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What Color Shoes Go Best With Khaki Pants

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Khakis can be worn with almost anything and there is no reason why you can’t rock this outfit. However, you should be in a position to know the difference between khaki pants and chinos because you might confuse them.

Khakis are in style now days don’t be left behind however much you like jeans or any other pants, try new things you might even like them better.

Khakis are famous because of how they are designed and how great they are. Who would not like to wear pants that can be worn with any top? It’s amazing, right? Get your khaki pants and rock them well.

Shoes To Wear With Khakis Pants

Shoes To Wear With Khaki Pants?

It is tough to choose the type of shoe to wear with khaki pants in the workplace because every workplace has its own rules and regulations.

But nowadays people wear khaki pants as an alternative to suit pants. Below are some of the shoes you can rock with khaki pants.

Work Shoes to Wear with Khakis

Florsheim Toe Dress Shoes

This shoe is so beautiful and can make a great combination with your pants. So far, this is the best shoe to wear with khaki pants.

Florsheim is very comfortable with thick breakable leather. You can purchase any color, but it’s recommended that you go for the brown color as it’s the best.

Derby Shoes

Are almost similar to Oxfords. The only difference is that Derby shoes have an open lacing and this is what makes the shoeless formal.

Formal Shoes to Wear with Khakis

Brogue shoes

Brogues are low heeled shoes, they can be classified into three categories. Semi-brogues, quarter brogues and full brogue.

The shoe is perfect when worn with khaki pants, they have a formal nature and can be worn to work without any problem.

Stacy Adams Wingtip Oxford

Stacy Adams shoes are available in five colors. It is up to you to pick one that you like and matches your outfit.


  • Has a beautiful leather body
  • Perfect fitting
  • Very comfortable
  • Has a stitched long-lasting synthetic sole
  • It is light in weight
  • Chukka Boots

You can as well rock khakis with chukka boots. These boots match well with khaki vibes and look perfect with a suit jacket.


  • Have an open lacing
  • Made of suede and leather
  • Has two or three eyelets

To be much formal, consider darker shades of Chukka boots. To complete the look, ensure that the khakis are well-fitting.

What Color Shoes Go Best With Khaki Pants?

Several types of shoes go best with khakis, they are available in various colors and you can wear them according to the kind of outfit you are putting on. Here are some of the best shoe matches for you.


This is perfect if you want to achieve a casual look, you can wear them with copper-colored trousers with a grey shirt.

Dark brown

Dark brown is perfect for khaki pants, it is a good option for social and business occasions.


A pair of khaki pants with burgundy shoes looks excellent, the tan will match with the brown color of the shoe spice your look by putting on a blue sport coat.

Light brown

Khakis and light brown shoes go hand in hand and can be worn with any kind of top. You can try these. It is the best.


Navy shoes would look great when worn with a khaki suit and it is much more casual than formal, though.

Acceptable shoe matches


It works best with light grey shoes even though you can rarely find this kind of shoe.

No go shoe matches


Everyone would prefer black and tan together but it is a no.


It is a shouting color and it will rarely look good when worn with any trousers, leave alone khakis.

What Color Does Not Go With Khaki?

Most colors work well with khakis except yellow, red, grey and green. Many colors blend with khakis and they look excellent if paired properly.

You need to be careful when mixing colors, you might do it wrongly and look messed up. Choosing the wrong color can ruin your impression and you should avoid that.

Make sure you style khaki pants correctly, the color of the pants should match well with the top and shoes. You need to keep the color coordination role in mind.

What Color Shoes Go Best With Khaki Pants

Can You Wear Khaki Shoes With Khaki Pants?

Khakis are fantastic but the problem comes in when it comes to the type of shoes you should wear. Don’t wear khaki shoes with khaki pants it won’t look good as it should be.

Black shoes are worn well with light to medium tan khakis, the lighter the pants, the darker the shoes. However, some people still think that black shoes should not be worn with khakis. Black shoes are great when worn with formal outfits.

You should not wear socks with khaki pants and also don’t wear khakis with black shoes if the rest of your outfit is too colorful.

Khakis are good outfits and you should know how to wear them if you wear this outfit with a wrong pair of shoes or top you might not look as good as you think.

What to Avoid When Pairing Sneakers with Khakis

  • Big logos
  • Velcro
  • Puffy styles
  • High tops

Whether man or woman, you should use the following tips to choose the right shoes to wear with khakis.

Choose earth tones

Select a laid-back style

Anything with European flair works well

Retro shoes look great with khakis

Can You Wear a Black Belt with Khaki Pants?

Leather belts for men come in two colors, black and brown. When it comes to choosing a leather belt, let the color of the pants guide your decision.

It’s preferred that you chose a black belt over a brown belt.

Choosing a black or brown belt depends on the color that matches your shoes. Wear shoes that match the color of a belt and it will give you the desired look.

Tips for picking the right belt for your trousers

  • Think of the belt as an accessory
  • Match the belt color to your shoes
  • Match the belt size to the belt loops
  • Chose tailored trousers from berle

These tips will guide you into choosing the right belt for any kind of trousers you will wear. If you are looking to buy belts, consider purchasing reversible belts because it can deliver two colors and you can turn them according to the type of trouser you are wearing.

A reversible belt should have two colors, back and brown, or a brown canvas that when reversed, turn to brown leather. Having one or two of these belts will help you get out of belt problems.

What Color Socks Go With Khaki Pants?

Matching socks with khaki pants is a bit challenging. There is a menswear rule suggesting that you should match your socks with your pants. Below are some types of socks you should wear with khaki pants.

Brown socks

They go well with khaki pants but the shoelaces must be brown. These socks serve as a great transition from colored khaki pants. Avoid tan and brown colors together with blue, red and yellow colors.

Khaki socks

Khaki socks with khaki pants but not all khaki socks, the reason why you should choose khaki socks is because khaki pants have so many shades. It is very desirable when a monochromatic khaki look is created.

Olive socks

Besides brown and khaki songs, you can pull a great look by pairing olive socks with khaki pants. This look is perfect and goes well with lighter colored khaki pants. Complete the look with a pair of brown shoes.

Black socks

You can also wear black socks with khakis but look perfect for it to consider wearing black shoes and a dark shirt.

Navy socks

Navy socks can pair well with khaki pants, depending on the color of the shirt you are putting on. Black socks would be appropriate if you wear a red, orange, yellow, or blue shirt with navy socks.

Is It Okay To Wear Khaki Pants In The Winter?

Yes, you can wear beige or white khakis during fall or winter so long as they are dark in color. Khaki pants are just trousers like other attires, in the old days of strict fashion rules, wearing light-colored khakis was awkward but nowadays, you can.

Beige or white khakis work well in winter or fall so long as they are dark, don’t wear suits at all.

Khaki chinos winter outfits

Pair a brown jacket with khaki chinos if you want to look more casual. For the shoes, go for dark brown boots, it will bring out your desired look.

For a perfect man’s wear look, choose a navy overcoat and khaki chinos, they work pretty well together. Complete the look with black leather casual boots.

It can be so easy to surrender looking stylish during winter because you need to be comfortable. You can still be comfortable and look good and stylish at the same time.

Is It Ok To Wear Black Shoes With Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants can be worn with various types of shoes but for the look to come out perfectly, consider wearing matching shoes with pants and a matching belt.

Learn how to style chinos, the best shoe matches to wear with chinos are red, beige, dark brown, burgundy, navy, dark brown, purple light brown and green.

When it comes to wearing black shoes with chinos, then consider wearing darker khaki pants. Darker khaki pants match with black shoes, don’t wear light khakis with black shoes.

Black goes well with any other color but not when it comes to khaki pants. Remember that color combinations should look good, always check on yourself before leaving the house and if the colors do not go well together, then don’t do it simple.

Even though you can wear black shoes and khaki pants, you should try to avoid and try other shoe colors. But that doesn’t mean that khaki pants and black shoes cannot be worn stylishly.

For this combination to work, ensure that you pay attention to other parts of the outfit, for instance, belt and tops, which will make sure the outfit works.

Does A Light GREY Shirt Go With Khaki Pants?

If you want to look good on khakis, ensure that you know how to style them. Khaki pants are not like other trousers that can be worn with anything. Khaki pants are worn with a specific type of shoe, socks and even shirts.

About wearing Grey shirts with khaki pants, yes it is possible and the combination is good. Since grey is neutral, it can go with any color, so this can work and look good.

Khaki pants can go with any color only if they are matched well, it all depends on the shirt’s style, whether formal or casual. Khaki is a very friendly color, you can wear it formally or casually, all depending on you.

If you want to look good on khakis, you should know the type of shoes to wear with khaki pants, colors that go with khakis and those that do not, if you can wear khaki shoes with khaki pants.

You should also know the kind of belts you can wear with khaki pants, whether you can wear them in winter, the color of socks that go well with khaki pants, and wearing black shoes and whether light grey shirts go well with khaki pants.

Khakis are great outfits and you should try them, it doesn’t matter whether you want to rock them well or not. It is okay to try something new with time, you will learn and rock them well.

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