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Sometimes we don’t see it coming at all. One day, everything’s fine and dandy between us, and the next day our girlfriend is giving us the cold shoulder or not talking to us at all. We can’t figure out why she has suddenly become so distant and uninterested in having a relationship with you. It feels like your world has come to an end. Then you find out what’s going on through friends or by some other means, and it turns out that she is seeing someone else now.

Signs She Has Moved On to Someone Else

Signs She Has Moved On to Someone Else

Sometimes the signs are plain as day, but we don’t notice them until later, sometimes not at all. Here are some of the clues that your girlfriend may have moved on with another guy.

She Goes On Dates

Your girlfriend may start to go out on dates with other guys, either casually or in a relationship. The dates can be anything from going to dinner and a movie or seeing a band playing at a local bar. Of course, she will tell you if she has someone special, but the signs are clear if you pay attention. If she is texting or calling other guys all the time, either telling them that she can’t make it or asking if they want to get together, you should be concerned.

She Gets Her Hair Done

Your girlfriend may be getting her hair done by someone else these days, whether it is to get highlights put in or styled at a new salon. She may have a friend who works at a salon that can hook her up, or she may want to switch things up. While it’s okay if you don’t like the way it turns out, if your girlfriend seems unhappy with her new look, there is probably another guy involved.

She Starts Wearing Sexy Clothes Again

If your girlfriend threw away all of her sexy clothes, now she’s wearing them again. Women are funny because if they have a man in their lives, they shouldn’t feel the need to dress bootylicious for other men. The same goes for you; if your girlfriend is wearing sexy clothes again, there may be another guy involved.

She Has A New Boyfriend

Sometimes the signs are a little harder to notice because your girlfriend sees someone else, and she tells you that she’s happy with this new guy. Even though it hurts to think that your girl may have moved on, you can’t be sure unless you ask her directly. She will either tell you outright or make excuses not to see you anymore.

She Doesn’t Want To Hang Out

If you ask your girlfriend to do something and she is unavailable or doesn’t want to go, there may be another guy involved. Your girlfriend may start doing things with other people instead of you just because the new guy likes doing those things as well.

She Loves Him More Than You

Of course, this is a sign that your girlfriend is involved with someone else. She will tell you that she loves him more than you and doesn’t want to be in the relationship anymore. If this happens, you should move on as well because she is not hung up on you like she was before; it only took some other guy to make her realize that making herself happy is more important than holding you back.

She Has Her Own Phone Number

If your girlfriend suddenly has her own phone number, don’t be surprised if she’s using it to talk to another guy. She may have told you that she needed a phone line because of work or other reasons, but there is probably another guy involved here. Even if your girlfriend doesn’t have her line, she may just be talking to another guy on the phone because that is one of the signs that she has moved on.

She No Longer Flirts With You

If your girlfriend doesn’t flirt with you anymore, this is a big sign that she’s moved on. She may even start to eye other guys and give them signals or make small talk with them when you are around. If you notice her flirting with another man even in the slightest way, don’t be surprised if she finds happiness elsewhere.

She Told You She Doesn’t Have Feelings Anymore

Probably the most significant sign that your girlfriend has moved on to another guy is when she tells you she doesn’t have feelings anymore. One of the signs that she’s using for this article is a big reason why she was able to move on from you in the first place. If you want to know how her life with someone else is going, you will have to ask her yourself.

She Doesn’t Want To Talk About The Relationship

Your girlfriend may still love you, but she doesn’t want to talk about the relationship anymore. If your girlfriend tells you that she doesn’t want to talk about it, she is trying to close the door on this chapter of her life. It’s time to move on and put everything behind you because she has already done the same.

She Gives You A Weak Excuse For Her Actions

Another sign that your girlfriend has moved on is when she gives you a weak excuse for her actions on something she did, even if it’s just small talk amongst friends. If she constantly gives you flimsy excuses for being with another guy, there is a chance that she has moved on to something more serious.

She Thinks You Need Someone Better

If your girlfriend tells you that you need someone better, it should be evident that she has moved on. This can be very hurtful to hear, especially if you love her, but this is one of the big signs that she has already made up her mind about what she wants out of life. Of course, there are other reasons why your girlfriend thinks that you need someone better, but the reason stated above seems to be the most common.

She Wants You To Move On Too

If your girlfriend tells you that she wants you to move on too, there is no doubt. This is one of the biggest signs that your girlfriend has moved on because she doesn’t want to waste her time waiting for you to make up your mind. It’s either that or she truly wants you to be happy, even if it means her not being in your life anymore. Regardless, this is one of the best signs that she has moved on from you.

She Doesn’t Want To Talk About The Future

Another big sign your girlfriend is moving on to someone else is when she doesn’t want to talk about the future anymore. If she’s not talking about what you two will do together in the future or even next weekend, then this is a sign that she has moved on. It may be too soon for her, but it’s one of the signs that she’s moved on from you.

She Has More Free Time Now

If you noticed that your girlfriend has a lot of free time now, then there is a good chance that she has moved on. You may think this is a great sign because it means she can be with you more often, but the truth is if she doesn’t have any responsibilities, she will be able to move on faster. It’s like a free pass moving on, and there is nothing that you can do about it.

She Doesn’t Check Up On You Or Your Life

Your girlfriend probably used to check up on you or your life, but now, she doesn’t care anymore. This is one of the biggest signs that she has moved on because she doesn’t want to waste time worrying about you or checking up on how you’re doing. She’s delighted with her life and where it’s going, even if it isn’t including you anymore.

She Is Using You For Your Resources

If your girlfriend uses you for your resources, she has moved on. If it weren’t for your income, she wouldn’t have been with you in the first place, but now that’s pretty much all gone. Now she’s using things from you such as your credit card or borrowing some of your things without asking. There is a chance that this was going on before, but now it’s a sign for sure.

She No Longer Talks About You

Another of the signs that your girlfriend has moved on is when she doesn’t talk about you anymore. She probably used to compliment you a lot and even told her friends how happy she was with you, but now it’s all gone. She may not even let people know that she had a boyfriend because that would give away that she has moved on.

She Is Putting Her Plans First Now

Your girlfriend may have done things last minute in the past when it came to you, but now, she is putting her plans first. You could be asking to spend time with her, even just for dinner, and she will find an excuse not to do so because something else is more important. She has moved on and isn’t willing to deal with you anymore, no matter how much she might care about you.

She Doesn’t Respond To Calls Or Texts Anymore

Your girlfriend probably used to respond to your calls and texts right away, but now, she doesn’t do that anymore. Maybe this started happening slowly, but it’s certainly a sign that she has moved on. If you are the one who is always making an effort to contact her, then odds are she hasn’t even looked at your phone or read your text.

She Doesn’t Try To See You As Much

Your girlfriend probably used to drop whatever she was doing if you asked her for a favor, but now, she doesn’t do that anymore. This may have taken some time to happen, so you didn’t notice the change in the beginning, but even if it’s subtle, it’s a sign. She may even turn you down when you ask her to see each other for a few minutes because she has somewhere else to be!

signs she has someone else

She Forgets Important Dates Such As Your Anniversary

Your girlfriend probably remembers your anniversary. After all, she used to make it a point to celebrate the day with you and even made such an effort. But now, she doesn’t remember it anymore because there is no reason for her to celebrate it. She’s moving on and no longer wants to be reminded of that relationship or all the time you spent together.

She Tries To Hide Her Current Relationship

Your girlfriend probably tried to hide her current relationship from you in the past, but now, she doesn’t even try. This is a sign that your relationship is over because she no longer cares about protecting it. If you ask her about it, then she will probably shrug it off and not seem too interested in the topic.

Her Friends Are No Longer Rooting For You

Your girlfriend’s friends are very important to her, so if they no longer root for you, that’s not a good sign. They used to tell her how much she liked you or that you guys were meant to be, but now, they’ve changed their minds. They don’t like your attitude or how you ignore her, and because of this, they no longer believe that you two should be together.

She Finally Gets Around To Having The Talk

You kept telling your girlfriend that the relationship was going nowhere and that it wasn’t working, but she didn’t want to hear it. But now, she finally gets around to talking with you. Of course, this doesn’t mean it will be an easy conversation, but it still means that she has moved on and doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore.

Your Presence Irritates Her

Your girlfriend irritatedly sighs every time you are around. Your presence irritates her because she would rather be anywhere else or doing anything other than being with you. You don’t even have to do anything to anger her; the fact that you are there seems to be enough for her!

She Doesn’t Try To Be Appealing In Front Of You

Your girlfriend used to take a long time getting ready in front of you because she wanted to look good for you. But now, she doesn’t care about what you think and is only focused on herself. She doesn’t want to impress you anymore, and that is one of the most obvious signs that she has moved on from you.

She Doesn’t Try To Make You Jealous Anymore

Your girlfriend probably loved that you were jealous of the guys she talked to or even spent time with in the past, but now, she doesn’t care. If anything, she may go out of her way to make you jealous and even rub the new guy she is within your face. That’s just her way of telling you that she doesn’t care and is done with the relationship!

You Two Don’t Keep In Touch As Much Anymore

You can’t help but feel like something has changed between you and your girlfriend. It feels like you’ve been drifting apart lately, and this is probably because you two don’t keep in touch as much anymore. She doesn’t hang out with you or call you very often, so it’s easy to feel like she is all alone, even when she is right beside you.

She’s Not Excited About Seeing You

Your girlfriend probably loved seeing you and was excited to see you for a long time, but now, she doesn’t feel that way anymore. If anything, she is more irritated and tells you all the reasons why she should cancel the plans or doesn’t want to hang out with you. You don’t understand it, but clearly, something has changed!

You No Longer Have Access To Her Family

You used to have access to your girlfriend’s family but now, you don’t. She probably never talks about them or tries to introduce you, so it’s hard for you to know what they are up to. If anything, she tries avoiding the topic because she knows that something has changed and doesn’t want you involved in her life anymore!

She Doesn’t Want To Get Back Together

At the beginning of your relationship, your girlfriend would have been all for getting back together, but now, she doesn’t want to. She probably talks about all the reasons why you two won’t be able to work it out and how there is no going back. She may even take a little pleasure in telling you that!

She Returns All Your Stuff

You were probably really proud of the gifts you gave your girlfriend, and it’s hard to see them go. But now, she doesn’t seem to care about those little things that meant a lot to you. If anything, she is happy that they are gone! It may be hard for you to understand, but this is one of the most obvious signs she has moved on and doesn’t care about you!

She Deletes Your Pictures On Social Media

Your girlfriend probably loved having pictures of you on her social media accounts. But now, she doesn’t anymore. If anything, she even goes so far as deleting the photos! This may be hard for you to understand, but it’s one of the most obvious signs that she has moved on and doesn’t care about you!

What Should I do If My Ex-Girlfriend Has Moved On?

The No-Contact Rule For A Few Weeks

Your girlfriend has probably already moved on, but it’s still vital for you to follow the no-contact rule. This will help you get your emotions together and know what you want to do next. We recommend that you give yourself at least a week or two before initiating contact with her. If she doesn’t respond, then try again in a month!

Try To Move On Yourself

Even though she doesn’t care about you anymore, you need to move on yourself. It doesn’t have to be with another girl, but it’s good for you to do something that makes you happy. Whether starting a hobby or taking some time off work, make sure you take the proper steps to get yourself together!

Initiating The Contact Again

Some guys find it hard to deal with their ex-girlfriend moving on and don’t know what they should do next. If that’s the case, we recommend that you initiate contact again. Just be genuine about it and try not to be pushy! She will probably be a little confused, and you have to give her space so she can come to you!

How Do I Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back When She has Moved on With Someone Else?

Start By Analyzing What You Want

Before you think about getting your ex-girlfriend back, you need to know what you want. Do you want her back, or are you just being selfish? If you are ready to have a healthy relationship with boundaries and rules, there is no problem! But if this isn’t the case, then it might be better for you to move on!

Use The Challenge Strategy

The challenge strategy is making your ex-girlfriend miss you by playing hard to get. This may sound easy, but it’s complicated! If you do this successfully, she might want you again. But either way, it’s good for her to see that you can live without her so she can appreciate you more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if your ex secretly misses you? 

If your ex-girlfriend misses you, she probably has no problem telling you! If she doesn’t tell you this, there might be a problem. It’s up to you if you want to initiate the contact again, but we recommend that you talk with someone first!

Can your ex fall back in love with you?

Your ex-girlfriend can fall back in love with you, but it doesn’t happen very often! You have to think about what went wrong and fix those problems before trying again. Also, make sure you’re not too pushy because that will turn her off!

Will no contact make my ex-girlfriend miss me?

No contact is meant to help you get your emotions together, so it’s good for you to follow this rule! But every girl will react differently – some might find it refreshing while others might find it confusing. We recommend that you proceed with caution because she could end up pulling away if you’re too pushy!


No matter how much it hurts, you have to remember that she doesn’t care about you anymore. You can get her back, but you need to know what you want and be ready for the consequences. If this sounds like too much for you, then it might be better if you move on with your life!

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