Is It Weird to Date a Guy Shorter Than Me




is it weird to date a guy shorter than me

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Many women have a height preference when they date someone. Some find taller men more attractive, while others prefer shorter guys. It seems that the general consensus is that it’s just “weird” to date someone who is shorter than you are, but is it really?

disadvantages of dating a short guy

Is It Weird to Date a Guy Shorter Than Me

People have preferences, and it’s no big deal. However, if a guy is uncomfortable with you being taller than him, then that could lead to some problems in your relationship. You should never feel limited or less confident because of who you are or what you look like. If you don’t want to date someone shorter than yourself, go ahead! You don’t have to date someone just because they’re shorter than you. Date whoever makes you happy, regardless of their height or anything else.

Reasons You Should Date Guys Who Are Shorter Than You

Guys who are fine with you being taller will also appreciate your ambition, intellect, and skill.

If he has trouble dating you because you’re taller and successful, then he doesn’t sound like a very positive or confident person. You shouldn’t want to be with someone who constantly belittles your drive and worth as a woman.

You don’t have to calculate the height of your heels.

Dating a guy shorter than you means that you don’t have to wear heels or flats, depending on your height. You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident, regardless of the height difference.

You’ll instantly expand your dating pool.

If you’re tired of dating guys your height or taller, then date someone shorter than you. You’ll be surprised at how many men are shorter than average! If you always feel limited by your preferences, it’s time to expand them.

Shorter dating may be useful in reducing your own self-esteem problems related to size.

That means you shouldn’t let a height difference make a difference in your relationship. Many women feel insecure about their size, especially when they’re taller than their partner. However, if he’s confident and comfortable with it, then so should you!

According to a recent study, short men do more housework than taller men.

If you’re dating someone shorter than you, then he’ll likely pick up after himself and contribute to the household. There’s nothing wrong with an equal relationship where both partners share chores. You might find yourself becoming more involved in your household because of it!

Shorter males may earn a greater percentage of the household money.

You don’t have to worry about your paycheck affecting how much he contributes in the relationship! If you date someone shorter than you, then that means he’s likely bringing home more of the bacon.

Short men are the least likely to get divorced.

A study found that shorter men are least likely to divorce, while tall guys are more likely. That means your chance of divorce is reduced if you date someone shorter than you.

12 Things All Women Should Know About Being Dating A shorter guy

He adores you in high heels… until you start to walk in them.

Most guys are totally fine when you wear heels around them, but when you actually go out in public in them, they have a hard time. He might even be uncomfortable with it!

You feel as if it’s all that everyone cares about.

When you’re taller than him, it’s almost like everyone can clearly see that before anything else. You might feel self-conscious about it, but he should be cool with your height and how you look.

It makes you self-conscious about your height.

If he’s constantly making you feel uncomfortable, then it could make you self-conscious about your own height as well. It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re constantly feeling embarrassed or insecure!

It’s always lurking in the back of your thoughts.

You might feel strange about it every time you’re together, especially if he’s quiet about it. Dating a guy shorter than you can make you really anxious and uncomfortable because of how people will perceive the two of you!

You begin to justify why you’re dating him.

If you date a shorter guy and constantly feel the need to justify it, then it’s in your own head. You shouldn’t have to think about why you’re with someone; it should happen naturally.

You’re very methodical about combining photographs.

When he’s shorter than you, you might feel very conscious about it when taking photos together. You’ll likely stand in a certain way to make the difference less noticeable.

It makes going out in public difficult.

If you’re taller than him, then that means that going out in public will be more awkward and embarrassing for both of you. You’d rather be measured by who you are as a couple than how much taller he is than you.

There is no such thing as spooning.

If you and your partner like cuddling, then it’s going to feel quite the opposite: more like chest-to-back because of how tall he is.

You’re unsure if he shops for male clothing, and it makes you uncomfortable.

You get why someone would date a guy shorter than them, but you can’t imagine going shopping with him and picking out clothes because they’re for boys. It makes it feel like he’s a child instead of an adult!

You frequently make jokes about his nubbin height.

You might find yourself constantly joking about how he’s shorter, like saying that he has a baby arm or referring to him as your baby. It makes you feel like it’s OK to make fun of his height because he does the same thing!

He is constantly attempting to make up for what he lacks.

When he doesn’t feel confident in his height, then he might compensate for it by being the alpha male or constantly trying to assert himself over you. It’s annoying and takes away from any confidence that he should have naturally!

You try to make him feel better about being short.

Since he is shorter than you, you might go out of your way to make him feel like it’s OK and that it isn’t a big deal. You’ll tell him how attractive he is and compliment him when he seems down on himself.

is it weird to date a guy shorter than me

FAQs About Dating A Shorter Guy

How much shorter should he be?

Anything more than four inches makes it kind of weird. There are some people who actually prefer dating someone shorter, since the height difference is sexy! Just make sure that you’re not making him feel bad about his height or constantly trying to reassure him.

Does it matter if he’s taller in heels?

No, it doesn’t matter if he’s taller in heels because that’s not how people see you; they’ll likely look at your faces and eyes.

Is it weird to date a guy shorter than you?

Yes! If you’re constantly making an effort to make him feel better about his height or trying to explain yourself when someone asks why you’re with someone who’s shorter than you, then it’s more of an insecurity thing.

Is it weird to date a guy that is your height?

If he’s the same height as you, then that means that you probably have similar interests and are on the same level in life! It can be really cute to be with someone on your level.

Why would a woman date a guy shorter than her?

You might find yourself dating a guy who’s shorter because you feel the need to be the alpha female in the relationship and want someone who is on your level. That can cause some pretty intense arguments, if you’re being super dominant!


Dating a guy who is shorter than you can be really difficult because it means that there are going to be some logistics that have to be figured out. If you’re constantly making an effort to show how much he loves his height or always justifying your relationship, then it might just mean that something is off!

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