Is It Weird to Go to a Bar Alone




Is it weird for a guy to go to a bar alone

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Going to a bar alone can be a daunting experience. Will you feel out of place? Will you be the only one there without someone to talk to? In this post, we explore the pros of going to a bar alone and offer some tips on making the most of your visit. So if you’re thinking about heading out for a drink by yourself, read on!

Is It Weird to Go to a Bar Alone

Is It Weird To Go To A Bar Alone?

Of course not. It’s normal to go to a bar by yourself, whether you are new in town or feel like relaxing by yourself for an evening. So if you’re on the fence about heading out alone, don’t be! You’ll have a great time with drinks and food that can be enjoyed at your own pace.

The Benefits Of Going To A Bar Alone

When you’re sitting by yourself, you can enjoy the full bar menu at your own pace and choose whatever food or drink strikes your fancy. You won’t have to share the ice cream with another person if that’s what you want! It can also be a great opportunity to try something new without having someone look over your shoulder and tell you that you should order something else.

The Disadvantages Of Going To A Bar Alone

If you find it difficult to be at home with just the idea of being alone, then going out by yourself may not be your best option. Since there tend to be more people around in public places than in private ones, it’s only natural to cause anxiety. If that’s the case, opt for something simple like cooking dinner or grabbing coffee rather than dealing with the social interaction of hanging out with strangers.

Going to a dive bar by yourself can also feel pretty awkward, especially if you’re used to going out with a group or significant other. Since there will likely be more people at bars who are looking to hook up, the only conversation you’ll have may be over an aborted “You want a drink?”

Even though drinking alone can seem like a much more calming experience than going to a crowded bar by yourself, crowds and lack of company may not be what puts you off from giving it a shot. If you find it hard being around larger groups of people, whether they’re strangers or friends, staying home in your pajamas where you feel safe may ultimately be what allows you to unwind. So whatever works for you!

What To Do At A Bar By Yourself

What will you do when you go to a bar by yourself? That’s up to you. If you’re at a dive bar, it can be fun for people to watch and appreciate that this is not where you would normally choose to go. If there are pool tables, play some games with yourself! Similarly, if there are dart boards or other games, bring some dollar bills and put them in the machine for yourself (if someone is using it). Some bars may play music videos or sports on TVs – why not enjoy that with your beer?

It’s also really easy to strike up conversations with strangers when you’re alone at the bar. Even if it doesn’t lead anywhere, it can be nice getting out of your bubble and meeting some new people. If you know what you want, it can be fun to ask the bartender more about the drinks they serve and get their recommendations on what you should try next.

Is it weird for a guy to go to a bar alone

The Rules for Drinking Alone at a Bar

Choose your adventure

When you go to a bar by yourself, different options are available. You can sit at the bar and order drinks; you can grab a table or booth for one; or get some food to go. If you want to have your little party with only one other person, get a drink at the bar and dance around while no one is looking!

If sitting alone feels too awkward, come in time for happy hour so you won’t have to wait long before someone else joins your group, or another solo patron enters the fray.

Avoid peak hours

If you tend to get anxious when alone at a bar, try not going during peak hours. This may be off-peak happy hour, lunch hour, or even the late afternoon. You can still order drinks and/or food and enjoy them yourself without feeling like everyone is watching you.

Be friendly to bartenders and servers

The people who work at bars usually want to go home just as much as patrons do, so it’s never nice pulling out your wallet and completely ignoring them for an entire evening. Make sure to smile at the bartender whenever they stop by your table or make eye contact with anyone bringing you drinks or delivering plates of food.

Try a hotel bar

If you want to go somewhere nice but don’t want to be around many people, hotel bars can be a great option. The bartenders will know what they’re doing, and the atmosphere is usually pretty relaxed since those guests are generally looking for a post-dinner drink (or maybe to wind down after a long day).

Keep it simple

Most importantly, whatever you do at this bar doesn’t have to turn into an all-night bender. If you find that one drink leads into another and then another, pace yourself, so you still have time before the last call! Also, remember that using the bathroom shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, if not less.

So what do you think? Are there any other rules for drinking alone at a bar? Would you ever go to a bar by yourself? What are some of your favorite bars when you’re looking for peace?

Chat with your bartender

At first, it may feel awkward to sit by yourself at the bar. But if you’re friendly with the bartender, chatting them up can make your experience much more enjoyable! Don’t be afraid to flag them down for their attention if they are busy.

Make your bartender a wingman/woman

If you want to meet some people at the bar, talk to your bartender! If they are busy, they can still chat with you. It might even be nice to ask them if they remember seeing anyone interesting come in that evening – it may help break the ice with strangers!

You’re not bothering anyone

Keep in mind that if you’re just one person sitting alone at a bar, no one is thinking about you (with the possible exception of the bartenders). They aren’t judging how much money you make or wondering why you don’t have any friends. The only person who cares about what’s going on with your night is yourself! And maybe any future partners or new friends.

Go back the next night

If you tried out a new bar and had solo drinks and had a good experience, maybe the next time you’re looking for a place to go by yourself, try that same one! Perhaps it’s your new favorite bar because who knows what you might discover there.

Keep it short

Drinking alone isn’t as bad as some people think, but don’t let it turn into an all-night affair. You know your body best, so if you feel like you’ve had enough alcohol already or are too tired, remember the money in your wallet and call an Uber before anything else. Even if no one notices how long you’ve been at the bar!

What Drinks Should I Order?

Whether going to a bar alone or with a group, ordering a drink is always a personal choice. Try new things and go with recommendations from those bartenders or those drinks that have been trending recently on social media!


There’s nothing wrong with going to a bar by yourself or inviting your friends to show up later. Drinking alone at home is the cheapest way to get buzzed, but if you want to try something new – drinking solo can be fun!

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