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best clothing brands for short and fat guys

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It’s no secret that the average height of an American male is 5’10”. This means it can be difficult to find clothes that fit properly. Luckily, many clothing brands are making clothes specifically for shorter men! Check out this blog post for some great tips on where to get your new wardrobe from.

best clothing brands for short guys

What Types of Clothing Work Well for Shorter Guys?

It’s helpful to start by categorizing what types of clothing works well for shorter men. You can dress up or down with any of these pieces, but it’s always a good idea to accentuate your height where you can! This is the order in which the following clothes should be worn:

1. Vertical Stripes  – Vertical stripes elongate your body and make you look taller.

2. Jeans  – Slim-fit jeans that hit around the ankle help to lengthen the appearance of your legs and show off a pair of stylish shoes! Dressy shoes such as wingtips should be chosen over casual sneakers.

3. Vests/Suit Coats  – Wearing a casual vest or jacket with a shirt and jeans can add some extra style to your outfit. For formal events, try wearing a suit coat over the top of your dress shirt for an extra touch of class!

4. Dress Shoes  – A stylish pair of shoes with a bit of lift added in will do wonders for your height.

5. High-Waisted Pants  – These look great with everything and help to add some extra bulk to your legs so they don’t look quite as thin!

6. Button-Up Shirts  – These are a must for every wardrobe no matter what the occasion is! Look for a slightly shorter shirt that doesn’t drown out your waist.

7. T-Shirts  – You won’t go wrong with a solid t-shirt layered over a button down for an easy, stylish outfit. It’s also helpful to choose slim fit shirts if you’d like the shirt to look more fitted to your body.

8. Slim Fit Suits  – These are great for formal events and will create the perfect look for a business meeting or job interview. Make sure to go with a slim fit if you don’t want to come across as looking shorter.

9. Sunglasses  – A stylish way to cover your eyes from the fading sun! They’ll also give you a cool, mysterious look.

10. Loafers  – Look for a pair of loafers with a bit of a heel to give you some extra height and make your legs look longer!

11. Patterned Dress Shirts  – These shirts will accentuate portions of your body that need work while still keeping the attention away from the areas that are less flattering. This means you can cover up your bad features while still looking stylish!

12. Turtlenecks  – A turtleneck makes it look like you have a larger neck, which makes you appear taller. You should definitely consider this piece for an outfit to make yourself look taller!

best clothing brands for short and fat guys

Best Clothing Brands for Short Guys

The following list includes some great clothing brands for shorter men. You can find a variety of items to help you achieve a stylish look that will make you stand out!

1. J.Crew  – This is a great place to shop if you are looking for clothing brands for short guys! The brand makes clothing that fits well on any body type, making it easy to find the best look for your specific build.

2. Banana Republic  – Banana can be found in many malls across America and has an impressive selection of clothes that flatter all body types! They have a wide range of different styles to choose from, giving you multiple options no matter what your style preference may be.

3. Gap  – Gap stands out as one of the best clothing brands for shorter men because they’re always coming up with new trends that suit everyone’s taste! Whether you like turtlenecks, t-shirts, or even formal suits, Gap has something for you.

4. H&M  – This is another great place to shop if you are looking for some stylish clothes that won’t break the bank! They have a wide selection of different clothes and shoes at affordable prices, making them one of the best clothing brands for shorter guys.

5. Uniqlo  – Uniqlo has simple styles that were perfected by Japanese designers after years of careful contemplation about what men want in their clothing. These are some stylish yet inexpensive pieces that will suit your everyday look!

6. Topman  – Another great shop with tons of options to suit every style preference! Offering trendy looks as well as timeless pieces, Topman can help you look sharp and classy no matter the occasion.

7. Zara  – Like Uniqlo, Zara was created by a Spanish designer who believed that fashion should be accessible to all men no matter what their size or budget! This is another great place to visit if you’re looking for inexpensive clothes with fun patterns.

8. Express  – Express has been around for quite some time now and is still one of the most popular clothing brands for short guys on the market today! They have stylish pieces that are both classic and trendy, which means it’s easy to find something that will suit your style perfectly without looking too outdated six months down the road.

9. ASOS    – This is another great place to go if you are looking for the best clothing brands for shorter guys. They offer a variety of different styles that will fit any preference, and they even have their own line of short men’s clothing!

10. Unite  – Unite was established in Brighton, England, in 1993 with the goal of designing clothes that fit well on bigger men who normally struggle to find flattering outfits! They have an impressive selection of sweaters, shorts, pants – you name it!

11. American Eagle  – American Eagle has quickly become one of the most popular stores for young people because they have fun clothes at affordable prices without sacrificing quality or style. You can all your basic pieces here so you have a well-rounded wardrobe.

12. Men’s Big and Tall Shops  – These stores are pretty self-explanatory, but they can be of great help if you’re having trouble finding the right clothing brands for short guys that suit your style! Some of these shops even carry their own line of clothes specifically designed for shorter men!

13. J. Peterman  – For those who want some classy and timeless pieces in their closet, J.Peterman is a great choice because all of their clothes come with a story! From where the clothes are sourced to what inspired its design, you’ll know exactly how it made its way into your life.

14. Suit Supply  – If you’re looking for some dapper menswear, look no further than Suit Supply. They have stylish suits that will make anyone look sharp and professional.

15. eBay  – You can find almost anything on eBay – including clothing that is especially designed for shorter men! If you’re on a budget but still want to look great, definitely check out some of these shops online .

16. L n T Men  – This is another brilliant option if you are looking for the best clothing brands for short guys who want their style to be bolder and bulkier. This shop has clothes that are perfect for the warm weather, so you’ll definitely stay cool no matter how hot it gets outside!

17. Pitt & Scott  – These two brothers have created a unique clothing brand that offers shirts and pants in various lengths so you can find something to suit your body type perfectly! They also have clothes for bigger chests as well as smaller waists, which is great because not everyone fits into whatever clothes they find online anymore.

18. Men’s Wearhouse  – If you’re looking for the best clothing brands for shorter guys with class, this is another great place to look. Their clothes are impeccable but still casual enough to wear on any occasion – everything from dressy events to a normal day at the office.

19. North Face  – Finally, if you’re looking for work out clothing, this is a great place to go! They have a variety of clothes that are both stylish and functional – which means you’ll look good even when you’re working hard at the gym! You can never go wrong with North Face for any occasion.

FAQs About Clothing Brands for Short Guys

Q: What Are Some Popular Clothing Brands For Short Guys?

A: Unsurprisingly, there aren’t many popular clothing brands for shorter men because most companies have a “one size fits all” mentality when it comes to their clothes. However, here are some examples of clothing brands for short guys that you could check out:

  1. Men’s Wearhouse
  2. Suit Supply
  3. J. Peterman
  4. L n T Men

If you’re looking for other popular clothing brands for shorter men, check out these websites . However, please note that most of them don’t actually have their own line of clothes – they just sell the clothes from a variety of different shops! It would be great if more companies started to manufacture clothing in shorter sizes because it can be really hard to find anything when you have a hard time going shopping in brick and mortar stores.

Q: What Clothing Brands For Short Guys Should I Avoid?

A: Some clothing brands for shorter men are known for making clothes that are too long for guys who are of more petite stature. So, if you’re shopping online or at your local store, be sure to avoid these companies because they probably won’t have anything that suits your needs.

  1. Abercrombie & Fitch  – Their clothes tend to be much too long and baggy. They also don’t make many clothes in smaller sizes, so this isn’t a good option either!
  2. Ralph Lauren – While their clothing tends to be on the pricey side, it’s not worth spending your hard earned money on something unless it fits well – especially if you’re a guy who’s a bit smaller than average!
  3. Calvin Klein – Like Ralph Lauren, their clothes are often made with a “one size fits all” mentality, which means the clothes will either be too long or too baggy for guys who are on the shorter side.

Q: Where Can I Find Clothing Brands For Short Guys Online?

A: There may not be many popular clothing brands for short men, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find anything online anymore! Here are some websites where you can find great clothing options if you’re shopping online:

  1. JCPenney  – You can search and sort through their entire inventory of different clothes so it’s easier to find what you want. Just make sure you read the sizing information so you know whether or not the clothes will fit your body properly.
  2. ASOS  – They have a pretty good selection of clothing designed for shorter men. You can search by specific sizes so it’s ultra easy to find something that will fit you well!
  3. Nordstrom  – If you’re looking for quality brands, Nordstrom is always a great place to start! They offer plenty of different figures and sizing options too, which means it’s easier than ever to find clothes that suit your frame .
  4. eShakti  – When you shop at eShakti , you’ll be able to customize almost every aspect of your order – which means their clothes are essentially made to fit your body exactly as you want!

Q: What About Clothing Brands For Short Guys In Stores?

A: If you need clothes and can’t afford to order them online, don’t worry – brick and mortar stores like JCPenney and Kohl’s carry a lot of different brands that make clothing for shorter men too. Here are the top companies we recommend:

  1. Men’s Wearhouse  – With over 1000 locations across the United States, Men’s Warehouse is one of the most popular clothing retailers for short guys in America. They have great deals on suits for any occasion along with plenty of other options so you’ll never have trouble finding something suitable .
  2. Jos A Bank  – Not only do they carry a ton of different suits and dress shirts for you to choose from, but Jos A Bank has some great deals too! Their prices tend to be much more affordable than other clothing stores, so this is always a good option.
  3. Kohl’s  – They offer plenty of different styles (including big and tall) along with reasonably priced clothes that come in a wide range of sizes. You can even shop by specific colors or patterns to help make things easier on yourself .


There are many clothing brands for short guys out there, but it can be difficult to find the perfect one. We hope this article helped you better understand what type of clothes will work best for your height and body shape so that you can shop with confidence.

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