Things Guys Notice About Your Body




Things Guys Notice About Your Body

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Well, the title says it all; this article is about things guys notice about the female body. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Things Guys Notice About Your Body

Things Guys Notice About Your Body

Long Hair

Long hair on girls are always sexy -sexy in the sense that guys are more “attracted” to them-. It’s crazy how long hair can be sexy sometimes. Of course, short hair can look sexy, but long hair is more attractive. Because it requires effort to maintain, only girls who are confident about themselves can pull it off.


Legs are a women’s best friend. What does this mean? It means guys can never get enough of a girl’s legs, especially when wearing a mini skirt or shorts. When it comes to girls in short skirts and mini shorts, the feeling is indescribable (for real). Guys love girls with long gorgeous legs.


Girls with pretty eyes always get guys’ attention, and the color and shape of a girl’s eye can determine her attractiveness level.


Girls with pretty feet are more attractive to guys. Does this mean girls must always wear high heels and stuff like that? That’s beside the point; it is important that guys can never get enough of girls with beautiful feet (again, because it requires effort to maintain).


The nose is an important facial feature for girls. A girl with a pretty and cute nose will get guys’ attention.


Guys love girls who smile; it’s just that simple -smiling makes them appear more attractive to guys-. Even if you’re not that good-looking, but you have a great smile, then guys won’t be able to take their eyes off you.


Guys love stylish girls; is this surprising? It shouldn’t be because when you think about it, guys themselves always dress up nicely and like girls that dress up nicely. If you don’t know how to style yourself yet, try asking people around you (including guys) for advice (you can also look at fashion magazines).

What body part do guys notice first


Guys love girls with good personalities; it’s the same thing as saying guys prefer girls who are kind and generous. Well, this is not weird because everyone wants to be with someone (or, in this case, people) like that, isn’t it? That’s why it’s said that beauty lies within.


Having a slim figure is considered sexy by guys, but if you’re not that slim, don’t worry because you can do things to make yourself look decent (there are lots of tips like eating healthy, exercising, etc.). There’s no need to be very slim.


Having a friendly smile is essential for girls, but guys consider having pretty teeth vital, and this kind of goes together with having a pretty smile.


Having good skin is the sign of someone who takes care of themselves. It’s the same thing as when you see older adults with wrinkly skin because they didn’t take care of themselves (or they didn’t bother to take care of themselves) when they were young.

Way you smell

A pleasant smell is always attractive to people. But make sure it’s not overwhelming because no one will want to be around you if your smell is too powerful for them.


Guys love girls with strong arms. Well, what does this mean? It means guys are more attracted to girls with muscular arms because it shows they are healthy and take care of themselves.


Girls with pretty nails are more attractive to guys. If you’re a girl who doesn’t have time for your nails, then at least try doing something about it (like putting on clear polish) so that they don’t look too messy.

Eyes makeup

Guys love girls wearing makeup -especially eyeshadow-. Well, you have to know that guys don’t care about how much makeup you’re wearing as long as it doesn’t look too overwhelming for them.


Guys love girls with beautiful knees, and this makes sense because guys are more attracted to people who take care of themselves.


If your scars are small, guys won’t mind them, but they do mind if it’s big. There is no need to be scar-free, but make sure you take care of prominent scars to look bad.


Guys don’t care about belly buttons, but they do like outie belly buttons more than innie ones. C-section scars are not cute on girls -if you’re planning to remove them, then you should wait until they’re fully healed-.

Feet size

Having tiny feet is considered sexy by guys; it’s just that simple.


Guys don’t care about ear size, but they do like it if the ears are not too big or small. Guys love girls with ears that are proportionate to their head -guys think these kinds of ears are beautiful-.


Everyone knows how important it is to have fresh breath to avoid going there.

Nice Breast

This is a no-brainer; nice breasts are always preferred. Even though guys love flat-chested girls, they still prefer perky breasts. There are certain types of breasts that most guys find irresistible hehe; let’s save this for another article.


Who doesn’t like big lips? Guys do! Natural plump lips are beautiful for us; we love sexy-looking girls with full plump lips.

But, there is also another type of lips that has the same effect on us -bigger is better-. This type of lips can be a girl with a lip filler. Big plump-looking lips are super sexy too.


Girls don’t have to be skinny, but guys won’t like it if you’re too fat. Try losing some weight, or at least try staying healthy.


Having charisma is important for girls. It’s the thing that makes you attractive to everyone, especially guys -guys love girls who have their unique personalities and individualistic qualities-.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do guys notice about your looks? 

Guys will notice your body, face, and dressing sense (or the way you dress). If they like certain parts of your body, they’ll be more attracted to you. However, many guys only care about what’s inside a person rather than their outer appearance.

What do guys not notice?

Girls with too much makeup, girls who don’t take care of their bodies, and someone who dresses in a revealing way.

How do guys notice you?

They’ll tell you if your skin is not too bad or if you have nice teeth. If they see that you’re taking good care of yourself, they’ll also notice it. They also look for signs to see if you’re a guy or a girl. If there is something that stands out in your appearance, they’ll notice it.

Can you tell if a guy notices you?

If he’s talking to you and looking at you directly, smiling and standing close to you, he likes what he sees. If he starts looking at other girls, then he’s not interested.

Do guys notice the way you smell?

Yes, a pleasant smell is always attractive to people. But make sure it’s not overwhelming because no one likes it when someone reeks.

What body part do guys notice first?

Some guys might not tell you this, but most of them will say it’s the face.

Do all guys like certain body parts?

There are no specific types of girls that guys like, but they like girls who care for themselves and aren’t too fat or skinny. Just make sure that your weight is proportional to your height.

What do guys think about girls’ hair? 

Guys don’t care that much about hair, but they prefer long to short hair. They also like it if the color is not too bright -bright colors turn guys off because they look too unnatural-.


As you can see, guys don’t care that much about what girls look like because they’re more interested in the girl’s personality. But if a guy is attracted to you, then he’ll notice your body, face, and how you dress.

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