When You Ignore a Guy How Does He Feel




What does a man think when you ignore him

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When you ignore a guy, what is he supposed to think? Does he think that you’re not interested? You don’t like him? Or maybe you don’t have the time for him. No matter the reason, it can be challenging for a guy to figure out what’s going on when you ignore him. This post will look at how guys react when ignored and give tips on handling the situation. So if you’re curious about what’s going through a guy’s head when you ignore him, keep reading!

when you ignore a guy how does he feel

When You Ignore a Guy How Does He Feel

He Feels Annoyed 

If you’re talking to a guy who suddenly feels ignored, he may feel annoyed. It’s not that he doesn’t understand what you’re saying or disagrees with you; he’s not used to being ignored. When a guy feels ignored, his first instinct is often to try to get your attention back. This may manifest in him interrupting you or trying to one-up you in conversation.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to remain calm and firm. Politely explain that you need a minute and continue your conversation as if he weren’t there. If he persists, you may need to walk away or end the conversation altogether. In any case, it’s important not to give in to his demands for attention; otherwise, you’ll only reinforce this behavior.

He Feels Used 

Many guys feel used to it when they are ignored by the girl they like. They put so much effort into getting her attention that she ignores them. It feels like all their efforts were for nothing and that she doesn’t care about them. This can be tough for a guy to deal with, especially if he is starting to like her.

If you’re interested in a guy, it’s important to try not to ignore him or make him feel like you’re not interested. Otherwise, you might end up hurting his feelings and pushing him away.

He Feels Unimportant 

When you ignore a guy, he feels unimportant and decides he must not mean much to you. This is especially true if he has feelings for you. He’ll start to question why you’re ignoring him and whether there’s something wrong with him. He may even think that you don’t like him anymore.

If you keep ignoring him, he’ll eventually give up and move on. So, if you want to keep a guy interested in you, you must show him that you care. Otherwise, he’ll feel like he’s not good enough for you and will eventually move on.

He Feels Let Down 

When you ignore a guy, he feels let down. While it may not be your intention to hurt his feelings, the fact is that your actions have consequences. And when you neglect to give him the attention he needs, he feels like he’s not important to you. If you’re constantly busy and don’t have time for him, he’ll eventually get the message that he’s not a priority in your life.

Ignoring a guy can also lead to resentment and bitterness, particularly if he’s been faithful and loyal to you. So next time you’re tempted to ignore him, remember that real emotions are at stake. Take a moment to consider how your actions will affect him before you proceed.

He Feels Vulnerable 

When you ignore a guy, his first instinct is often to try harder to get your attention. If he feels like he’s being ignored, he might start texting more, calling more, or even showing up unannounced to see you. This is because guys tend to feel vulnerable when they’re being ignored. They think they need to be better and are being rejected.

As a result, they’ll often try to compensate by trying to win your attention and approval. If you want to make a guy feel better, try giving him some attention. Compliment him, ask him how his day is going, or strike up a conversation. Letting him know that you still care about him will help him feel better and more secure in your relationship.

He Feels Contemptuous 

He feels contemptuous is how a guy feels when you ignore him. The situation is usually that he’s interested in you, maybe even dating you, but then you start to ignore him. It hurts his ego and makes him feel unwanted.

He may try to get your attention by doing things he knows will annoy you or make you mad. He does this because he wants to feel like he’s still important to you, even if it’s negative. Ignoring him back is the best way to handle this situation. He’ll eventually get the message and move on.

He Feels Curious 

He feels curious when you ignore him. He’ll wonder what you’re doing, who you’re with, and why you’re not talking to him. He may even start to think that you don’t like him anymore. If you want to keep a guy interested, staying in communication is important.

Whether you’re texting, calling, or meeting in person, ensure you keep the lines of communication open. Otherwise, he’ll start to feel ignored and may eventually lose interest in you.

He Feels Bewildered 

We’ve all been there: you’re texting with someone you’re interested in, and suddenly, they go MIA. Or you’re on a first date, and things are going great, but then they never call back. You’re left feeling confused, frustrated, and even a little hurt. But have you ever stopped to think about how the other person might feel?

In most cases, the guy is just as bewildered as you are. When someone shows interest in us, we naturally start to feel more invested in them. So when that interest suddenly disappears, it can leave us just as confused and hurt as you. We may not always show it, but guys do have feelings too. So next time you’re wondering why he’s ghosted you, remember that chances are he’s just as baffled as you are.

He Feels Rejected 

When you ignore a guy, he feels rejected. It’s as simple as that. And when you reject someone, it feels pretty lousy. So if you’re wondering why the guy you’re interested in seems distant, or he’s not pursuing you the way you want him to, it’s probably because you’ve been ignoring him. Maybe you’ve been too busy with work or caring for your kids to give him the attention he needs.

Or you’ve been texting other guys, and he’s not your priority. Whatever the reason, ignoring a guy is sure to make him feel bad about himself. If you want to keep him interested, you must show him some attention and tell him that he matters. Otherwise, he’ll move on to someone who will appreciate him.

He May Feel Bold Enough to Move On 

If you’re dating a guy and you’ve been ignoring him lately, you may wonder how he feels about it. After all, guys can be pretty confusing creatures. However, there are some clear signs that a guy feels ignored. For example, he may start to act differently around you. He may seem distant or preoccupied and may not be as interested in talking to you as he used to be.

He may also start flirting with other girls or looking for attention elsewhere. If you’ve noticed any of these changes in your guy’s behavior, he’s likely feeling ignored by you. While it might not be intentional, ignoring a guy can lead him to feel bold enough to move on. So if you’re hoping to keep things going with your guy, ensure you’re giving him the attention he needs.

He Suffers an Ego Blow 

Ignoring a guy can also cause him to suffer an ego blow. When a guy puts in the effort and gets no response, it can feel like he’s invisible. He may start to doubt himself and question why you don’t seem interested in him anymore. This can lead to feelings of hurt and insecurity, which can be damaging to any relationship.

If you’re serious about keeping a guy interested, ensuring he feels appreciated and valued is important.

Show him some love and ensure he knows you care about him. A little bit of attention can go a long way in making a guy feel confident and secure in the relationship. An occasional compliment or surprise date night can remind him that you’re still interested and committed to the relationship. With a little effort, you can make sure your guy never has to feel ignored.

He Feels Cheated on 

He was sitting on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands. He felt cheated. He had given her everything, and she had just walked away. It didn’t seem fair. All he had ever wanted was to love and be loved by her, but she had just left him.

Why did she have to ignore him? Didn’t she see how much he loved her? Didn’t she know how much it hurt him to be ignored by her? All he wanted was for her to love him back, but it seemed she didn’t care. He felt cheated and heartbroken and didn’t know what to do.

He Experiences Jealousy

Jealousy is a normal emotion. It’s only natural to feel a little jealous from time to time. After all, jealousy is another way of saying that you care about someone. However, there are times when jealousy can become a problem. If you feel jealous all the time, or if your jealousy is causing problems in your relationship, then it might be time to seek help.

There are many resources available to help you healthily deal with jealousy. With a little effort, you can learn how to control your jealousy and build a healthier relationship. 

The Silent Treatment disheartens him 

One of the worst things you can do to someone is to give them silent treatment. The silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse and can be incredibly damaging. When someone gives you the silent treatment, they’re essentially shutting you out and not letting you into their life.

This type of disregard can lead to feelings of hurt, insecurity, and sadness. If your guy feels ignored by you, he may feel you don’t care about him. This can be incredibly disheartening for him, and it can lead to feelings of distrust or resentment. Don’t let the silent treatment hurt your relationship; make sure you give your guy attention.

What does a man think when you ignore him

He Feels Intimidated and Insecure 

When you ignore him, he feels intimidated and insecure. He wonders what he did wrong and if there’s something he can do to fix it. He’ll try to get your attention in any way possible, whether through compliments or grand gestures. If you ignore him, he’ll eventually give up and move on. But even then, he’ll always wonder what could have been.


If you’re wondering how he feels when you ignore him, the answer is: not great. Ignoring a guy will not make him want to chase after you or persuade him to like you more. It will do just the opposite and push him away. If you’re going to get a guy’s attention, try talking to him instead of ignoring him.

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