How to Tell If Your Friends with Benefits Wants More




how to tell if your friends with benefits wants more

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Friends with benefits, or FWBs, are a common arrangement in the modern world. These friends agree to have casual intimacy together without getting too emotionally attached. In theory, this sounds great! In practice it can be difficult to tell if your FWB wants more. Here is an outline of the difficulties and problems that often arise when trying to have a FWB relationship.

how to know if a friend with benefits wants more

The Problems with Friends With Benefits

The most common problem with FWB relationships is that one person wants more while the other doesn’t. This can cause a lot of emotional stress for both people involved in the FWB arrangement. If you want more, but your friend does not, it can be very difficult to maintain the FWB relationship and keep yourself from getting hurt. Likewise, it can be hard for your FWB if they want more but you don’t. If you are struggling with unrequited feelings or jealousy, there are ways to overcome those emotions discussed later in this article.

Another common problem is when both people want the same thing: a commitment. Trying to convince your FWB that you should be more than just friends can be difficult. If they don’t want the same thing, pushing them towards commitment may cause them to leave the FWB arrangement.

A third common problem arises when both people do still want an FWB relationship. If this is the case, it is often hard to balance the feelings each partner has for one another. In a traditional friendship, both people are on equal footing and can control their own actions. With FWB relationships, however, there is often one person who cares more than the other – especially if only one of you wants commitment. This imbalance in feelings can cause problems and issues that go beyond just issues of commitment.

How to Overcome the Problems Associated With Friends With Benefits

There are several ways to resolve these problems and issues that arise from FWB relationships. They all require ongoing self-reflection, communication, and work from both parties involved in the relationship. Some tips include:

* Be honest with yourself about what you want out of the FWB relationship and assess whether or not it is worth continuing.

* Talk to your partner about what they want out of the FWB arrangement and see if you can come up with a compromise that allows both of you to be happy in the long-term.

* Make boundaries for yourself (emotional, physical, etc.) and stick to those boundaries.

* Avoid getting jealous or possessive of your FWB partner. If you feel like you are becoming consumed by jealousy, take a break from the relationship until you can better control yourself and work through those emotions.

How to Tell If Your Friends with Benefits Wants More

You Talk All Day Long

In the FWB stage of things, you don’t want to be bothering one another too often, but you’re supposed to talk throughout the day. If there’s truth in that statement then it means your partner likely wants more from you than an FWB arrangement. In a normal friendship, both people would enjoy talking to one another throughout the day because it enhances communication and their overall friendship. If your FWB partner doesn’t want to talk throughout the day then that means that they don’t see you in the same light as a friend would.

They Make an Effort to Engage With People in Your Life

If you notice that your FWB partner starts interacting with people in your life (friends, family members) then it’s likely because they want to be seen by these people as more than just an acquaintance. If this is the case, it means that they want others to see them for who they are and not to dismiss the importance of their relationship with you.

They Make a Point to Cross Paths with You on a Daily Basis

If you notice that your FWB partner seems to cross paths with you on a daily basis, it means that they want to make sure their relationship stays on friendly terms. If both of you are available and there’s no other reason why you’re crossing paths then this is probably a sign that your FWB partner wants more than just friends.

They Make You Feel Special and Significant

Your FWB partner should make you feel like you’re important to them. This doesn’t mean they have to treat you like you’re their other half, but they should still make sure that you feel special and significant. If they’re making you feel like you matter then there’s a good chance that their feelings towards you go beyond friendship.

You Always Spend the Night Together

When you’re in the FWB stage of things, it’s not so much about spending time with one another. But you need to know when your partner starts wanting more from the relationship. If you start finding yourself staying over at their place or they are constantly staying at yours, this means that they are trying to make sure that you don’t have the space to interact with other people. If you feel like there’s not much time for anything else, it means that your FWB partner is weighing you down emotionally and they want more from the relationship than just intimacy.

You Sex at Least Once a Week

You can have an FWB relationship without having sex every single day, but you should try to get sexual at least once a week. If your partner is making it a point that they only want physical intimacy then this means they are probably more interested in sex than anything else. If you don’t get intimate at all then there’s a good chance that your FWB partner might just be using you for their own personal gain.

You are Being Put in the Friend Zone

If your FWB partner starts treating you like a friend then this probably means they don’t want anything more. At some point, if your relationship is strictly for sexual purposes, then you should become his or her booty call instead of their friend. If your FWB treats you like a friend and they don’t want to have sex with you, then there’s probably something wrong with the way that you’re treating your significant other. It could be that your FWB is waiting for you to take initiative or just doesn’t want anything more with you right now.

how to tell if your friends with benefits wants more

They Ask You About Your Day

If they care about more than just hooking up with you, they’re going to want to know how you are. While this doesn’t mean that everything is suddenly serious, it’s a way your friend with benefits can see if things are progressing further. It certainly beats the obligatory conversation of one person saying “I had a good day” and the other one replying “Okay, me too.”

They Want to Hang Out Even When You’re Not Hooking Up

There’s a difference between wanting to spend time with you and wanting to spend time with you. If your friend is only around when the two of you want to hook up, they’re probably not looking for anything serious and don’t actually want to be there with you when it’s just the two of you.

They Aren’t Sleeping With Anyone Else

This one’s a pretty big red flag. If your friend with benefits doesn’t want to sleep with anyone else, it may be because they don’t have any other options outside of you – which means that you are their only option when it comes to sex. Although this may seem okay at first, chances are they aren’t going to turn into a romantic interest anytime soon. In fact, they’re more likely to just become hung up on you and not know how to express their feelings because friendship isn’t an excuse for these feelings anymore. If your friend with benefits is unwilling to seep with anyone else, it’s time to talk about what this relationship means – both of you deserve someone who wants to seep with you and someone else.

FAQs About Friends With Benefits

Are you in a friends with benefits relationship? Not sure if your FWB is looking for more or not? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about friends with benefits relationships.

1. Is it normal for your feelings to change so quickly after being in a friends-with-benefits Relationship?

Absolutely! Many people have the idea that a FWB relationship is purely sexual. In most cases, the feelings come later after both parties have gotten to know each other’s bodies well.

2. How do you tell your friends with benefits how you feel?

This is important for everyone in a FWB relationship to know: it’s okay to be direct about your feelings.

3. How do your friends with benefits act around you?

If their actions are different than they used to be, it is possible that they are seeking more than just sex from you. These changes could be due to an underlying romantic or sexual attraction to you.


If you have a casual sexual relationship with someone and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, odds are that they’re just looking for a fling. This means that if you want something more from them or from your arrangement, then it’s time to move on. At the same time, if you think they might be feeling the same way, you should talk to them and find out.

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