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best electric shaver cheap

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Since immemorial, human beings have tried to come up with extraordinary tools to enhance their shaving experience. In the beginning, they developed razor blades that they later on used to shave their hairy bodies. Over time, they started developing shaving creams and gels to make their task of shaving easier. They also decided to manufacture body lotions and aftershave treatments to stop skin irritation. Everybody started focusing on having a close shave with a unique design.

With the advancement in technology, mankind felt that there was a need to embrace creativity, innovation, and invention. After several attempts of doing away with traditional razor blades, different companies in the global market designed electric shavers. These machines are simple, reliable, and are very convenient to use. They provide an ideal way to get an enjoyable and memorable shaving encounter.

best electric shaver cheap

The good thing is that electric shavers can be accessed from any shop in the world. They come in different shapes, size, and prices. Some are relatively expensive, while others can be purchased at an affordable price. Budget-friendly electric shavers are of high quality, and they ensure that users avoid nasty cuts, redness, burns and ingrown hairs.

Best Electric Shaver on a Budget for Close Shave

The top electric shavers that users buy them at affordable price include the following.

  1. Philips Norelco 3100

This unique electric shaver is associated with the following characteristics.


  • It is easy and convenient to use.

An individual can easily access it from the shop at an affordable cost. Once you acquire it from the shop, be assured that you will attain one of the best shaving experiences of our times. They come at comfort and relatively low price.

They usually come with round edge blades that move easily through the skin. This ensures that the machine glides comfortably through your skin to produce a close shave to users.

  • It contains heads flex

It usually appears in four directions. This allows it to adjust comfortably in every part of your facial hair, including jawline, neck, and face. This ensures a smooth shaving process. It also ensures that you avoid cuts and burns in those areas.

  • It has a single touch opening

This ensures that the user can conveniently rinse the electric shaver wash below your tap. Note that this can be done after every break of the shave to make the blade efficient.

  • It comes with a Lithium-ion battery

Its rechargeable battery is reliable as it provides consistent power of about forty-five minutes during the shaving process, and it rarely misfires.

  • It delivers a smooth and comfortable shave

With its unique features and functionalities, this machine can meet your all expectations in shaving because it is a top-quality brand. Your preference will always determine whether you will use the machine either corded or cordless.


  • Provides a quiet and more comfortable shave than its counterparts
  • Offers a cordless run of about forty-five minutes when in use
  • Comes with a battery monitor that is conjoined in it
  • The shaver has a long lifespan; durable
  • Associated with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Contains protection cap and LED Display
  • Simple to wash its shaver heads
  • Easy to fully clean below the faucet
  • Comes with a conjoined trimmer for efficient accuracy in shaving


  • Inconvenient for use in the shower
  • It can be cumbersome because it may require cleaning frequently

  1. Remington F800

This machine is associated with the following characteristics.


The shaver act like a powerhouse. It can glide easily through facial hair irrespective of its status. After that you will notice that it delivers the right shave that you desired for months.

  • It is associated with Interceptor Technology

This ensures that the trimmer which is conjoined in it shaves facial hair to the perfect length. It usually acts like a measure that is preventive because it makes sure that the user of this shave obtains a close and smooth shave any time he or she uses the machine.

  • It comes with Lithium Batteries

The reliable batteries have a long lifespan and ensure that the power runs cordlessly for about sixty minutes when in use. The effective LED Display also assists in tracking the amount of liquid remaining in the shaver. When you lose power unexpectedly, there is a fast charge that the shaver provides to allow you to complete shaving for five minutes.

  • It is quick and convenient

This is an affordable blade suit people who purpose to shave faster to save time.

  • It easy and simple to wash

The user can comfortably clean the shaver below the faucet. It also takes two hours to charge the tool fully.


  • The tool embraces quick charging
  • Associated with a conjoined trimmer for completing touches
  • Simple to wash
  • Flexible shaver head
  • Budget-friendly
  • The battery runs cordless for about sixty minutes
  • Depending on your preference, it can be used cordless or corded


  • A bit noisy
  • Relatively heavy
  • Inconvenient for coarse hair

  1. Braun Series Proskin

This great electric shaver has the following features.


  • It is associated with 3 unique blade elements

The extraordinary razor blades work hand in hand to ensure that the users attain smooth and close shave. This top brand also comes with sensofoil that safeguards the user from the sharp razor blades that can cause unnecessary cuts to the user.

The blades are also automatically retracted and pressure-sensitive to safeguard one’s precious skin. It ensures that you avoid painful and pesky razor burns.

  • It is specially designed

They are made to fit the shape of your face and this makes it easy to glide well in your hair. They also have a conjoined trimmer that can conveniently trim the beards.

One interesting thing is that this shaver can be used even in the shower. It is ideal for wet shaving. It provides a cool breeze and has a unique body design that reduces internal leaks. It can deal with additional moisture hence making it convenient to be used in wet environments.

  • It contains LED Display that closely monitors the machine’s battery life

The durable battery is supported by a powerful NiMH battery that allows it to get charged entirely for about forty-five minutes. It enhances cordless shaving when in use.


  • Delivers 100% waterproof properties
  • Convenient for wet shaving
  • Contains rubberized grip
  • Has a reliable battery life
  • Fits individuals with very sensitive skin
  • Has long lifespan; durable


  • Its shaver head looks narrow
  • Lacks charging stand

  1. Philips Norelco 2100

This unique shaver contains the following characteristics.


  • It delivers smooth shaving process

The tool provides smooth effects with a cordless and excellent shave at a budget-friendly cost.

  • It comes with specialized shaving system

It can safeguard the skin with its close-cut system. They ensure that the user gets dependable shave because of its self-sharpening razor blades.

  • It contains heads flex

It usually appears in four directions. This allows it to adjust comfortably in every part of your facial hair, including jawline, neck, and face. This ensures a smooth shaving process.

  • It has a single touch opening

This ensures that the user can conveniently rinse the electric shaver wash below your tap. Note that, this can be done after every break of the shave to make the blade efficient.

  • It is associated with a Lithium-ion battery

Its rechargeable battery is reliable as it provides consistent power of about forty-five minutes during the shaving process and it rarely misfires.


  • It offers several shaver heads that give a smooth shave
  • Easy to purchase; very affordable
  • Contains an excellent conjoined trimmer
  • It is quiet and provides a quick close shave
  • Relatively light
  • Provides about thirty-five minutes of the cordless shaving process


  • Inconvenient when corded as it works when cordless only
  • Lacks docking station
  1. Panasonic Shaver for Women

It is complete with the following features.


  • It contains sharp blades

The electric shaver comes with ultra foil body and sharp blades. This ensures that users get a comfortable, close and quick shave.

  • It has 2 trimmers and flexile heads

The machine is accompanied by trimmer that has attachment information on the bikini area, legs, and underarms.

Its flexible heads ensure that the tool glides easily into areas of the body where there is hair, including under the arms and arms.

The tool offers 100% waterproof properties and therefore, you can use it both in a wet and dry environment. They are also convenient to shave very sensitive skin, especially with its hypoallergenic razor blades.

  • It possesses hypoallergenic blades

The shaver has hypoallergenic blades that are of high quality. They also contain foils that allow it to glide softly on sensitive skin. This consequently prevents irritation of the skin during shaving.

  • Easy and simple to clean

This electric shaver can be cleaned within a few seconds. It can be recharged faster; it is travel-friendly and easy to move.


  • Simple and easy to wash
  • Contains hypoallergenic properties
  • Easy to move
  • Has 4 excellent blades that offer a quick and smooth shave
  • Easy to carry; lightweight


  • Consumes more time in charging

  1. SweetLF


  • It has efficient USB Charging ports

This shaver contains a portable bag and can easily be charged using a USB port, which also allows other devices to charge it, including car, power bank, and laptop.

This allows you to shave a more significant area of your hairy body with a little effort. The double cutter ensures that your blade remains sharp. The blades are powered by a motor to deliver a quiet shave. The trimmer also gives you time to trim your hair well

The entire body of this electric shaver can do wonders in a different environment, both wet and dry.


  • Simple to clean
  • Budget-friendly
  • Offers LED Display
  • Quiet and smooth shave
  • Comes with quick USB Charge


  • Somehow bulky
  • Low powered

There exist a wide range of budget-friendly electric shavers in the market but always ensure you pick a shaver that will conveniently suit your goals. Look at their features and functionalities. Prioritize on quality of the shaver and if need be identify the brand that has a renowned identity. Make sure you focus on a machine that will make your work easier while shaving. It should also be rechargeable and easy to clean where necessary.

Everyone wants to appear smart and therefore for you to maintain cleanness, it is vital to maintain your electric shaver properly. Ensure it has all its accessories and always check on its battery levels. For you to get better results of your tool, you are encouraged to purchase the above products reviewed to make your dream true.

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