Fun Things To Do With Your Cousin




Fun Things To Do With Your Cousin

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Everyone has a cousin. Some have more than one. Some have none! This is the story of what you can do with your unknown yet close cousin(s) or without them if they are not fun, which they definitely should be because there’s nothing worse than spending time with someone else who isn’t even related. Unless it’s being eaten by a bear, in which case you probably won’t be spending time with them anyway unless they happen to be in the same bear suit.

Fun Things To Do With Your Cousin

Things to Know and to Consider Before Making Your Plan

Fun is only based on age

Fun is relative, and it’s subjective. The amount of fun you have with your cousin will depend on the age group you fall into. Young cousins are generally less fun than older ones, though young girls can be more fun than boys or vice versa depending on personal taste and whether they still think farting in a jar is hilarious even after it happens to them for the tenth time.

Ask your cousin sincerely what he likes to do

When you ask your cousin what he likes to do, it is important to listen and not try and get him to like the same things as you. If you pay attention, even if it’s just for a minute or two, then nothing should come of this that ends up badly. There won’t be any yelling or crying! Unless one of you is the kind of person, who gets easily angered and causes a scene, which in that case you might want to consider staying home with ice cream and watching Netflix.

Pick one activity then split up

If your cousin tells you he likes football or baseball or knitting, then it’s important to remember you don’t like any of that. You’re here to have fun! And you can’t do that if your cousin is busy doing something he already knows how to do. Even if all three of those are cool activities, it doesn’t mean anyone should be forced to do any of them, so why not play Follow The Leader instead?

Plan activities both indoors and outdoors

Figure out which places are better for activity. Sometimes cousins like to stay indoors where it’s warm and cozy, surrounded by their friends and family. Other days they want to go outdoors where the breeze plays with their hair and everyone is young and carefree! Just make sure you plan something that can be done outside or inside, depending on whether the sun or the rain is out.

Don’t get your cousin’s hopes up too high

Just because you think something sounds fun doesn’t mean it will be fun for everyone. It might sound like a good idea to get a coupon book and go around town spending money at every place that takes coupons, but you have to remember that your cousin probably has other things to plan. If you go out to eat, maybe, you should pay or order off the dollar menu at least? You don’t want anybody getting mad.

fun things to do with your cousins at home

Fun Things To Do With Your Cousin

At home: Indoor

Turn everyday housework into an adventure game

Have you ever seen your mom, dad, or maybe even your grandma and grandpa wasting away in front of the television? You might think they look like zombies, but really they’re just bored and stuck inside for days on end because you don’t want to go out. With no choice but to stay inside, why not make chores fun by turning them into a game? Here are some ideas:

– Who can take the shortest shower?

– Time each other to see who can get dressed first.

– See who can make the cleanest bed!

– Take turns to hide and find things around the house. Whoever finds something first gets to hide it again.

Nothing better than contests to liven up the day!

A little friendly competition can do wonders for everybody. Think of it as a way to see who’s the best cousin in the whole world! Contests are even better if they’re pretty random, like seeing who can hold their breath underwater the longest or guessing how many pencils are stuck in the wall. That will bring you two closer together!

Hello card games and board games!

Chess, checkers, spoons, poker, go fish, poker face! Any game that’s played on a table or floor is perfect for keeping cousins happy. Just make sure nobody gets too competitive and starts to argue over who won the most games because then you’re back at square one of where you started with not much accomplished.

Karaoke, movies, and TV, a winning trio whatever the circumstances

Sometimes it’s good to kick back and relax in front of the TV. Maybe you both like different shows so you can compare your choices, or maybe you both love the same show! Sometimes sharing interests with cousins isn’t that much fun, but when it comes to movies and music, everything suddenly becomes far more exciting. Then again, if your cousin doesn’t like the same movies as you, you might want to switch over to a card game.

Cooking together, a wrongly neglected activity

We’ve all seen that one show where the chef takes the sous-chef on his/her side, and they cook together, becoming closer in the process. Well, it’s time you put your cousin to work! They might not know how to cook much, but you should be fine so long as they don’t burn anything to a crisp. Just make sure they don’t cut themselves on anything or spill anything.

Hide and seek, anybody’s game!

Just like with contests, sometimes it’s good to have some games that are pretty random too. If your cousin is very active, then hide-and-seek might not be the best option for them because all that running around can get tiring, but if they’re full of energy, who are you to stop them?

At home: Outdoor

Not so easy being green!

Does your cousin have any coloring books or crayons? If they don’t, pick up some at the nearest store and take them back with you so you both can color away. Or go outside and color on the sidewalk with chalk! Either way is sure to be fun for both of you.

Picnic time, everybody’s favorite!

Just because they’re cousins doesn’t mean you can’t do things everybody loves doing. When it comes to food, most people don’t mind what it is as long as they have enough of it, so why not whip up a delicious meal together? If your cousin is more into snacks, you can go to the nearest cafe and buy some.

Life-size board games, perfect for those who can’t sit still

If your cousin’s full of energy, you might want to go somewhere where they can run around a little bit, but if that’s out of the question, then how about a board game? Choose something that has many moving parts and is easy to play, like Monopoly or Clue. You can also go to the park and play on the swings or see who can climb the highest up a tree.

Outside the house

The restaurant, an eternally winning option

You don’t have to make any plans at all, go out! You can both pick a restaurant, and there you are, enjoying your meal as well as each other’s company. Or maybe your cousin loves the movies, so why not go to one? It doesn’t matter where you go as long as everybody is having fun, that should be good enough for you.

A day at the museum is a great way to learn something new!

Do your relatives love going to museums or zoos? Then why not take them there, and they can show you around their favorite exhibits. There’s no need to go on any of the rides unless you both want to, but just walking around, looking at all the interesting things, can be just as fun.

Go to sporting events, an activity for the family!

Do your relatives like sports? If they do, what better way to spend quality time with them than watching their favorite teams play? Depending on which game it is, you might not be able to sit down for too long, but that’s okay because just seeing all those cheerleaders and mascots running around can be a lot of fun.

Theaters and movies, always a winning choice too!

If your relatives are movie buffs, there’s no need to limit them to just watching the previews; they can even come over and watch their favorite feature with you. You could also all go together if that sounds more fun. You can watch movies at home too, but theaters have that added thrill of an audience cheering or booing depending on what scene you’re watching.

A night out on the town, you choose the activity!

Your relatives want to have a good time with you, and that’s what this list is all about. You can go anywhere as long as it’s something that everybody will like because let’s face it, if your cousin doesn’t enjoy themselves then neither of you will have a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it reasonable to take your cousin to the spa or have beauty treatments?

Of course, it is. This activity can be done by all family members, male or female, young or old. Make sure to book an appointment in advance because spas are usually very popular and crowded during special occasions.

What about your cousin’s opinion? Should they choose what you do together?

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re both having fun. Think about it, if your cousin doesn’t want to go skating, but you wanted to because your feet are killing you, then why would they stop you? Just take them out for something else and have fun!

How much does all this cost?

It doesn’t matter how much it costs, do what you can and have fun doing so. If your budget is tight and all you can afford is going out to eat, that’s fine because the important thing here is the time you’re spending with each other.


Now that you have all this free time with your cousin, nothing stops you from having a great time. Whatever activity you choose, remember to bring a smile and have as much fun as possible!

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