Is A Polo Shirt Business Casual?




Is A Polo Shirt Business Casual

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Casual outfits and formal outfits are two different things that everyone should know and do not confuse between the two. Wearing the wrong outfit for the wrong occasion makes you feel like a lost sheep.

If you are an office person, formal outfits are meant for you, know the various types and how to rock them. There is no big deal when it comes to dressing formally because you already have the company’s dress code.

Casual attire, on the other side, is worn when attending casual occasions or sometimes business meetings, you should look neat and smart even when on casual outfits.

Is An Untucked Polo Shirt Business Casual

Is A Polo Shirt Business Casual?

The most common casual outfits are long-sleeved shirts, chinos and blazers, it’s time you add polo shirts to your wardrobe because they are business casual. Many workplaces consider it a business casual outfit, with proper pairing, polo shirts can be worn to the office any time.

It is a great casual outfit for both men and women, make sure you add these great tops to your wardrobe any time you go shopping. They are easy to mix and match with other clothes, you can buy various polo shirts with different patterns and colors you find interesting.

Polo shirts can be worn with almost anything, everything from chinos, dress pants to skirts. Pairing is easy and you can look a bit casual but nice. The attire will still be appropriate for work, you’ll realize that you can be comfortable wearing polo shirts to the office.

The best way to be productive in your job is if you dress well and feel comfortable, at this time you are ready for everything, for instance representing your company in big presentations.

During summer, you might want something that still looks professional and a polo shirt will do you great, if you find a cotton polo fabric, you are lucky because it’s too comfortable, whether in the office or when traveling.

If the weather is warm, you can rock polo shirts with light fabrics, the best pants you should consider matching with polo shirts are chinos because they are great for sticky and hot weather. If you are wearing your polo shirts with a skirt, the skirt should be breathable.

If you are lucky to in a casual workplace, polo shirts are a great choice for you. Polo shirts look great with jeans and you can still look professional even when allowed to wear casual outfits at your place of work. For a more casual look, a dark pair of jeans will be great, go for solid colors such as black a dark blue to go with patterned shirts.

How Do You Wear A Polo Business Casual?

When going to your office every morning, you need to look good whether you dress casually or formally. A study shows that a company with decent workers tends to be very productive than those that do not.

So when attending work, you need to look at your best, when dressing in polo shirts, you need to match them properly with other outfits if you want to look great. Polo shirt is a great style for men even though some people would not prefer it.

Polo shirts should be loved because it is a good shirt compared to dress shirts and t-shirts, polo shirts can be worn on many events that are not formal and not casual either. It is the best shirt to be worn over the summer season and when you do not know the day’s plans.

There are a few details to know about polo shirts, but it is important to know the kind of polo fabrics available. Polos are available in various types and materials, the materials are synthetic and natural.

For athletes, polo shirts can blend with silk but keep in mind that they will show your sweat easily and can lose color with time.

For casual meetings, pair your untucked polo shirt with khaki shorts, aviator shades, a field watch and canvas sneakers. To rock it better, the shorts shoes be dark chinos or denims, choose another color apart from khaki if you don’t want to look like you are wearing school uniform.

When it comes to wearing a polo shirt with style, you need to fit on it well. There is a criteria you need to follow if you want to look good on polo shirts.


It should not be too long, but it should range midway your bicep and not too long of 2/3 down your upper arm. The shirt should be fitting thus close to your body, fitting does not mean that it should be too tight, it should be a bit tighter on arms, taper down your chest and your chest.

To be in a better shape, the polo should be well-fitting, do not make your shirt look like a skin-tight because you will not love the look you will have.


The bottom hem should not be halfway your pants, not lower than the waistband and not higher than the hip. It should be long enough in case you want to tuck it in and a bit short to be worn untucked.

Is An Untucked Polo Shirt Business Casual?

Yes, it depends on how casual the business you are attending is. Sometimes if there are no strict rules, you can untuck your shirt. But it is always good to look nice when attending business meetings, whether official or casual.

Polo shirts have a hem and can be worn untucked, however, they should remain tucked in for dressier looks, wearing an untucked shirt to the office is not good, whether it is a

Button-down or a button-up shirt, let it remain tucked in. The reason why you should normalize tucking in is because it makes you look more professional at work.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Polo Shirt


Be free to tuck or untuck – This depends on the occasion you are attending, a polo shirt can be tucked or untucked, tucking gives you a more formal look while untucking is, of course, casual. A shirt that is designed to be tucked in has a longer back than the front.

Button one of the buttons at least – All the buttons should not be undone because they will look sloppy and floppy. You should at least button one, if all the buttons are buttoned up, the look of your shirt changes.

Expand to brighter and attractive colors – you should have something different like purple, green, like pinks and reds.

Have many color collections – Your wardrobe should have various polo shirt colors like blue, solid, white, black and basic colors. You can also have some with stripes and you won’t have any difficulty rocking various outfits.


Layer polo upon polos – You should wear one polo at a time, that is the rule of polo shirts.

Wear an undershirt – A polo should be worn as a single layer that is fitting but adding an undershirt adds bulkiness and might beep out of the neckline, so avoid wearing an undershirt and if you must wear, wear one with an invisible neckline.

Is A Polo Shirt Business Casual

Should You Button Up A Polo Shirt?

A polo shirt is one of the most iconic men’s clothing only when worn correctly. A polo shirt can be buttoned up but not past the top of your armpits and you should not also button up the two top buttons.

A polo shirt that doesn’t fit properly ruins the entire outfit, you should wear fitting polo shirts after it is an easy way of achieving a smart look. Below are some tips to help you avoid wearing poor-fitting polos of any type.

Polo Shirts Wearing Guide Do’s and Don’ts

  • Avoid big logos
  • Avoid wearing an undershirt with polos
  • Do not unbutton all the buttons at least let one buttoned
  • They should be sized to your height
  • They should fit properly and not too tight
  • Polos should not be too long
  • The color of your polo shirt should not pop
  • The seam of the shoulder should sit at the shoulder bone

Do You Tuck In Polo Shirts With Shorts?

You can either tuck it in or leave it hanging depending on how you look, after all, it is a casual outfit and you should not worry a lot about it. Keep in mind that tucking gives you a more formal look, so tucking and untucking depends on where you are going or the event you are attending.

The shirt’s design also determines whether you are going to tuck it in or not, if the back of the shirt is longer than the front, then it is meant to be tucked in. If you happen to untuck this shirt, you will not look good.

This should not be a debate, if you are wondering whether to tuck in or not, look at how it is designed. It is the only way for you to know whether you are tucking in or untucking your shirt.

Ensure that you look good either way, you don’t want to dress like someone working out, yet you are going somewhere with friends, normalize looking good, and choosing the best short colors to match your favorite polo shirt.

Is A Polo Shirt Good For An Interview?

A Polo shirt is more of a casual outfit and what you should know is never to wear casually when attending an interview. But if you are sure that the job is t-shirt and jeans or if the company issued a polo shirt setting.

However, it is still important to look formal when attending an interview, remember that you need this job and look at your best. However, you should not overdo it, do not look better than the person interviewing you but look smart.

If you overdo it, they will assume that you are well of and do not need the job and they will give it to someone else who looks like he needs the job. If you do not know the best shirt colors to wear when attending an interview, consider brown, navy, black and gray colors.

Apart from polo shirts, some other things you should not wear to job interviews are too much makeup, casual clothing, wrinkled or stained clothing, poorly fitting shoes or clothes, heavy perfume, sandals and flashy jewelry or clothing.

Are Dockers Business Casual?

Yes, they are business casual and offer the best casual shoe selection for men. These shoes are rocked by men when attending casual occasions, they look great and gives you the desired look.

If your office is not too strict, you can as well put on these shoes when going formal, but the best is wearing them with khakis and chinos. If you are not more of formal outfit, then a pair of this shoe type should be in your wardrobe, you can get one or two different colors, you will love them.

Are Plaid Shirts Business Casual?

Yes, plaid shirts are business casual make sure you tuck it in and wear an appropriate belt and for a tie, it should be optional. You should know the difference between business casual and formal so that when buying outfits, you buy the right ones.

You can wear it casually when working on a formal office, you will not feel comfortable and you will feel out of place. You should understand your company’s policy to be in a safe place.

There are various outfits and each is meant for a particular occasions, dressing for a casual occasion is easier compared to formal occasions. When going casual, you can almost match anything in your wardrobe.

Some other things you should know are whether polo shirts are business casual, if you can button up a polo shirt, how to wear a polo business casual, whether Dockers are business casual or not, if you can tick in polo shirts and if plaid shirts are business casual.

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