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Best Beginner DJ Turntable

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Are you an aspiring disc jockey who wants to enter the field of music with a bang? Have you been seeking appropriate inspiration to get you started? We are glad that you have come to just the right place. We are glad to introduce to you the best beginner DJ turntable.

This is a piece of equipment that reproduces sound output from the discs. Though it has largely become obsolete, this turntable is still and precious and worth making use of. We shall review the leading of them at the moment and wrap it up with the factors to consider while searching for one.

Best Beginner DJ Turntable

Best Beginner DJ Turntable

Pioneer DJ Controller, Black, (DDJSB3)


Pioneer has carved a niche as a leading brand of musical equipment. This hence is a brand you want to run to if you similarly want to enjoy the selfsame awesome benefits that the brand potentially gives off. Pick this particular turntable to start out with.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Intuitive Layout

An intuitive layout ranks at the top of the many awesome features it potentially brings about. Thanks to this layout, you will get your hand on the exact controls just when you want it. That way, you won’t suffer the many inconveniences that people have to go through to have their way.

Pad Scratch

A pad scratch ranks second. As its name implies, this mainly helps you to add some scratch effects to the songs that are queued or those that are presently playing. In doing so, you get to enhance the quality of the audio output that the gadget produces and exudes.

FX Fade

Rounding up its list of the top features is the Fx fade. You use this to mix the sounds of the various musical songs that are on the playlist. That also contributes to you enjoying the desirable quality musical output that the ordinary turntables are incapable of generating.


  • Made of premium materials only
  • Delivers great and accurate scratch response
  • Confers many awesome features
  • Great for shaping the necessary disc jockeying skills
  • Facilitates the transitions between the tracks smoothly


  • Lacks the ability to pair with other vital accessories
  • Its parts cannot be upgraded
  • Unsuitable for professional operations

Numark Party Mix | Beginners DJ Controller for Serato DJ Lite


Want to distribute the sound output to multiple speakers at a time? Choose to work with this turntable. It comprises some two channels that basically give you the leeway to share out the sound output smoothly. Then again, it accepts a headphone to let you listen to the sounds before releasing the same out.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

On-board Audio Interface

Its most notable trait is the onboard interface. This one gives you all the control apparatus that you may want to leverage while playing your favorite audio outputs. Among the many gadgets, you may attach to the interface are the PA systems, DJ speakers, and the DJ mixers.

Exceptional Mix Control

The gadget guarantees exceptional mix controls. These controls are mainly made possible by the mix of the jog wheels, crossfader, and two decks. They work jointly to bring about the precise audio quality you might be desirous of. That is not to mention that they are operable by the use of the fingers.

Four-pad Modes

As you utilize the item, you will enjoy the benefit of complete controls of the cue points. The benefit is mainly brought about by the four pad modes. They let you loop, playback, and add some flair to your DJ performances overall. Being easy to engage in, these modes won’t waste your time.


  • Distributes the sound output smoothly and uniformly
  • Easier to operate compared to other gadgets
  • Delivers exceptional performances
  • Syncs and pairs with your everyday electronics
  • Attaches to some powered speakers


  • Slightly complicated to some beginners
  • Its energy consumption is above average
  • The brand is not really reputable

Gemini MIX2GO Professional Audio Ultimate Performance Machine Full DJ Controller


For your maximum convenience, you want a turntable that is able to accept audio inputs from various sources than the discs themselves. We ask you to attempt this as it also possesses the Bluetooth connectivity. By this arrangement, you are able to stream audio contents from tablets and phones.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

AUX Output

Existing on the turntable is an auxiliary output port. It is on this that you slot in your jacks and channel out the sound outputs to the external systems or audio appliances. The port is generally richer in quality and vitality. It at the same time generates deep bass and crisp highs.

Multimedia-compatible Devices

The gadget is compatible with many electronics and other audio devices. It allows you to emcee, share audio files via Bluetooth, connect to mobile gadgets, and also accepts cable attachments. Your use of this appliance is hence a sure way of leveraging the conveniences that come along.

Ultimate Party Machine

If all you want is to party, this is the machine to set your eyes on. It gives you the leeway to create a perfect partying atmosphere chiefly by making your environment lively and full of life. What’s more? It also has the ability to spray some light to your interiors while enjoying your music.


  • Compatible with many Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Gives you firm control of music production and playing
  • Controllable simply by the use of many buttons
  • Mixes and remixes the sound inputs
  • Its manufacturer is an industry leader in the musical production


  • Slightly delicate and prone to damages
  • Its audio output is not really crisp
  • Likely to sustain damages from system overloads

Hercules DJ Control Instinct S Party Pack


Do you have an inclination towards partying? Choose a turntable that is similarly optimized and designed for the selfsame matters of partying. None is as suited for the job as this one. As you are about to note, it contains all the trappings that a party lover is bound to desire.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Pressure-detecting Jog Wheels

Its jog wheels stand apart from the rest in the sense that they are able to detect pressure. By reason of this feature, the wheels expedite operations chiefly by reducing the amount of effort you may have to put in to generate the desired outcomes. This makes the item usable for longer.

Built-in Audio Outputs

Existing as a fundamental part of the system are some built-in audio outputs. They provide the channels through which you may let out the audio output to the speakers and other peripherals. These outputs also make the previews of the tracks smoother and convenient. This is besides the cheapening of the use of the items altogether.

Compact and Ergonomic Design

When all is said and done, the item does come about in a compact and ergonomic design. It is hence convenient to transport to a desired remote location of use. At the same time, it takes up minimal storage space and will not expose you to too many hassles as you go about your business of using it.


  • Delivers powerful audio outputs
  • Attaches to a 3-watt USB outlet
  • Gives off 100 MB hard disk space
  • Able to pair and communicate with various secondary storage devices
  • Pairs with the amplified stereo speakers and headphones


  • Prolonged use may deafen the ears
  • Comprises some delicate parts and components
  • Cannot bear fidgeting with utmost stability and precision

Wireless DJ Audio Mixer Machine


Of all the turntables we have under our review, it is this that is the most connected and versatile. It has three channels that let you stream and share the audio contents to multiple gadgets concurrently. Then again it is also able to stream contents back and forth via the wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

3-channel Audio Outputs

As stated above, the item has three channels through which you may stream out the audio contents. These provide the perfect way of sharing the audio contents you generate from the secondary storage devices. Each channel contains its own crossfader and volume controls. This arrangement allows for smoother operations overall.

DJ Controller

Making your task even more convenient is the DJ controller. As its name suggests, the role of this controller is to allow for the mixing of sounds and switching from one gadget to another one smoothly. Moreover, it also expedites the operations of the MD and CD players and connects to the tape decks as well.

Bluetooth Music Streaming

This turntable is also able to stream contents via the Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to this arrangement, the item will hardly clutter your rooms but still guarantee you some awesome musical outputs. Have we said that it allows for the simple hassle-free pairing? The pleasure of smoother operations is yours to leverage with it!


  • Boasts of a whopping 5 input slots
  • Generates highly creative remixes
  • Good enough for matters of recording
  • Lets you speak over the audio jack simultaneously
  • Ensures a rapid wireless set up


  • Prone to signal interference
  • May confuse a simple beginner
  • Costly to maintain in the long run

How Do I Choose a Beginner DJ Turntable?

Making the right choice of the DJ turntable is no doubt a significant step to take to be able to enjoy the benefits that they have to potentially bring along. We dedicate this segment of our discussions to look into the factors you have to consider to be able to make a worthy purchase:


This is the non-hardware component of the gadget. It is the software that provides the interface between you, the human operator, and the various faculties of the machine. The design of the software and the ease with which it may be used are all crucial considerations.


How much money are you willing to spend to acquire the item? You have to ensure that the item you pick falls well within your budget space. That can only happen if you first draft a budget and then compare the prices of the many gadgets of these kinds before narrowing to a suitable one.

Desired Performances and Outcomes

As you may have already noted from the reviews above, these items are structured and designated for various purposes. The trick is to find out the one that most suits your own application or circumstance of use. That demands that you know about what you truly want first before proceeding to make a purchase.


The arms are the components you use to transport the gadgets from one place to another. There are two main kinds of arms available at the moment. These are the curved and straight arms respectively. Make a choice depending on the ergonomics that may mostly fit your hands smoothly.


Pitch refers to the ability to control the rotations of the discs and subsequently the speed of the audio output. The ideal turntable has to possess a pitch that controls smoothly and easily. That is to allow for excellent operations while at the same time putting down the hardships that are confrontable while at it.

Overall Design

You want a turntable that will do more than just generate the necessary audio output. Go for that one whose overall design is sleek and elegant to behold. Also, the design has to blend well with the available storage space at your disposal. If it can accept some aesthetics, by all means, prioritize it!


Given the costly nature of these gadgets, we caution against picking anyone anyhow. Take your time to study the one you have in mind in-depth and thoroughly. Ensure that you lay your hands on that which is as strongly relevant to your unique needs as possibly can.

That will demand that you spend a lot of time to read the reviews of the past users and compare the prices of the many dealers. Online auction sites are great places to start out with. They will let you peek into the finer details and specifications of the numerous gadgets without having to get to the stores individually.

By far the best beginner DJ turntable is that which allows for the attachment of many accessories and extras. Such a device is likely to last longer and stay relevant for an extended duration of time. When are you planning to purchase yours?

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