Signs a Guy Feels Rejected by You




signs a guy feels rejected by you

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An individual may feel rejected if they are not receiving the attention that they would like. This can lead to different reactions from sadness, anger, or just general dissatisfaction. When a guy feels rejected by you, it is important to try and figure out what he might be feeling on the inside.

How do guys act when they feel rejected

Signs a Guy Feels Rejected by You

There are several signs that you may be able to use to help yourself figure out if a guy is feeling rejected by you.

He Denies His Feelings For You

One way to find out if a guy is feeling rejected by you is to figure out if he is denying his feelings for you. Although it may seem as though the two of you are just friends, there could be something more on his mind. If he denies that he has any feelings for you or denies that there was anything between the two of you, it could be a sign that he is feeling rejected by you.

He Gets Nervous Starting A Conversation With You

When a man is getting nervous when starting a conversation with you, it might be because he feels like the two of you have been growing apart. He could feel that there was once an attraction in the beginning and that something has changed over time. If he’s feeling insecure about your feelings for him, then he may be afraid to start a conversation with you because he may feel as though the discussion will result in rejection.

He Gets Angry When He Sees You With Another Guy

When a guy gets angry when he sees you with another guy, it may be because he feels like you are interested in more than friendship with that person. If he is feeling insecure about your relationship and becomes jealous when he sees the two of you out together, then there could be feelings for you that he has not admitted to himself or to you.

He Starts To Avoid You

If a guy starts to avoid you, then it could be because he feels as though there are growing feelings between the two of you that have gone unrequited. He may not want to acknowledge those feelings because they make him feel vulnerable and stupid for letting his guard down around you. If he is afraid of being rejected by you, then he will probably attempt to cut all contact between the two of you.

He Says Hurtful Words To Get At You

If a guy feels like you are rejecting his feelings and he is afraid of being hurt, then it may cause him to lash out at the person that he feels is causing those emotions. If he says things in anger that are meant to make you feel bad or inferior, then it could be because he feels as though those remarks might actually get through to you.

When He Starts Telling False Tales About What Happened Between The Two Of You

When a guy starts telling false tales about the time that he spent with you, it could be because he is trying to direct people’s attention away from his feelings for you. If he makes up stories that portray you in a negative light, then there may be some underlying feelings that he is afraid of disclosing to anyone.

signs a guy feels rejected by you

He Flips Out At The Slightest Provocation

When it comes to emotions, men don’t exactly have a great deal of patience. When you brush him off or even disagree with something he says, he may flip out. Your best bet is to not take his reactions too seriously and see them as an overreaction to your rejections.

He Starts Stalking You

A guy will start stalking you if he feels that you are playing games with him. If your rejections were subtle, then he might not have taken them seriously in the first place. However, when his stalking becomes intense enough to bother you, he might be realizing what a mistake he made while chasing after you.

He Turns Violent

If you hurt his feelings one too many times, he might actually get physical with you. Keep in mind that violence is a huge red flag and you should never put up with it. If your guy turns violent every time you reject him, then it’s time to move on to someone else.

He Starts Womanizing To Prove A Point

Some guys will become reckless after being rejected by you. They may start womanizing just to prove that they can get any girl they want. If this is the case, then he’s probably stung by your rejection and is ready to fight back with his manhood. In other words, he’s trying to show you who’s boss.

He Becomes Paranoid

If you start to pull away, a guy is going to get nervous. He’s going to wonder what happened, and he might even assume that you’re seeing someone else behind his back. To reassure him that this isn’t the case, send him reassuring texts or emails . This will help nip any paranoid feelings in the bud before they turn into full-blown insecurities.

FAQs about Signs a Guy Feels Rejected by You

What If A Guy Wasn’t Interested In Me To Begin With?

If you had a crush on somebody who wasn’t interested in you, then the signs that this person is feeling rejected by you will most likely be less obvious. He may not even hint at an interest in getting to know you better or ask for your phone number. The signs that he is feeling rejected by you are going to be less apparent because he simply wasn’t interested in the first place.

What If A Guy Hasn’t Express His Rejection?

If a guy hasn’t expressed his rejection towards you, then it could mean one of two things. First, he may not realize that you don’t like him back. He might think that there is still a chance for the two of you to hook up and start dating, or he could just be unaware of your feelings. The other possibility is that he knows exactly how you feel about him, but he isn’t interested in being with you either.

What If A Guy Doesn’t Respond To My Rejection?

If a guy doesn’t respond to your rejection, then it could mean several things. If you’re trying to be subtle in turning him down, he might just think that you want to remain friends and nothing more than that. He may also still hope that the two of you will end up together in the future. This is why it’s important to be straight with a guy and let him know that you’re just not interested.

What If A Guy Doesn’t Show Any Rejection Signs?

If your guy doesn’t show any signs of rejection, then it is possible that he isn’t interested in you. There are exceptions where guys will go out of their way to avoid rejection. They may feel that showing any signs of their feelings will only lead to rejection and heartache. If a guy is truly interested, he will always make it clear that he has feelings for you by telling you how much he likes you, asking for your number, asking you out on a date or even moving in with you!


To summarize, there are a few signs that show when a guy feels rejected by you. He could avoid eye contact with you; he might try to distance himself from you and not talk as much (which is an indication of anger); or if he’s feeling really upset then he may even make excuses about why you can’t see each other anymore. If any of these behaviors sound like something your friend has been doing lately, it’s important for them to know that this isn’t just because they don’t want to spend time with you–it’s because they feel hurt and angry at how things have progressed between the two of you. It would be best for both parties involved in this situation if someone close talked him through his feelings.

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