What to Do If Your Crush is Dating Someone Else




is it possible for my crush to like me while dating someone else

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Let’s face it — crushes are tough. There’s nothing worse than liking someone and not knowing if they like you back a billion times.

But sometimes, your crush is dating someone else, and all the wishing in the world won’t make it so they can date you instead. But don’t worry! Maybe there’s still hope for you and your crush.

What to Do If Your Crush is Dating Someone Else

What to Do If Your Crush is Dating Someone Else

So how do you deal with the fact that your crush is taken? Check out our tips below!

Avoid unnecessary interactions

It might seem like you need to do something to get your crush’s attention, but avoid doing anything unnecessary. If you see your crush on the street, don’t be the one who shouts out their name.

This also means no following them around or calling them repeatedly! Sure it sucks that they are dating someone else, but stalking is never the answer.

Also, avoid those unnecessary interactions with their significant other as well. If you have class together, don’t try to sit next to them or even talk to them if it’s not necessary.

Give yourself a break

It might be challenging, but it’s important that you don’t become obsessed with your crush. If you keep thinking about them all the time, it might get to a point where you can’t stop yourself from thinking of them!

Take some time off and try not to think about your crush. If they’re already dating someone else, then that’s their choice — and it’s clear that they aren’t interested in you.

Find new hobbies!

Your friends will always be there for you, but maybe it’s time to reach out and find some new people to hang out with.

Don’t get rid of your old friends — but try finding some new ones too. Being around different people might help you forget about your crush, and who knows? You might meet someone new and end up having a crush on them!

Talk to your friends about it

Talking is always good, especially when you’re feeling bummed. So don’t be afraid to talk to your friends about what’s going on in your life — they’ll always be there for you and will understand!

If talking to your friends doesn’t help, it might be a good idea to talk to someone else.

Be sure you want to date them

It’s not easy having a crush on someone who already has a significant other. But before you give up entirely, make sure that you want to date your crush. After all, it would be pretty mean to break up with someone so that you can date your crush!

If you’re not sure that dating your crush is what you want, then give it some time and see if things change.

is it possible for my crush to like me while dating someone else

Don’t be sad about it

No matter what happens, don’t let yourself get too bummed out about the fact that your crush is already dating someone else. Remember, people date other people all the time — and if they’re happy with their significant other, then that’s great!

Sure please end up together instead, but there is plenty of fish in the sea. And even better? Maybe things end up working out between you two, and your crush will break up with their significant other so you can date! That’s something to smile about.

Don’t give up hope

It might feel like the end of the world for now, but one day you’ll find yourself a new partner — or maybe your crush will come around and finally start dating you instead. And even if they don’t, you’ll still find love someday.

While it might be challenging, remember that things will get better! And maybe one day, you’ll look back at this time and laugh about how hard it was for you.

There is always hope — so don’t give up hope! And even if your crush is with someone else right now, you never know what might happen in the future.

Limit your social media stalking

It can be tough to resist the urge, but you must limit your social media stalking when it comes to your crush.

While yes, it’s normal to want to know what they’re up to! There is no need for many details — know what department they work in or their major, and then leave it at that.

Don’t follow them on their social media profiles, and don’t look through any old posts. That’s a surefire way to make you feel even worse about the whole thing!

Admit you don’t want to be “the other woman

While it might be tempting to think of breaking them up and becoming their partner instead, remember that there’s a big difference between “the other woman” and just another person in the picture.

If you wanted to date your crush, then bringing drama into their relationship shouldn’t even be an option for you — no matter how bad things get between them.

Pretending that you don’t know what’s going on is a surefire way to make things awkward, and it’ll cause more problems than anything else! So remember your morals and be the bigger person by remaining friends with both of them.

Set firm physical boundaries

It can be easy to hang out with them and do everything that couples would do, but you must keep your distance. While no harm can come from being friends, it’s always better to limit your physical contact until you’re sure about your feelings for them.

After all, you might think that they’re dating someone else, but they might actually like you more than their significant other.

So limit your physical contact until you’re sure about what you want! It’s not easy to deal with this situation, but if you play it safe, there won’t be any regrets later on.

Don’t interfere with the relationship

While it’s normal to want to talk with them and figure out your feelings, don’t betray their trust in you by telling them what you think.

Just like breaking up with someone is a personal choice, so too is starting a relationship — and that means that only the person dating your crush can end things if they’re not working out.

So don’t go and do anything that would destroy the relationship — no matter how tempted you might feel to do so! Of course, this situation is hard — but you must let your crush handle things on their own.

Stop obsessing over what could happen

It can be tough not to fantasize about what could happen if you were dating your crush, but you must stop obsessing over what could happen!

It’s perfectly natural to be curious about what it would be like to date them, but constantly thinking about a relationship with them is just going to make the situation feel worse. And while, yes, things might not work out, for now, it doesn’t mean that they won’t work out in the future!

So stop thinking about what could be, and focus on the bigger picture of your life. Don’t let them become a distraction from your career or other important areas of your life.

Do put yourself in the other person’s shoes

It’s easy to see why you might want to date your crush, but remember that the other person they’re dating is also their friend.

And it can be challenging for someone to say goodbye to a friend — no matter how difficult their relationship has gotten with them.

So try and put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and respect their decision to date someone else. It might not be easy, but it’s a lot easier than going behind their back and risking your friendship with them!

Understand that the situation is out of your hands

Even if you’re sure about what you want from this situation, there wasn’t much that you could have done to avoid falling for them.

After all, it’s easy to be tricked into thinking that we’re just friends — and only later realize that we’ve developed romantic feelings for them.

So instead of taking it personally or trying to do something about the situation, relax and just let things take their course! It might not feel good at first, but it’ll make for a much better friendship if you’re the bigger person.


No matter what you do, don’t betray their trust by breaking up with them.

It might feel tempting to date your crush behind the other person’s back, but you must understand that doing so can often lead to many problems down the line.

And considering how hard it is just being friends with them under normal circumstances, it’s not always worth the risk of ruining everything.

So put yourself in their shoes and believe that this is just a temporary situation — and most importantly, don’t do something stupid!

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