How Do You Know If An Alpha Male Likes You?




What Do Alpha Males Want in a Relationship

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Alpha males are great people and are everywhere, but you need to be strong to date them because they are tough people. However, you can handle them well after going through this article.

How Do You Know If An Alpha Male Likes You

How Do You Know If An Alpha Male Likes You?

It is not easy to read when an alpha male like you, they like partners that feel masculine and protective next to. They rarely communicate their feelings to someone, not unless through their actions.

Here are some ways that will show you that an alpha man is interested in you, if he does the following things all the time, then there is no doubt the guy is into you.

Talks about the future

Am alpha men cannot come out straight that he loves you. He does things that indicate that he loves you.

If he talks about his future and mentions you in it every time, he sure wants to be with you.

Make sure you tell them your feelings too, alpha males have a tendency of assuming that their thoughts are right, so if you don’t want anything to do with him, be open to tell him earlier.

He places his arm around you

An alpha male will always place his arm around you when he is in love, they don’t do it intentionally, it is just that they can’t control their feelings.

Alpha males like protecting a woman in his life, and when he puts an arm around you, it shows how protective he is, and he marks his territory by doing so.

He puts down other men

Alpha men would never want to be dragged down, and that is why they tend to put others down, especially men.

If he is interested in you and sees you with another man, he puts him down in every way possible because no one can ever look down upon him.

He is passionate

They show their true affection even in bed, he tries to please you, does the perfect foreplay and makes good love to you, he does it well because his mind and heart are into you.

He empties the trash

If you notice a man carrying your trash out, then know it’s not ordinary, it is a way of showing women they love how affectionate they can be.

This is a man’s job and he would want to do it for you, his actions show that he cares for you, therefore you should relax and enjoy.

He calls to make sure you are okay

If an alpha man calls all the time to check on you, it’s clear that he likes you, and that is his way of protecting you and a significant sign that he is in love.

You need to get used to it because he will not stop soon, it’s their nature to be over protective simply because they like you and not because you can take care of yourself.

He walks you home

If he offers to walk you home every time, it shows that he loves you and is ready to protect you. Alpha men will take you home whether you are dating or not so long as he is interested in you.

Opens doors for you

When an alpha man opens doors for you, especially car doors, it shows they are serious about you, and it is a trait that all alpha males love to do.

He just loves you and is ready to make life easier in any way possible. Alpha males are gentlemen, and if you happen to meet one, you are lucky.

What Do Alpha Males Want in a Relationship

How Do You Keep An Alpha Male Interested?

Getting yourself recognized by a man could not be that hard, but you will need to work hard, as for the case of alpha men.

Especially if you don’t know their traits but worry no more below are ways of ensuring that an alpha. Make is interested in you.


Alpha male likes someone confident because he is confident himself and wants someone that is better.

The first step you should take is to convince him that you are exactly what he wants, you have to even if you are not.

It doesn’t matter how your physical appearance is and what matters is confidence.

Ease of Communication

Men love to be heroes but do not want wen dramas at the first stage of a relationship. Imagine if you start having problems as early as that what will then happen later?

Men prefer women who are easy to handle and talk about problems so that they can be solved and life moves on, so keep in mind that if you are dramatic, you will not win an alpha man.


Do not be who you are not, just be you from the word go because an alpha male is able to understand ladies well and know when you are lying.


Alpha male loves some but passionate women, he would prefer someone interesting with many hobbies and an outgoing one too.

You can also win him if you listen to decent music, read good books and you are talkative. If you have the above features, then there is no doubt.


If you are independent, count yourself lucky because strong independent women do not scare me away.

The reason why alpha men would choose an independent woman is that they are strong and gives them humble time.

What Do Alpha Males Want in a Relationship?

Alpha males are committed and want serious people as well, here are some things they look at before getting in a relationship.


Alpha males like to be in control of things, that is why they also need a woman who can control her own life. For the relationship to work, the woman must be strong and should be able to have some control over him.


This sounds awkward, but yes, alpha males are stubborn and want a woman who can compete. Those who are faint-hearted cannot survive this, a stubborn woman should be understanding and that is how things will balance and the relationship will run smoothly.


One major feature they look for in a woman is confidence and assertiveness, alpha male does what they want whenever that want and want a woman who can do the same.

What Is An Alpha Male Personality?


  • Outgoing
  • Self-confident
  • Enterprising

Alpha males are known to be bad boys, they always want their men to be men. They’re very confident, but this confidence comes with aggression.

To add on that, alpha males are outgoing and demanding, together with being sexist.

He also objects women but can get a woman whenever he wants to, and if he happens to get one, he wants someone who is docile with a few features of an alpha male.

It’s tough to work with an alpha male because he got a high level of ego, but he makes up in a charming way.

Are Alpha Males Jealous?

Yes, extra jealous when you’re dating an alpha male be ready for dramas, this kind of people do not want someone else near their lovers at some point, they can initiate a fight.

You realize that whenever you are somewhere with him, he tries to mark his territory by touching you and even putting his arms around you. It shows how much he cares and does not want anyone near you.

If you were thinking of dating an alpha man, then be sure to be strong enough to handle him, these male people are jealous, hard to handle, and with a lot of ego, but they are great people.

The reason why someone can be jealous is because he is in love and doesn’t want to see other men near you. Alpha males are people with feelings and have the same feelings like other people too.

Can an Alpha Male Be Faithful?

It is not a guarantee that alpha male cheat, some cheat and some do not. Just like all other male, alphas can make mistakes and remember that no one is perfect.

When an Alpha finds his perfect match, he rarely cheats because the woman knows how to handle him. He can curb his ego, arrogance and put him in his place.

Women dating alpha men should be strong and courageous, she needs to be independent because alpha males don’t like women who are always at their neck.

If an Alpha male dates a faint-hearted woman, the relationship will not survive because handling this kind of men is tough.

Signs You Are Dating an Alpha Male?

He is confident

Alpha male are always courageous and are driven by ego. They are those people who are ready to prove that they are capable of doing something, and you should never dare them.

He is dangerous

If a man you are dating is dangerous, mentally strong, then he likely is an alpha. He gets into fights and can harm someone if need be, some girls would love that and some would not.

But it is great to be with a man who makes you feel secure when you are around him, he is in a position to protect you and your family.

He’s more about solutions

If your man prefers talking to you when there is a problem and prefers coming out with solutions, he is a good alpha man. They hate emotions and you might find them insensitive, but that’s how they are.

He’s very honest

Alpha male loves honest people because they are when he does something, he comes out clean and does not want his girlfriend to hide anything from him.

He does not care what other people say, he tells the truth for the good of him. He is fearless and ready to fix things even if they are tough.

How Do You Deal With An Alpha Man In A Relationship?

Dealing with an alpha male is not easy, but you can deal with him only if you have similar qualities to him here are ways to deal with an alpha male.

Calmly explain his behavior traits

When he makes a mistake, don’t shout at him and politely talk to him until he notices where he went wrong. They like when you talk and come up with solutions rather than creating unwanted drama.

Let him take the lead

Alphas love to be in control and if that is so, let it be because no matter what happens, you can’t compete with him.

You need to be understanding and let him do what he wants so long as it doesn’t harm you in any way.

They feel happy when they take the lead, so why don’t you just let him be if that makes him happy.

Be straightforward

This male is authoritative and may bring it into the relationship but don’t worry, there is always a way of handling him, and that is being straightforward on what you don’t like.

Do Alpha Male Say I Love You?

Alphas are male just like the others and they have feelings and can express love in various ways, some will say they love you while others will show through their actions as follows.

  • Craves for your admiration
  • Dress to impress
  • Finds common ground
  • He will be dominant
  • Doesn’t please people
  • He wants to be the leading one
  • Become very passionate
  • Very confident
  • Shows you his weakness

What Type Of A Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To?

Alpha male are attracted to specific women with unique features like women who are courageous, aggressive, strong, loyal and intelligent.

The reason why they want a specific type of woman is because they want someone who can handle them since not all girls can handle alpha male moods.

To help you know whether you are in a position to date an alpha male, you should know signs of an alpha male, how to keep them interested in you, what they want in a relationship, the type of woman they are attracted to and their personality trait.

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