How To Tell If A Guy Is A Hung?




How to tell if a guy is hung

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Men are born different, and no one should judge them in case they have a problem with their package. There is nothing wrong with having a smaller package, appreciate how you are.

Some men have bigger packages than others which is normal, girls love men with bigger packages, and some girls are the opposite. So if you think you can’t find someone to love you the way you are, that is wrong.

You should also not be sure that only tall guys are blessed sometimes, it’s the opposite of what you think, so never judge.

How can I tell if a guy I am seeing has a small package

How To Tell If A Guy Is A Hung?

They say size matters, queens need a size king, it’s time for you to know the signs that will let you know if he is a hung or not. The signs are not 100% proven, but they help determine the kind of size you desire. If a guy talks a lot about it by praising himself on how great he is, then that guy is not a hung, this type of men are just trying to overcompensate what they lack.

A hung guy doesn’t talk any it because he plans to surprise you with goodies, another sign could be his nose, the size of his nose matters, if a guy has a big nose to the overall size of his face, he could be hung. You should not be sure about it as the signs are not proven.

If a guy is overweight, there are chances he is not the type you wanted, it is said that a guy who has 50 pounds might have an invisible package. While skinny men are the opposite, they are gifted with the package because they have muscles and not too much meat.

His shoe size also matters, some people say that if a guy wears bigger shoes, the chances are that his private parts are huge. If you got enough courage, you could ask, and if not, you can charge from the size of his shoes, if they are of sizes 11, then the chances are he is big down there.

You can also check his ring finger, some scientists believe that a man who has a long ring finger might be having bigger packages. Apart from that, his tight jeans can help you gauge because this is one of the surest ways not unless it’s not a real bulge.

The way he walks around can also be a good sign, his working style is not proportional, you can also check and see if his hands are huge, then that is a promising start but don’t put your expectations too high.

How Can I Tell If The Guy Am Seeing Has A Small Package?

Ladies can easily spot a small guy only if they are keen, and if not so, you will not know his size unless he takes his clothes off. But if you want to tell if he has a simple package, here are four signs that will open your eyes.

He Never Discusses his Manhood

If you have ever dated a guy who brings out excuses when you want him to show you his jewels, there are doubts about his size. If he tells you it’s a big size and he’s worried of pulling it out since he’s afraid that you can’t handle it, then that guy has a small package.

A small man never talks about his man organ, and this is because men usually try to hide things that bother them, unlike women who are ready to show their other side.

He’s a Master at Oral Sex

Men who have small packages know that they can’t satisfy their girlfriends so they try to compensate it elsewhere with their tongue, of course. They are so good at oral sex and can make you forget the other thing that he cannot do.

After making a girl ready to rumble, he then sticks his small package, and this particular time, you won’t realize how small it is.

He has a Big Ego

This kind of men tends to develop ego to cover up for their weakness, he wants to show everyone that no matter his weakness, he can still be as valuable as gold. These men have a unique style and the best cars that men with average size packages cannot afford.

He Tries to Prove that Size Does not Matter

He will always say that size does not matter when talking about the packaging, but he knows it does. When a man keeps saying this, be on the lookout because what you are about to see in those pants is not what you expected.

The small sized-men try to brainwash women, especially those who have not experienced big packages, men should be proud of what they have because it will never change. Even if you brainwash women, they will still leave after experiencing bigger packages than yours.

Do Tall Guys Have Bigger Packages?

This question is still on the banks, but a certain study shows that an ideal package size depends on a guy’s height. The large package gives tall men bigger attractiveness compared to shorter men, women prefer big packages, which explains why tall men are lucky.

A new study found out that your private part’s right size depends on your height or rather proportions of your body. Women find men with larger packages attractive, but as the height reduces, genital sizes start reducing.

There have been mixed reactions about women’s preference for packages, size matters a lot for women who reach climax, and these women are the pickiest when it comes to size. In general, women prefer tall men with high shoulder to hip ratios, they also prefer larger packages of at least up to 5.1 inches.

Small sized-men should not feel bad about themselves because there are girls who prefer small sizes, no matter how you are, you will always find someone who likes you the way you are. Women on the other side should stop being too judgmental, yes you’ve found out he’s small-sized what to do next is try making him feel loved and not walking out on him as it breaks his heart.

If you are wondering what to tell this kind of person, be silent, especially if it was a nightstand you do not know how this guy will take it, and such comments can make someone hate you or himself. Before having sex with someone, it’s important to know what is in store for you not to get disappointed.

Tall guys are fantastic in most of the things apart from being blessed with big sizes, there are other things you can get from him that a short man can’t offer.

How to tell if a guy is hung

The Reasons Why You Should Date a Tall Guy

It’s fun kissing a tall guy

Kissing is awesome but better when the guy is taller than you, it’s easy to kiss a guy taller than you and not shorter. If you are shorter than him, you can kiss while you stand and he sits.

They love to hold hands

Holding hands is one way to express affection and it gets complicated when a guy is shorter than you and you have to bend to be on the same level. You can’t feel comfortable walking around with a shorter guy as you do with a tall one.

Have long arms for the best selfies

When dating a tall man, you do not have to stress yourself about taking selfies because he is there and does that job pretty well.

He is always easy to find

You can quickly notice your guy in a congregation, spotting him is easy because he’s taller than the rest and you don’t have to look around for him.

Tall guys know how to have fun

This is true, tall people know how to create a good atmosphere and make fun of you. You can’t get bored with them around you, they are gifted for that, and you won’t have to figure out something to do when he’s around.

They look sexy and cute

Most girls love them because their height is excellent, most of these men look good and sexy because of their appearance.

He can pick you up

He’s tall and picking you up is not a tough task for him, he finds it fun and interesting to be lifting you around.

Do Skinny Guys Have Bigger Packages?

There has always been a belief that skinny men have bigger packages this can be true or false. Some researchers found out that there is some truth about this belief. However, you should not assume that all tall guys have the same size, others could have smaller sizes while others bigger it varies from person to person.

A tall skinny guy most likely has a bigger package, no doubt about that, you all know what exercising does, if he’s less masculine than it, he got bigger private parts. Skinny men are blessed because the manhood is attached to the pelvic bone, and when fat is gained, the man organ gets lost. So, yes, skinny guys have if private parts.

Most women ignore skinny men because they do not have an idea of what they can do in a relationship, these men can make your dating experience beautiful. Here are some reasons you need to date skinny men.

He will eat enough

Women love men who eat any food they prepare, skinny men tend to eat a lot despite not seeing any changes after your professional cooking.

You can tease him

You can joke about him not able to carry you but don’t do it if he has no anger issues. If you have a cool skinny man, spending time with him is so fun because you can take over during sex and help carry stuff when you go shopping.

How To Tell If A Guy Has A Big Package By His Fingers

You can tell it from many ways, but a recent study found out that there is a connection between a man organ size and the length of fingers. If an index finger is long, there is a chance that he got a bigger package, researchers have gone to an extend of measuring the index finger and comparing it with the ratio of a fully stretched package.

A certain theory says that if the ratio between fingers is smaller, the bigger the package is. So if you’ve been wondering how you can know what size he is, measure his fingers even if it seems odd, but it works.

For perfect results, you will need a math master, you also need to find a way of measuring his fingers without raising the alarm. What you should do is come up with a better method to do this.

If you can’t measure his fingers, look at his feet and hands, most people believe that people with larger feet or hands have larger packages. This observation has been proved to work by scientists, most specifically for the feet.

As for the big hands, there haven’t been clear evidence that backs it up it does make sense that bigger hands can be one sign of him having a bigger package.

Women love to know what they are yet to face, but they do not know what to do, this article has many things you need to learn about package size and how you can identify big from small without looking at it.

To be able to understand more, you should be able to tell if a guy is hung, whether he has a small package, you should be able to tell the size of his package by using his fingers, know if skinny guys have a bigger package that’s if you are planning to date one and also know if tall guys ha w bigger packages.

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