How To Wear High Top Sneakers With Jeans For Guys




how to wear high top sneakers with jeans

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The way a man clads is said to have a direct depiction of the person, and people may be left to judge the man from what they see. High top sneakers are now considered among the leading or most classic causal outfits in the market. Men are now embracing wearing sneakers as a way of brightening up their casual looks and ensuring that they fit in various social settings. It is also a perfect way to spend a weekend wander or for the coffee dates. There are multiple things you need to know to make your look outstanding.

How To Wear High Top Sneakers With Jeans For Guys?

Sneakers are a modern way of enhancing your looks, especially when attending to non-official maters. There are best ways to wear your high top sneakers with jeans when for you as a man. The dominant style hindrance that most guys may encounter when considering wearing these classics is if and when they are worn to their informal, casual events. More so, they are confused about the best dress shoe will be suitable or required for their footwear. The everyday sneakers are not well and ideal for every occasion, and one should only wear them during casual situations. Some basic style rules can help you make the best fashion look when you are to wear your high top sneakers with jeans:

  • Ensure your look is well mixed with a pair of slim-fitting but relaxed pants to balance your outfit.
  • Make sure that you only wear sneakers for street or casual wear only
  • Always ensure that you have high top jeans to avoid wearing pants that may cover your entire sneakers.
  • It is necessary to maintain your fresh look even when wearing worn or dirty high tops, but one should always keep well and clean looking.

After considering these basic guiding principles, there are those recommended ways of casual styling that are almost recommended to every guy, and you can always try them out. Jeans are probably the most natural and most obvious way of wearing your casual high top footwear. The high top aspect of your jeans as a sneaker option is best if it gets to the coverage of your ankle. In this case, you can consider having a pair of custom-made straight-slim jeans but ensure that they are not too tight. Then, you can consider the option of tucking them into your sneakers or tightly rolling them to ensure that that your entire sneaker is revealed.

It can be a tough choice to have high top sneakers and to style them with jeans in any other option. Those that opt to wear baggy jeans, which are highly not advisable, often tend to look unkempt. Such guys tend to look confused and like they did not have any idea of what they wanted to wear or even what they are doing. Therefore, it is a more casual and smart outlook to make your perfect high-top sneakers and jeans combo by ensuring that you pair them with a smartly fitted classic tee. You can also consider looking better by having a lighter cardigan alongside your slim-fitted jeans. They offer the best high idealistic style look.

Should I Get White Or Black Sneakers?

The question of whether you should get white or black sneakers is best individualized and answered by oneself based on taste and preferences. An all-white sneaker is likely to show dirt within a very short time as opposed to black. Therefore, a white sneaker should only be purchased when you know that you are going to frequently maintain it by doing the usual cleaning and maintenance practices. However, there are some styling and colors of your clad that may require you to have back sneakers while others look better when one has white sneakers. Hence, the color of the sneakers you are to buy should be determined on how well you can maintain the shoe and the outfits’ preference when styling up your sneakers.

Should Men Wear High Top Sneakers?

The classic aspect of wearing sneakers is ensuring that your complementary wear does not cover it. More so, wearing a pair of baggy pants alongside the high to sneakers creates a confusing bulky look. It creates an impression of unkempt and clumsy men instead of the intended stylish, and relaxed look. Therefore, every mean must wear a pair of high top sneakers with skinny jeans or casual straight jeans. Also, a man looks better when wearing the high top sneakers with a loose or open cardigan and a stylish T-shirt. There are those men who feel more comfortable wearing specific colors, but should be keen in ensuring that there are no conflicting colors worn. Therefore, men should are free to wear high top sneakers as long as they follow the rules towards getting a classy look.

How Do Men Style High Top Sneakers?

Men have different ways in which they tend to style high top sneakers. Some of them include complementing their looks with the high top sneakers and changing their natural look. Most sneakers wearers tend to complete the shoe with brown wool blazers and a pair of blue jeans. The smart combo can even be enhanced by using black jeans and a red, white, peach, or even brown blazer to match and brighten your daily casual fashion styling. The bottom line is to ensure that things are loosened up with the addition of high top sneakers in the equation. Depending on ones’ preferences, it is a better look even to consider styling your sneakers by wearing white hoodies alongside the navy colored skinny jeans for casual or fashionable getup.

How To Wear High Top Sneakers With Jeans For Guys

What Pants Do You Wear With High Top Sneakers?

When one is in sneakers, there are those pants that you need to wear to match with your high top sneakers. Therefore, regardless of the look of your sneaker, the pants you wear with high top sneakers determine your level of smartness. In that case, one is said to be smarter when pairing a pair of skinny jeans, tights, or skinny pants with the high top sneakers. A good instance is where one is wearing black jeans with colored high top sneakers, and the outlook is lovely and amazing. When wearing colorful skinny jeans, always consider going for a better subtle choice of a shoe, which is your sneakers. More so, the color and type of the pant you need to use is much determined by the kind of your top sneakers. Some are better worn with shorts while others are suitable for wearing with long pants.

What Sneakers Should You Not Wear?

Regardless of the sneakers, one settles on, and there is a need to follow some basic principles that will determine the sneakers you should or should not wear. One should first consider not wearing a sneaker that does not suit their current wardrobe, meaning a sneaker that is not in fashion. One should not also wear sneaker that is common to people, or that has been repeatedly worn. The fastest way of destroying a lovely sneaker is by making it daily wear. Thirdly, one should not wear sneakers that do not match the current and right occasions. Some people make a blunder of exploiting the versatility of sneakers and substituting them for their dress shoes.

Dirty sneakers are also things that one should always avoid wearing. The beauty of a sneaker on one’s leg is not just its fresh look but also the idea of having it clean and without bad odors. It is advisable for men who know that they cannot maintain the quality look of white sneakers to avoid buying one. More so, sneakers are not supposed to be work with white socks. So, you should always count on wearing different shoes if you intend to wear white socks on a particular day. It is by putting all these factors into consideration that the question of what sneakers you shouldn’t wear is answered.

How Do You Wear Sneakers Fashionably?

Wear pants that display your ankle bone

Wearing sneakers should be a way for you to show off your fashionable shoes. Therefore, it is in the best interest to ensure that you do not cover them. Your pants should not fall below your ankles. When in long pants, you can hem them, cuff, or even cut them.

Avoid socks or wear unseen socks

Wearing sneakers fashionably demands that one should wear or even allow socks to get seen. Some people do not feel comfortable when wearing a shoe without socks, and they need to have low-rider socks.

Get the most classic or reliable color look

A fashionable sneaker will most likely be having a solid color or with some classic stripes, or even vintage prints. Ensure the sneakers have a perfect retro vibe with super comfy and an all-day foot grip.

Complement them with a fashionable top

Wearing a stylish sneaker requires you to have trendy top jeans, pair of shorts, a t-shirt, or anything that is classy looking too. They should all complement to make your appearance highly appealing.

how to wear high top sneakers with jeans

Should Guys Wear White Sneakers?

Any guy can wear white sneakers provided he can wash them and maintain them sparkling neat, without any bad odor. Others wearing white sneakers should not be an option when you deeply know that you cannot maintain such high levels of hygiene of discipline. You will wear it for a single day, and by the time you pick on it for the next wear, it will be tainted. It is upon you as the guy in the question to assess if you should wear white sneakers.

How Do You Wear Sneakers Casually?

Sneakers are meant to be casual wear worn with other outfits. There are various options through which most men prefer to enhance their casual look when on sneakers. The first factor to consider is ensuring that the suit chosen is slim-fitting, which can be complemented with a plain, colored t-shirt. Then, get your top sneakers to enhance your laidback. Ensure that the outfit colors are well put-together. The best option for men who like feeling formal is to choose to have a blazer and a button-down shirt, which can then be completed with leather and chino trainers. When wearing sneakers with jeans, it is highly advisable to pick jeans that leave your sneakers uncovered. This factor is meant to ensure your pant legs do not appear to be tucked inside your footwear. People who prefer wearing long jeans should always ensure that the cuffs are rolled up to leave the shoe unhidden ideally.

How Do You Style Colorful Sneakers?

Styling a colorful sneaker requires coming up with a combo outfit that complements your footwear. You can decide to wear a grey colored tracksuit, or white print crew-neck t-shirts for every colored sneaker won to make you look both modernized and stylish. When thinking of a more relaxed option, consider complimenting your plain colored tracksuit, shouting colored jeans, or any other composed and nice-looking clothing. The most fundamental idea to find is to ensure that the selected styling outfit is complementing your multi-colored sneakers. The beauty of sneakers is how well one can style it.

Wearing high top sneakers with jeans is a classical resurgence trend that most men are now embracing to look cool and stylish. High top sneakers have made a significant comeback with the inclusion of different colors, leaving men with the decision to choose one that is appealing to them. The primary thing when one is wearing high top sneakers is to ensure that the colors selected do not conflict with the rest of the clothing. Also, keeping the sneakers clean and undertaking frequent maintenance helps in enhancing one’s look.

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