What Do Men in Their 50s Want in a Woman




What Do Men in Their 50s Want in a Woman

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When you’re in your 50s, you’ve been through a lot, and you’ve been around the block a few times and have experienced many relationships. For this reason, men who are turning 50-plus should know what they want from their next relationship.

What Do Men in Their 50s Want in a Woman

What Do Men in Their 50s Want in a Woman

Someone who respects boundaries

The most important thing men in their 50s want in a woman is to respect boundaries. Men in their 50s seek companionship, someone they can make memories with. Therefore, they want to know the age difference is mutual and that she will treat them like an equal partner instead of taking advantage of them or treating them like children.

Someone who’s honest and has a good heart

Honesty is critical when looking for someone to spend your life with, and men in their 50s know this. They want someone open and honest about her feelings instead of hiding her feelings or putting up a front. Men in their 50s seek a woman with a good heart because they have been hurt before by women who lied and manipulated them into getting what they wanted. Men in their 50s want a woman who loves them for exactly who they are instead of criticizing, judging, or trying to change them.

Someone who shares the same interests

Since you’ve been around the block more times than most people even notice the existence of unions, you know what you like and what you don’t like. Men in their 50s know what they want out of life, and they don’t want to have to change those things about themselves just so a woman will be attracted to them. They want someone who shares the same interests as themselves so that there won’t be any unnecessary drama or guilt trips involved when it comes to spending time together.

Someone with a good sense of humor

A man’s heart is vulnerable at this age, and men in their 50s know this all too well since it’s shown through their actions more than anything else. It’s important for a woman not to take advantage of that vulnerability or any other insecurity he may have by using his emotions against him whenever she gets into an argument with him. A good sense of humor is a good way to diffuse tension, and men in their 50s want someone who will be able to brighten up their day with laughter instead of causing them more worries.

Someone confident but not conceited

A man in his 50s wants a woman with confidence because it’s attractive. However, he doesn’t want a woman who’s so full of herself that she turns people away or makes them feel inferior by how she acts around them. Confidence is attractive in a healthy amount, and healthy levels can always be maintained if they’re accompanied by humility. So men in their 50s seek women with just the right amount of both qualities: enough confidence for her to know that she can take care of herself throughout life and enough humility to know that she doesn’t have to take care of herself all by herself.

Someone who knows how to communicate effectively

Men in their 50s don’t want a woman who will constantly nag them or make them feel guilty for not talking about problems as soon as they come up. They want someone who won’t be afraid of getting her feelings hurt if she’s honest about what’s bothering her, and men in their 50s also want someone willing to listen when he talks instead of shutting him out just because she doesn’t like what he has to say. Being the one with more life experience automatically makes you the wiser one, which means understanding your partner’s point of view will be easier than it would be for a younger woman.

Someone with a good work ethic

Men in their 50s are looking for someone who will prioritize them instead of someone who puts their job before the relationship. If they’re thinking about settling down with her long-term, then men in their 50s want to be able to see that she’s responsible enough to handle it. They don’t want to settle down with someone who will end up being more of a burden than an asset just because she doesn’t love herself enough or find value in herself, which often leads women into making bad decisions that cause them to more trouble than necessary.

Someone who won’t expect him to change just for her sake

A man’s happiness comes first in his life, which is why he needs to find a woman who will support him in all of his endeavors, even if they don’t necessarily agree with everything he does. A man in his 50s doesn’t want to change himself just because someone else thinks he should be more like them instead of accepting that everyone has different opinions on certain things. Men in their 50s are looking for women who will let them be themselves without feeling the need to criticize or correct them any time they get into an argument about something against their opinion.

Someone who understands that age is just a number

Though older men often date younger women, this isn’t always the case since there aren’t any rules for love. Men in their 50s are looking for women who recognize that age is just a number, and they don’t want someone who will make them feel insecure about the fact that they’re more mature than they are by acting too immature or childish whenever she gets upset. A man in his 50s wants to be himself around her without worrying about whether or not what he’s doing is something a younger woman would do since age is just a number and maturity levels aren’t always correlated with age.

Someone with ambition

Men often consider themselves alpha males, which means older men expect the women they date to either have their jobs or at least show an interest in finding one as soon as possible if they aren’t already working. Men in their 50s don’t want to support someone forever, and they’re even less likely to stick around if she doesn’t seem like she has her life together since older men look for someone self-sufficient instead of someone clingy.

Someone with integrity

An older man wants a woman who won’t act like everything’s okay when it’s not. They want someone mature enough, to be honest about their feelings without acting like everything is fine. If problems need to be worked out between them, they want a woman who will speak up instead of letting resentment build up inside of her until she lashes out at the wrong moment. Men in their 50s don’t want an emotional wreck as a partner, and they certainly don’t want a woman who will strangle them with her problems until she breaks down his resistance.

Someone who is in touch with her emotions

Older men tend to be more traditional when it comes to serious relationships, which means that men in their 50s are looking for women who aren’t afraid of intimacy or vulnerability rather than someone they have to play games with to get close to. Men in their 50s want someone comfortable enough with themselves that she isn’t going to let everything out right away, but when she finally opens up, he wants someone he can confide in instead of having her decide how long he has before she shuts him out again.

Compatibility with family and friends

Older men often date women young enough to be their daughters, but that doesn’t mean they want a woman who will get along with his family and friends since he wants someone willing to make the effort of getting to know them. Men in their 50s are looking for compatibility right from the start, which means it’s important to him if she gets along with family members and has people she considers her close friends instead of shunning everyone from her life before he even meets them.

No ex-drama

Men in their 50s don’t want someone who will come with baggage that’s just going to turn into an issue when he isn’t even sure if she’s the one. While they’re not looking for a woman who has never been in love before, older men are less likely to date women who have children, ex-spouses, or friends with benefits since it adds complications when they aren’t even sure if this relationship is something worth pursuing. They want someone without any significant baggage, which means no children, no ex-spouses, and no drama from former relationships unless, of course, he was the one causing problems during his past romances.


Since men in their 50s are more likely to be established than younger men, they’re also looking for women who are willing to give up just as much of themselves as they’re ready to offer. An older man wants someone open-minded enough to meet him halfway, which means she shouldn’t expect him to change all of his lifestyle habits or hobbies just because she gets bored quickly. He doesn’t want a woman who isn’t willing to compromise since he’s already given up so much of his time and energy for this relationship, so before anything else can move forward, he needs her to either accept his life choices or figure out how it’s going to work without them changing everything about himself that makes him happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if he’s in a relationship with someone ten years younger than him?

There’s a difference between an older man dating a younger woman and the same scenario but with a woman who is his age or even older. The point of these relationship dynamics is that he doesn’t want someone to feel insecure around him because she’s always going on about how much younger she is. Since men in their 50s are looking for a level of compatibility that doesn’t just involve someone they can have fun with, he will be more attracted to a woman who isn’t trying to play games with his head.

What if there’s someone else I want to date, but I’m not sure if I should wait around?

It’s never a good idea to let a man sit around and hope that he’ll change his mind, which is why if you’re interested in someone but not sure when you should start dating him, the best thing to do is approach him about it. If he’s interested, then everything goes from there, but if he isn’t, then at least you won’t worry about him potentially coming back to you ten years from now.

What if I do all the pursuing and he says no?

Just because a man is older doesn’t mean he can’t make up his mind, which means that every time you show interest, it’s essential to allow him to either accept or reject your offer without pressuring him. Even if you have to go through a few people before finding the right one, being honest with yourself about what you’re looking for will eliminate any unnecessary stress and get the process done more quickly.


Whether you’re wondering how to approach an older man or want some insight into what he’s thinking, it has everything to do with what they want in return. After all, if you don’t care about the same things he does and aren’t willing to let him help you find happiness, is this relationship even worth pursuing?

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