How to Use Kiwi Shoe Polish?




How to Use Kiwi Shoe Polish

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Knowing how to clean and polish your shoe is something everyone should know. You should learn to take care of your shoes so that they can last longer and let you look sharp.

You should have no problems with brushing and shining your shoes because this article has got you covered in everything you want to know about polishing and shining your shoes.

How to Use Kiwi Shoe Polish

How to Use Kiwi Shoe Polish?

Shoe polish is a cream used to polish, waterproof and shine leather shoes. Shoe polishes are available in three textures, the hard waxes, cream emulsion and liquids. Kiwi shoe polish is a hard wax and a lot of people have been using it for quite long.

Advantages of kiwi polish

  • Extends footwear’s life
  • Improves shoe appearance
  • Maintains and restores shoe appearance as well.
  • It gives your shoe long-lasting shine and protection.

Kiwi shoe polish is the best as it is easy to apply and has other advantages for your shoes. If you have been using liquid shoe polish and now want to try kiwi shoe polish, don’t worry because nothing is complicated.

Steps to follow when using kiwi shoe polish

  • Clean your shoes before applying shoe polish.
  • After cleaning the shoe, use a polish applicator or a cloth to apply polish
  • Allow the polish to dry for sometime
  • Buff to a gloss
  • For a great or extra shine, apply another polish but lighter this time
  • Sprinkle with water, then buff with a soft cloth, not a polish applicator
  • If you want shinier shoes, let them dry well after polishing and then buff them with kiwi shine clothes, it gives your shoe an extra shine.

How Long Does It Take Kiwi Shoe Polish To Dry?

It only takes about 10 to 20 minutes for the kiwi polish to dry, do not rush into shining your shoes before the polish dries because you won’t get good results.

Once the shoe polish is dry, the first thing you should do is buff the shoe vigorously. It helps remove excess polish thus creating a bit of shine.

Shoe polish takes a little time before it dries and you should wait if you want to get a perfect shine on your shoe, not unless you are in a hurry.

Learn to shine your shoe. It looks neat and perfect when shined. Below are ways in which you can shine them perfectly.

Ways of shining shoes

  • Clean the shoe of its dirty and if not, wipe the shoe using a soft damp cloth
  • Remove shoelaces if your shoes have them
  • Using a soft cloth, apply a layer of conditioner
  • Give it 10 to 20 minutes for the conditioner to be absorbed
  • Polish the shoes using a fresh soft cloth
  • Add some more polish if you feel like the shoe needs more
  • Allow the polish to dry for 20 minutes
  • Buff the shoe using your brush to get rid of extra polish and create shine
  • If you want a very shiny shoe, you will have to use wax polish instead of cream polish.

Is Kiwi A Good Shoe Polish?

Kiwi shoe polish is good for leather shoes because it gives the shoe the shine it deserves and protects leather. If you love leather shoes, then stick to using kiwi shoe polish, it will never disappoint you.

The main reason why your leather shoes, belts and bags wear out is that they are not well maintained. Kiwi polish is better than any other polish because it sits on the leather surface and does not penetrate it.

This is useful because it forms a film on the leather surface, thus protecting it from water and stains. It makes the shoes shine and waterproof at some point.

However, you should not apply too much shoe polish because it will prevent the leather from breathing. So if you are wondering what shoe polish to use, kiwi is the best choice.

Kiwi shoe polish is good but you should also learn to take good care of your shoe, or else it won’t last long. Do not polish a shoe before cleaning it.

Cleaning your shoe is important and you should always do that whenever you want to polish your shoes.

How Long Does It Take Kiwi Shoe Polish To Dry

How Do You Apply Shoe Polish?

Polishing shoes should not be a big deal because it’s fun doing it since it’s not tiresome. Do it in the right way and your shoe will look neat and very shiny.

Remember that a good shoe polishing technique not only makes your shoes look great but also extends their lifespan.

Learning to polish your shoes is a good idea as it will save you a lot of money and give you a great sense of satisfaction.

Steps to polish your shoes

  • Choose your polish
  • Use either an old t-shirt or a polishing brush
  • Ensure that you have a horsehair brush and a soft cloth
  • Use newspapers to cover your workspace
  • Clean the shoe before applying polish
  • Apply the polish in circular motions
  • Give the polish time to dry before adding other layers
  • Once dry, brush off the best excess polish
  • Shine the shoes with a soft cloth using spit shine methods
  • You can as well try fire shining methods

How to add Military hard shine on your shoes

  • Breathe onto the polished shoes
  • Sprinkle some water on the shoes
  • Move a lighter over the shoe surface
  • Use a soft cloth to rub the shoes

Can Kiwi Shoe Polish Be Used On Leather?

Yes, it’s the best shoe polish that should always be used on leather shoes. It is advisable that leather shoe lovers should consider using kiwi shoe polish all the time.

It is good for leather because it protects it and gives it a good shine. There are several types of kiwi polishes, they are available mostly in black and brown and you should use them according to the color of your shoes.

Do not use black shoe polish on a brown leather shoe and vice versa because you will regret the outcome. Learn to use the right type of shoe polish, there are several brands but kiwi is good for leather shoes.

The main reason as to why you should go for kiwi is because, unlike other shoe polishes, kiwi allows the shoe to breathe well. Even though kiwi is good, do not apply too much of it on your leather shoes.

Can You Use Vaseline to Shine Shoes?

Yes, you can use Vaseline to shine your shoes, especially if you do not have any shoe polish. Just apply little Vaseline on them and in no time, it will bring back the clean shine.

Vaseline protects leather from cracking by making it soft. It works well on leather shoes, bags and even leather belts. It works well on any type of leather except rawhide leather, do not apply petroleum jelly on it at all.

Apart from using Vaseline, you can as well use other products to shine your shoes and some of them are discussed below.


Use a rag to apply vinegar on your shoes, it will clean scuffs off a leather shoe.

Olive oil and vegetable oil

To clean dust from the shoes, use a clean damp rag. When clean, buff with a small drop of oil to bring out the shine

Banana peel

Instead of throwing away banana peels, just use them to shine the shoes. Rub the inside of the banana peel over the shoe and then wipe it clean.

This really works, you should try them sometime. It sounds fake but they can work magic on your shoes.

How Often Should I Polish My Shoes?

Polishing shoes depends on how often you wear them, if you have a single pair of shoes, it means that you have to polish them regularly. But if your shoes are clean most of the time, you can polish them once or twice per month.

Polishing your shoes makes you look sharp and apart from that, it increases the lifespan of a shoe. Polishing your shoe regularly protects them from scuffs, scratches, durability as well as water and dirt resistance.

Failing to brush your shoes will reduce their lifespan because the leather will break down much quickly. This not only applies to old shoes but also new shoes.

Polishing your new shoes helps in restoring moisture back to the leather. They are new, but you don’t know how long they have been in that store. Once you polish your shoe and anything spills on them, it’s the polish that gets attacked and not leather.

Ensure that you clean your shoes whenever they get dirty. You can either use a cloth or brush to clean the dirt. Clean the shoes daily or whenever you wear them and that doesn’t mean you polish them any time you clean them.

Can You Use Vaseline To Shine Your Shoes?

Vaseline can be used to shine shoes amongst several other products, it makes leather shoes smooth and that means they won’t break easily hence lasting long. Use Vaseline if you do not have shoe polish but that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t use it when there is no polish.

To keep your shoes clean, you can also use the following hacks and since they are available, you have to try them.


This can only be used on canvas shoes. Squeeze a little toothpaste on a cloth and apply them to the shoes. It helps get rid of scuffs or marks after that, use a damp cloth to wipe the shoe clean.

Nail polish remover

Nail polish can be used to wipe away marks on soft leather brogues, add a little on a cotton ball and clean away and remember not to use too much of it as it might color your shoe.


Windex is used mostly to clean windows and not just for windows but also to clean patent leather shoes. Spray it on a clean cloth and use it to clean the shoe, it will get rid of marks and make your shoe shine.

Olive oil

If you notice that your shoes are full and faded and you have no shoe polish, use olive oil but only on black leather shoes. Dab a bit of the oil on a clean cloth and rub it on your shoes they will definitely shine.

How Do You Open Kiwi Shoe Polish Without A Lever?

Opening a shoe polish should not be that hard, but you need to open it in the right way so that you don’t ruin the shoe polish.

If the lever is broken, try opening it with a kitchen knife or a screwdriver, it might not work, though, but try it.

If it doesn’t work, let it run in hot water for some time, hot water will heat up the metal container hence opening up.

Do not heat the container without protection because it will definitely cause the polish to turn into liquid. To ensure that it remains in good condition, place it in a plastic bag and then put on the lid.

This will help the kiwi polish to open up without being damaged and if this never works, then buy a new shoe polish. To prevent the lever from breaking, you should avoid doing the following things.

Don’t poke the container with a knife

Never pull the lever

Twist the lever don’t pop it

Be careful with the lever, if it doesn’t turn, try other methods

In order to pull out a great look, the thing that matters most is your shoe. Make sure your shoe is perfect and very shiny, to add on that know how to use kiwi shoe polish and how long kiwi shoe polish takes to dry.

In addition to that, know other products you can use to shine shoes, whether kiwi is a good shoe polish, how often you should polish your shoe, how to open kiwi shoe polish without a lever and how you can apply shoe polish.

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