or support you, then hiring a private investigator could be the best option for now.


Overall, if you notice that your husband is spending too much time talking to other women online or on the phone, then it may be worth digging deeper into things. Don’t feel pressured to brush everything off, and don’t put up with it. Remember that no relationship is perfect, and not all married people are happy in their relationships. Sometimes when you add infidelity to the mix, it can make things worse and lead to a lot of resentment.

If you’re optimistic that your husband’s behavior is changing and he’s spending too much time away from home with another woman, then you should do something about it. Don’t put up with this behavior, and don’t feel guilty about standing up for yourself and your family. Remember to trust your instincts and utilize the tools you have available to you.

If your husband is spending too much time with another woman, then it’s essential to take action as soon as possible. Don’t wait until things get even worse and leave you feeling more frustrated and helpless than ever before. If you feel like you need help, it’s time to get in touch with a professional.

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