What Is Considered Short For A Man?




What Is Considered Short For A Man

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Dating a short or a tall guy is no problem so long as he treats you well. Both are human and have their weaknesses, do not hate or judge people depending on their heights.

What Height Is Considered Short For A Man In the US

What Is Considered Short For A Man?

Women tend to look at the height and body of a man before falling for them, being short is not bad, but there is that too much shortness that everyone can notice. Being short is not a disability and no one should feel bad about it. Women can also be short as well as men.

A short man is considered to be. 5’5 or 5’6 and the average height of a man should be 5’9. However, if you are shorter than that, don’t worry yourself because there is nothing you can do about your height.

In case you want to boost your height, buy some shoe inserts and put them in each pair of your shoes, they will at least give you 2 to 3 inches of height and apart from that, there is no other way for men.

You should always embrace your height let no one make you feel bad about your height because that is what you are and nothing can change it. After all, some women love short men, so why would you worry yourself?

There is nothing bad with dating a short guy and if you are the person who thinks about what other people say then that is your problem, what is the reason for going around listening to what they say so long as you don’t mind them and you are happy then you are good to go.

You are a great problem if you care, but if you don’t care about being seen around with a shorter guy, nothing can stop you from being with him.

Short men, on the other side, should be courageous and proud of themselves. Short guys are great people, but before you date them, you should at least know some of the pros and cons of dating them. Whether tall or short, everyone has a good and a bad side of them and below is some of the pros and cons.

Pros of Short Guys


Most short men have beautiful hearts and when you associate with them, you will realize that they have no difference from taller men. Shorter men are kind, steadfast and reasonable, just as tall men.

Shows your development

If you are taller than your loved one, it shows that you are reasonable and developed. Shallow ladies judge people and you dating a short man show that you are not shallow.

They are ideal

Short people are said to be superior than tall men in a few places. Short mend commits a lot to their families and can support families financially. They work hard to ensure that ends meet.

They are certain

Short men have incredible characters, you will never get bored around these people. Short people are cute and make a great companion.

He can’t be shared

No one likes to share her man with someone else, if you happen to date a short guy, you are lucky because it is hard for them to get ladies. His eyes will be just on you and that is great, of course.

Cons of Short Guys

Cumbersome sex Short men are said to be cumbersome when it comes to bedroom matters, tossing and hurling that turns you on might not be with a short man.

Social Awkwardness If you happen to date a short man, be strong because they are considered socially cumbersome not all people love to socialize with short people.

It can be overpowering You may start thinking about what people say when they look at you and you might feel awkward.

What Height Is Considered Short For A Man In the US

The average height for men in the United States is 5, 9. The average height of various places has been increasing over the years. Remember that average means that half population of adult men will be shorter and half taller.

Height can never be changed, measurements of height, body mass index and weight have been collected in the US for long and they have realized that men tend taller within a short period of time.

Historic Male Heights (US)

  • Army recruits average height was 68.1 inches in the year 1943
  • Men in the Pilgrim’s average height was 66 inches
  • In 2010 the average height for an adult male was 69.3 inches
  • US soldiers’ average height was 67.5 inches in 1943
  • Civil soldiers’ height was 67.7 in 1863

This should not let you think that men grow taller with time, even though there is enough evidence of growth, history shows that a man’s height was about 168 centimeters which is 5’5.

The current gains in height occur because of good health and nutrition, nowadays there are various ways to prevent illness this promoting good health, for a child’s growth.

Are Short Guys Attractive?

Yes, short guys are attractive and fun to hang around with, if you are planning to date a short guy, don’t worry, they are human beings who deserve to be loved. A certain study shows that short guys are romantic and ready to spend on their girlfriends.

There are so many reasons that short men are attractive, do not feel offended if you are short because there are good things about you. Here are great features of short men.

They are lively at parties

Tall men tend to think everyone is attracted to them and want a lot of respect and attention, known as tall men syndrome. However, short guys try hard to get noticed, which means they are very friendly and fun to hang around with since many girls surround them.

Have a perfect kissing height

Anyone who has tried to kiss a tall guy knows about neck crooks and the struggle of standing on tiptoes. With short men, it’s different because the height is perfect and you don’t have to strain.

Have a great posture

No one looks good like short men in making the best frame, tall men think they are cute with or without posing and that is what makes them look bad in pictures.

They are great at sex, standing up

Vertical sex is great with a short man and not tall, if the guy is shorter, both are flexible when standing.

They give better hugs

It’s a bit hard to hug taller men because you feel like everything in the wrong place, while hugging shorter men feels comfortable and great.

They’re better dancers

Shorter guys tend to dance pretty well look at Bruno Mars, Usher and Prince.

They make good boyfriends

A certain study shows that shorter men earn more money and do a lot of housework and rarely divorce like tall men.

Short guys are generally great and if you happen to date them, make sure you stick there, these guys are great and caring. They do not cheat because they think that most girls won’t like them and it takes time before they find another girl.

You should never be ashamed walking around with a short girl, it’s your decision and if he is making you happy, then you should be proud of him. Some are dating tall men who even mistreat them that is why no one should ever judge someone else because of their height.

What Is Considered Short For A Man

What Is The Most Attractive Height For A Guy?

The most attractive height for men is 5’8, as time goes by, things change. There used to be this saying that a man should be tall, dark and handsome, but nowadays, if you find a loving and caring man, that is all you, need.

Men under 6ft were insecure about their height, but now that the best height for a man is 5’8, they are in the safest place. A certain dating app shows that women between 18 to 30 years most love this height, 5’8 is the most popular height, followed closely by 5’3 and 5’7.

In Badoo dating app, the most right-swiped height for a man is 6ft, 5’8, 5’6, 5’9 and 5’10. People who don’t appear on this list should not panic because appearance isn’t the only ticket to a relationship. Your character should also be something that attracts women.

You might have the most attractive height with the worst character and you can be short but with a good character. Height does not matter nowadays to girls or ladies because they want someone who takes care of them and not only looks at their appearance.

So do not just sit around thinking that girls will fall for you because of your height, a short guy will outdo you because of his character. That is why you do not have to hate or look don’t upon someone, you might have the looks and he has the best heart.

Would A Girl Date A Shorter Guy?

Yes, shorter guys are wonderful people and most girls love them. Why would you not date someone who treats you like a queen? Remember that looks are not everything.

A certain study shows that short men are sweet, romantic and care a lot for their families, they love to keep their girls happy. Short guys do not cheat in their relationships like tall guys who assume that every girl will fall for them and brag about their heights all the time.

Girls love to date caring guys and that is why you will find short men with good families and no tall men in a serious relationship. A short guy knows that it will be hard for him to find a girl and it would be nice if he maintains the one that loves him.

Looks should not fool girls, keep in mind that short people are also human like tall men. If you are on your way to date a short guy, you are lucky because you will find love, attention and good care. You are also safe because not many girls will be eyeing him.

Short men should not feel bad about themselves because they are better than tall guys in so many ways. Being short is not a disability and you can do anything you want and date any girl you want in this world, a woman needs love and if you give them what they need, a girl will not reject you, show these tall men that you are capable.

Do Guys Like Tall Girls?

Yes, every man has his taste when it comes to dating women. Some will prefer short girls while others tall girls, tall girls are beautiful and great just like short women. But for guys who love dating tall girls, here are a few things to know about them.

You can share shoes

You want to rush somewhere but can’t find a shoe? Wear hers, why yourself looking for stress shoes yet you can fit on hers. Sharing the same size of shoe is great because you can never lack.

Easy to find

It’s easy to find a tall girl because you can easily notice her in a crowd.

Easy to kiss

As for short girls, you might need to squat to kiss them, but with talk girls, you lean forward and kiss them.

You can do various sex positions

Tall women can make positions that seem impossible possible for instance, not everyone can do standing positions, but tall women can.


Tall girls have beautiful legs, so if you like, legs go for tall girls. Short girls also have great legs but not tall.

The discussion between tall and short guys has been there for so long, both of them are great people in different ways. Girls can love either tall or shot men, depending on their type and character.

If you are about to date a guy, know what is considered short for a man, the most attractive height for a man, height considered short for a man, the most attractive height for a man and whether you can date a short guy.

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