When a Guy Texts You Everyday What Does that Mean




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Text messages are becoming more and more common in relationships. With people being so busy in their everyday lives, it’s just easier to shoot them a text message that takes two seconds than to have a more extended conversation on the phone. It doesn’t mean you’re getting sloppy seconds if he texts you every day, though! Here are some tips for when you are getting texts from the guy in your life.

What does it mean if a guy texts you every day


When a Guy Texts You Everyday What Does that Mean

He’s Obsessed With You

There’s nothing suspicious about getting texts from your boyfriend or significant other everyday. If he likes you, he wants to make sure you know it. He may even be afraid that if there’s any lull in communication, you’ll lose interest. That’s one possible explanation; another is that he loves texting! Some men prefer to communicate via text message. They don’t want to be bothered with phone calls or in-person conversations, so they text because they’re convenient.

He’d Like To Be Your Friend

If your man texts you every day, it’s possible that he doesn’t want to lose touch with you. Whether or not you guys are dating exclusively, he may be afraid of coming across as clingy and desperate by only talking to you over the phone. Rather than saying, ‘I miss talking to you so much, and I don’t like this,’ he will send you text messages instead. He may want to limit his contact with you to keep from crossing the line into desperation territory. In some cases, a guy doesn’t have strong feelings for a woman but likes her enough that he wants to be friends with her and not lose touch.

He’s On The Rebound

The word ‘rebound’ can be defined as a new and quickly formed opinion, idea, or feeling. This is the perfect definition for that moment after your breakup when you need to jump into another relationship to avoid dealing with your pain. He may not be ready for a relationship, so he’ll text you constantly until he finds someone new. He may also text you every day to avoid dealing with his emotions. While this isn’t healthy, it can be a temporary solution while he tries to heal himself.

when a guy texts you everyday what does that mean

He’s Playing It Open

Texting is becoming an easy way for guys to keep their options open. Just because your boyfriend texts another girl doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you! He may just be trying to keep his options open by keeping that other woman in the loop with texting. Even if it’s just casual, he probably has no interest in making an official commitment to that other woman.

He Has Little or No Confidence

Sometimes a guy needs to boost his ego. Some guys aren’t as confident as others and maybe afraid of commitment. They want to keep their options open until they decide what they want in life. The easiest way for a less confident man to do this is by texting another girl every day! It’s a lot easier than meeting new women and dating them! He might text you every day to boost his ego and increase his chances of landing a girlfriend.

He’s Not Sure What He Wants

There’s a chance that your boyfriend or significant other is simply trying to figure himself out. He may have been going through some changes recently, and as a result, he isn’t as sure about his feelings as usual. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by all these emotions, he’ll text you every day to feel things out. It’s always good to keep in touch with the ones you love, but if your boyfriend texts someone else just as much as he texts you, then that might be a red flag!

He is a Flirtatious Individual

Just because your boyfriend or significant other texts you everyday doesn’t mean he’s ready to settle down. He may just be flirting with you! It could serve as a way for him to flirt without the pressure of meeting anyone in person. There are many ways that people can express themselves through text messages, so if this is his preferred method of flirting, he might like you but not want to commit.

He Enjoys Being Desired

Some guys have a constant need for attention, affirmation, and reassurance. He may text you every day to feel good about himself by knowing that you’re always thinking about him! A man who craves attention might use the same strategy with multiple women, so he isn’t tied down to just one – but that doesn’t mean he’s their boyfriend either.

He’d Like To Be Your Boyfriend But Needs More Time

It could be that your boyfriend or significant other does like you but isn’t ready to commit. If he cares about you, he might want to text you every day so that things don’t develop too quickly. He may tell himself that he can prevent things from getting serious and possibly scare you off by keeping in touch every day.

He Enjoys Your Banter

Some couples send dirty jokes, funny stories, and memes to one another when they’re apart. Maybe your boyfriend or significant other texts you everyday because he loves the way you flirt with him! He may choose to text you throughout the day to get a daily dose of your sense of humor and flirtatious nature.

He’s Looking for a Quickie

He sees you as da booty call. He’ll text you everyday because he wants the sex without the commitment. He wants to keep his options open in case another girl comes along. He knows that if he holds your attention, you’re more likely to put out.

FAQs: When a Guy Texts You Everyday What Does That Mean

A guy I’ve been seeing has been texting me everyday. What does that mean?

A. If you recently started seeing this guy, he might be trying to get to know you better through your daily texts. Especially if you are not friends before the dating stage, it’s good for him to share his thoughts with you every once in a while so both of you can get a feel of what working out as a couple feels like.

I am not sure if he is into me or just trying to be friends?

A. If you have been on several dates with this guy, then it’s apparent that he likes you and has some feelings for you. However, there are always exceptions, so you have to figure out if he wants to be friends or is into you.

He sends me a text everyday then afterwards he will call me later on. What does this mean?

A. This means that he likes talking to you but for some reason can’t speak at the moment when he texts you. He might be in a meeting or something, so he gives you another way to communicate with him while he sorts this out.

He texts every single day, but he only calls when he wants to know if I’m available or not?

A. This means that because you are in different locations, it’s best if he lets you know through texting. If he sends text messages every day, sometimes you can reply to them and other times, just let him know your plans. It’s a more efficient way of keeping in touch.

He texts me everyday but doesn’t say much and would only reply with a one-word sentence or two? What does this mean?

A. If you have been going on dates with him for a while, he is trying to get to know you better by learning your daily routine and what you like to do through texting. He is also trying to understand your day so he can prepare better texts for you or know when it’s best to text you.

I texted him everyday, but he wouldn’t reply to me right away? What does this mean?

A. This means that even though he likes you, he wants to take things more slowly. If he says that he is busy or isn’t ready for a relationship, this might be the reason why he doesn’t reply as fast as you would like him to.

I texted him everyday and it seemed like I was the only one doing the talking? What does this mean?

A. This means that because he is busy with his daily routine, he might not text you as often as you would like him to. He could also avoid talking over the phone, so it doesn’t seem too serious, and he wants to take things slowly for now.


As you read above, knowing what your man might mean when he texts you everyday can be pretty complicated. Many possibilities could lead to why he is texting you every day or what he means by it.

So if you think back about how long the two of you have gone out and whether there were any signs along the way that point to whether he is into you or not, you might be able to figure out what he means when he texts you everyday.

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