How Tight Should A Watch Be?




Can A Watch Be Too Small

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Watches are great and almost every person would love to have one. However, before you purchase a watch, you should know its cons and the proper way of wearing it. Wearing a watch in the right manner is what matters a lot amongst so many other things.

Can A Watch Be Too Small

How Tight Should A Watch Be?

The general rule of wearing a watch is that it should not slide more than an inch up or down your wrist whenever your hand moves, an oversized watch and bracelet will look very large if it is loose around your wrist.

For those people who wear suits or long-sleeved shirts, your watch should fit comfortably, you do not want your suit jacket or cuff to get caught by the watch and instead, your sleeve should cover a bigger area of your watch. If your watch is leaving a red mark or an imprint on your hand, then it is too tight and it should not be that way.

A watch should not be too loose or too tight, a loose watch will disturb you because it slides up and down your wrist, while a tight watch will cause blisters and make you feel uncomfortable. If your watch is loose, chances are you might damage the watch or scratch the watch crystal.

When it comes to wearing a watch on the right or left, the rule is left-handed people should wear it on the right side while the right-handed on the left. Having a wristwatch has its pros and cons that you should know before getting used to it.

Pros of Having a Wristwatch

Men’s fashion accessory

Wearing a wristwatch improves your appearance, it looks small but holds a unique place on fashion accessories, particularly for men. This device is used to show your taste in fashion and design.

It tells you the time

With a wristwatch, you will always be in the right place at the right time, there are various other benefits of having a wristwatch, but the main reason is that it was specifically created to tell time.

A sign of adulthood

A wristwatch is a fashion accessory and can still show that you are mature, in that case, go for a dark dress watch.

Collectors item

Watch collection can be very addictive because there a lots of wristwatches in the market. Every watch has its own distinctive features, that is why you do not get tired of collecting them but keep in mind that watches vary some are cheap while others are costly.

Cons of Having a Wristwatch


When it’s hot, you tend to sweat a lot and the place where the watch sits sweats this making you uncomfortable. The watch can be too loose or too tight and when it’s loose, it moves up and down your wrist and when it’s too tight, it can hurt you.


Most watch owners at some point tend to look as if they are carrying something heavy. To get a trendy and stylish wristwatch, you will have to spend a good amount.

Tan lines

If you want to wear a wristwatch all the time, be ready to have tan lines on your wrist.


Wall clocks are difficult to read, but as for wristwatches, it is difficult to disentangle because of their small size, they are also difficult to see, unlike the wall clocks that you do not need to strain to see.

Can A Watch Be Too Small?

Yes, there are small and bigger watches depending on the size of your wrist. Small watches are good only if they do not strain your eyes when looking at the time. Small watches are mostly worn by women, while bigger watches are for men.

You should know how to find your right size watch, times have changed and people purchase luxury watches. It is important to know your wrist size, especially if you love buying watches online.

The obvious guidelines to keep in mind are people with larger wrists wear large watches while those with small wrists wear small watches. Apart from that, there are various other elements to keep in mind to ensure you buy the right watch size.

Measure you wrist

You can’t guess your wrist size and therefore, you will need to take measurements. If your wrist is 7 to 8 inches, the watch case you should be looking at is 46 and 44mm, while if your wrist is 6 inches to 7, go for 39, 40 and 42mm.

Case size

Case size matters and when it comes to selecting the perfect watch, look at the case diameter as it is the most important and noticeable thing. The most classic and common watch sizes for men are between 34-36mm.

The most important thing you should remember when purchasing the perfect timepiece your wrist size and the watch diameter. Watch case thickness is also important, just as the watch diameter.

If you want large case sizes, the thickness should be around 9mm, while for small to medium sizes, the size diameter will be around 7mm.

Is 42mm Watch Too Small For Man?

No, men’s watches should be 40-46mm while women’s watches should be between 34-44mm. Most men’s wrist sizes are from 6 to 8 inches, so for a man whose wrist is 6-7, the right size is 38, 40 and 42mm.

If the circumference of your wrist 7 to 8 inches, go for 44 to 46mm. It is important to know the size of your wrist to buy the right size of a watch, you don’t want to buy an expensive watch only for it to disappoint you.

Have you ever imagined wearing clothes that do not fit you? It feels uncomfortable and you feel different because that is not your style. The same applies to your other things like watches, jewelry and even shoes.

You should keep in mind that however tiny a watch is, it shows your personality that is why it is good to know the size that fits you and not just the kind of watch that suits your character.

When determining a watch size for people with six-inch wrist, which is the small wrists, use a measuring tape by wrapping it around your wrist, the tape should not be too tight not too loose on your wrist to get the appropriate size, the same applies to the other wrist sizes.

How Tight Should A Watch Be

Do You Wear A Watch Above Or Below The Wrist Bone?

The right way to wear a watch is above the wrist bone or the ulna. Ulna varies, on some people, it does not stick out, while on others, it protrudes and can be easily seen. Most people do not know where to wear a watch, it is impossible to wear it on top of the wrist bone because it is uncomfortable.

You should wear a watch above the wrist bone so that the ulna keeps the watch in place and the watch sits comfortably. If you happen to wear the watch below the wrist bone, you won’t be able to move your wrist easily.

It is not right to wear it below the wrist bone because it causes friction and can cause damage because the watch can dig into your wrist. When the watch is worn properly, it doesn’t limit wrist movements not does it cause damage.

It is your decision if you enjoy wearing it below the wrist bone, no one will stop you. Keep in mind that not all types of watches can be worn below the wrist bone, for instance, a watch with crown guards cannot be worn below the wrist bone.

Why Do People Wear Watch On Under Wrist?

It could be because they want to show it off, or they feel comfortable doing that, some people’s wrist bone do not show and that could be why they are wearing their watches under the wrist. The right way to wear a watch is above the wrist bone.

If you are yet to wear a classic watch, strap it to your wrist, the face of the piece should be placed above the wrist bone, fastened well in a way that it doesn’t slide nor harm your skin, leaving red marks behind.

Some people wear their wristwatches on the right hand while others on the left hand and this has caused a lot of confusion. If you have been having problems with which hand to wear a watch, the answer is wear it on your non-dominant wrist.

If you are right-handed, wear it on the left hand and vice versa, this is to avoid damaging your watch when doing your everyday tasks. It is not a must that you follow the rule, wear the watch on the wrist that you feel comfortable about.

Is Wearing A Watch Bad For Your Wrist?

Wearing a watch is nice and stylish until you find its cons, some people are addicted to wearing watches throughout the day and they might not be able to realize its effects.

A watch is an accessory that completes your look and makes you feel great and even though you will not be checking the time on your watch all the time, you still wear it because it is stylish and brings out your personality. You should keep in mind that no matter how good a watch is, it is not good for your wrist when worn all the time.

Watches might hurt or cause pain and discomfort to your nerves, if you feel pain when wearing a watch, then it is not ideal for you, you can still look great without a watch.

A watch can lead to a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs when too much pressure is applied to the tunnel surrounding your nerves which are between the wrist.

If you have a condition that affects your arm or wrist, avoid wearing a watch. Wearing a watch that is too tight can cause pain after some time, if the compression from the watch goes on, you can suffer from nerve damage and you can feel numb, tingling, pain and weakness in your hand.

How Tight Do You Wear Your Rolex?

Just like other watches, it should not be too tight, not too loose, it should sit comfortably on your wrist without moving up and down. When trying to style your watch, you should look at several factors.

The most important factor being your personal preference when it comes to how fitting should a Rolex be. You can stick to some tips so that your watch feels and looks good on your wrist.

Your Rolex should be worn on the correct wrist, which is the non-dominant hand, this allows you to operate easily without damaging your watch. Right-handed people usually wear their watches on their left hand, and most watches are meant for right-handed users.

To add to that, you should never wear Rolex on your actual wrist, instead wear it on the lower part of your forearm. They normally say that a watch should be worn on the wrist, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you wear it on the wrist.

Wearing a watch on the wrist is uncomfortable for many reasons, if a heavy Rolex sits on top of your wrist for long, you might feel some pain at the ulna, the watch can also dig into your hand, causing scratches and blisters.

The right way to wear your Rolex isn’t making sure that it sits on the area next to your wrist. When a watch is worn properly, it ensures that it stays comfortable and can work for the whole day without a problem.

Finally, watch lovers should be in a pot to know when a watch is too small, how tight a watch should be, why people wear watches under the wrist, the right place to wear a watch and the right size of watch for both men and women.

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