Signs of Jealousy in a Woman




Signs of Jealousy in a Woman

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It is a general belief that men are more jealous and suspicious than women. However, this may not always be entirely true. Women can also get very possessive and start acting aggressively if they feel threatened by someone or something. To comprehend the extent of jealousy in a woman, it is important to know all signs you need to consider as warning signals.

Signs of Jealousy in a Woman

Signs of Jealousy in a Woman

Unusual Anger

If she snaps at you for no apparent reason or starts being rude when you have done nothing wrong, there must be some underlying reason behind her behavior. This is because an average woman would never behave so aggressively unless she feels jealous about something related to you. So,

Acting Defensive

If she acts defensively while talking to you on the phone or starts asking unnecessary questions like where are you, who are you with, and similar questions, then there must be some other woman who might be on your mind. So, if she gets jealous of another woman, these signs become more visible in her behavior. She may also act rudely towards others to get back at you for thinking about someone else.

Sees Possibilities Everywhere

An average man does not overthink a woman he has just met, but it is different with women because they start noticing everything, which means even the littlest thing can turn into something big in their minds. If your wife keeps asking about every woman you meet at work, friends, or relatives, this is a sign of her extreme possessiveness.

Gets Angry Easily

If your wife becomes moody or gets angry for no reason at all, then she might be jealous and possessive about you. It is common among women who are jealous because they start suspecting their partners of going back on them after meeting someone new. So, next time your partner gets mad for any little thing that you say or do, there must be some other woman who is occupying her mind and yours! So, if you see these signs in your wife’s behavior, it is important to understand what the problem is before it goes out of hand.

Phone Snooping

If your wife starts snooping into your phone messages and call details, this is another sign of her possessiveness. She may start checking up on your calls and messages to see if you are talking to someone else or not! This behavior goes beyond normal possessiveness limits and could lead to something worse, such as violence, so it is best to avoid such situations.

Starts Seeking Attention

A woman gets obsessed with knowing about their partners all the time, and they cannot go to bed unless they bring the topic up before that. This unhealthy obsession can turn into possessiveness and jealousy very soon if not immediately taken care of. So, those men who love their independence should avoid such women because they are more concerned about what their partner is doing or who they are meeting rather than anything else.

Making Critical Comments About Appearance

Every woman wants their partners to think she is beautiful, but not all women get the required attention from their husbands! So, if your wife starts making critical comments about your appearance, this is another warning signal that she may be insecure about you talking to someone else. It is even better if you can talk to her frankly and tell her everything that you like about her so that she relaxes in your presence.

Gets Jealous of Your Past Relationships

This is another common trait in women who are possessive and jealous because they feel insecure whenever their partner talks about an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend in front of them. This makes them jealous because they start thinking about why they left the previous partner and chose someone else.

Why Would a Girl Be Jealous of Another Girl

Starts Distancing You from Others

Your wife’s possessiveness about you will be apparent if she starts trying to keep your personal space out of bounds for other people. She may start acting rudely towards members of your family, friends, and relatives just because they are in close contact with you. In extreme cases, she may even ask you not to call or come home late from work just because she does not want anyone else to have your attention.

Applauding Failures

This trait can be seen in women who are possessive and jealous about their partners because they feel insecure when you get praise for their achievements and accomplishments. Such kind of behavior is common if your partner makes frequent comments like: “What’s the big deal, everyone does it!” or “So what, I did the same thing too.” This is a clear sign that she wants to make you her ‘clone’ so that there is no other woman in this world who can take your attention away from her!

Checking Up on You Frequently

If your wife keeps calling or texting you frequently to know where you are and what you’re doing, then take it as a warning sign because this behavior could turn into something repulsive if not taken care of. So, if you find it difficult to get any privacy in your personal life, try to sit down with her and sort out this matter amicably before it gets out of hand!

Getting Angry over Trivial Issues

It is usual for both the partners to get angry occasionally because everyone has their flaws and weaknesses, but when it comes to women, they tend to pick up trivial issues more often than men do. This emotional imbalance can lead to insecurity problems, which may turn into possessiveness or jealousy by seeing their partner spend time on someone else.

Looks Threateningly at Other People

Suppose your wife gives people an intimidating look just because she thinks they are giving you some special attention or admiring you. In that case, it is a clear warning signal of her possessiveness and insecurity. She may feel highly threatened if she sees someone turning towards you for some reason because you look attractive and friendly!

Not Sharing Your Feelings with Others

Your wife’s jealousy about your personality will also be visible to others when she starts trying to stop you from sharing your feelings with other people, particularly girls or boys. If this happens, take it seriously because this is the beginning of the end of your relationship. She wants to maintain control over everything related to you, including your emotions. So, never let her domineering behavior go unchecked; otherwise, it may become impossible for both of you to come out alive after a big fight!

Faking Physical or Emotional Distress

This is yet another common trait that can be seen in women who are possessive about their partners because they tend to fake physical or emotional distress to get all the attention from you. In such a scenario, she may start crying or screaming at times just because you forgot to buy her favorite ice cream from the grocery store. So, make it clear to her that you love her but not more than your life, and try giving her enough space so that she can survive without you!

Belittling Others’ Successes

You should know that there is hardly any relationship between possessiveness and jealousy with each other; however, there have been instances where women have shown extreme levels of possessiveness by belittling others’ successes. This behavior usually starts when she feels threatened by her ex-girlfriend because of how good you two used to be together. So, the next time she tries to degrade another girl’s success, she reminds her that if she can’t do it, no one else will!

Anxious When You’re Not Around

Ladies who are possessive about their partners always feel anxious when away from them even for a short period. They tend to call or text him more often than usual to know where he is and what he is doing every minute of the day. Suppose this behavior continues for months on end. In that case, it can lead to emotional problems in your relationship, so try not to get carried away while doing something nice with your friends because you may land up in some serious trouble!

Not Listening to Your Wishes

When you are possessive about your partner, it is tough for him to get alone because she will restrict his movements by not listening to his wishes. So, if you feel that she keeps on interfering in every aspect of your life without giving you even an inch of breathing space, then try talking things out with her before it gets too late for both of you!

Guilt Tripping

Your partner is possessive about you if she tends to blame you for not being able to spend enough time with her. She may also try guilt-tripping you all the time by making false promises and later blaming you for not doing so. If this behavior continues, there will be serious trust issues in your relationship, which can lead to an unhealthy atmosphere!

How to Treat Jealousy in a Woman

Distance yourself from this person.

If you are jealous of someone, you should avoid them as much as possible. You will realize that your feelings for this person will change when you see them less often.

Get to know this person better.

When you stop seeing someone every day or week, it is easy for your imagination to take over and make up stories about them. When you get to know them better, you will realize that they are not the person you thought they were.

Think more positively about yourself.

Jealousy is often the result of low self-esteem. If you have a favourable view of yourself, then there is nothing that any other person can do or say to take away your happiness.

Realize that you could be wasting your time.

Many people waste a lot of their life and energy being jealous of someone or something. When you start reasoning, it should become evident that this is just a pointless waste of your time, and there are much better things you could be doing with your life instead.

Spend more time with people who support you.

If you spend time with people who support you and make you feel good about yourself, they will positively impact your life. When this happens, jealousy will usually fade away as a result.


Everyone experiences the emotion of jealousy at one point or another. It is how you handle that feeling that matters, and if you think that your girlfriend (or wife) is overly-possessive about you, this article can help. If she continues to display these behaviors over a long period, it could be a sign that the relationship is in danger.

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