Can You Wear Suede Shoes In The Summer?




Can you Machine Wash Suede

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Leather shoes are worn by many people because they are long-lasting and don’t require a lot of maintenance. People do not wear suede a lot because of their longevity; suede is a good shoe but doesn’t last long. However, you can have suede shoes and leather as well; both of them are amazing shoes. Try them out you will love them.

Can you Machine Wash Suede

Can You Wear Suede Shoes In The Summer?

Yes, suede shoes can be worn during summer, but not all types of shoes. You should know the right pairs to wear over the winter period and some of these types are.

Suede Oxfords

Suede Oxfords are stylish shoes, they are available mostly in brown colors, and you can get a pair of these shoes in any other color.

Suede Loafers

Suede loafers are breathable, unlike leather and that is what makes it stylish and a smart choice. Suede loafers are great because you don’t have to lock up your feet in leather shoes that are unbreathable when you have them.

Suede Desert Boots

British officers used to wear these shoes with khakis, today these boots have been made classy and almost everyone wears them over the summer.

The reason why you can wear suede shoes during summer is because they are breathable. Summer is a hot season and temperatures are high, which is why you need to wear breathable shoes.

Some shoes cannot be worn during summer because they can’t breathe and they can be smelly and makes you uncomfortable with time. Look for breathable shoes in the summer season.

What Season Do You Wear Suede Shoes?

You must be confused about the best season to wear suede shoes, don’t worry because you are yet to understand. You might wear suede shoes in any season apart from the rainy season.

The perfect season for wearing suede shoes is over the summer as well as during fall and winter, you should be able to know the appropriate type of shoes to wear in every season because you can’t expect to wear suede shoes over the rainy season.

There are several types of suede shoes and all of them are designed for various reasons, you might not want to buy anything made of suede, but once you try, you will never fail to buy.

Suede material is appropriate for any time of the year, you can wear suede for snow, winter or rainy autumn but more suitable for summer and warm late spring. There are some reasons why suede shoes are great footwear for summer. During summer times, people love to dress casually since they spend a lot of time outside for garden parties, summer holidays, picnics and so many other things. The style is acceptable in some offices and no to others, but since people can’t wear sandals to office, they wear suede.

Does Suede Make You Sweat?

No, suede does not make you sweat because its materials are breathable and allows your leg to breathe that’s why they are worn during hot seasons. Just like leather, suede might make you sweat.

The wear has to be right for you to wear suede; the weather should be cool but not rainy. Suede is beautiful and requires high maintenance; it is durable and can be worn for so long only if taken good care of.

Suede is soft and affordable but damages easily, they are made with animal skin and that’s what makes suede more flexible and durable. Water is an enemy of suede, when it comes in contact with water, the softness fades away and discoloration may occur.

Pros of Suede Shoes

  • Long-lasting
  • Suede is made of leather and this material can last for a very long time.
  • Smooth appearance
  • Suede is smooth and soft and that is why its texture is appealing.
  • Pliable

It’s pliable that’s you can use it to make purses, Jackets and accessories. You can even find another version which can be used to make dresses.

Does Heat Ruin Suede?

Yes, suede is made of leather and leather should never be put near heat, even if you are caught in a downpour, look for another way of drying suede but not on a dryer. Too much heat causes your suede shoes to crack or distort.

Never put suede item in a dryer or near any kind of a heater, apart from cracking, suede can fade; shrink can become warped when placed under high temperatures.

In case you spill any kind of liquid on your suede material, use a clean cloth to get rid of the liquid and then apply talcum powder or cornstarch.

To avoid damaging your suede shoes, make sure you keep them safe in a cool, dry place. There should be no direct sunlight and lack of circulation, when suede is exposed to sunlight, it hardens, shrinks and fades.

One thing you should also know is never wrap the shoes in a plastic bag because fibers in the shoes need to breathe.

To care for suede, spray them at least once a week only if you wear them regularly. Do not use shoe polish or leather creams on suede because they don’t work well on suede.

Does Water Ruin Suede?

Suede shoes can get wet and can still be worn, but for them to be safe, you should treat them quickly when they get wet. If you are sure that it might rain or you are going to a place where your shoes might get wet, do not wear suede shoes.

When suede gets wet, it becomes stiff and brittle and when hairs of the shoe become brittle, they are likely going to break off this permanently damaging your shoe. However, you can treat wet suede shoes by drying out the nap while brushing continuously to achieve a smooth feel.

Ways of Treating Wet Suede


Soak the shoes but before soaking blot the suede using a clean cloth. Soak them in a lot of water and don’t rub the nap because if you do so, you will damage the shoes

Brush the Nap

Brush the nap back and forth when the shoes are still damp and ensure that you use a bristle brush. If you don’t have one, you can buy one from the nearest store.

Apply heat while brushing, apply heat by using a hairdryer, and continue brushing the nap as you apply the heat. Keep in mind that it’s wrong to dry leather shoes with a hairdryer, but in this case, you should continue brushing when the heating process is on.

Make sure that the heat is not too close to your shoes; suede material should never come into close contact with heat.

Can you Machine Wash Suede?

When something is dirty, the first thing that comes to your mind is cleaning it again. When it comes to suede materials, think about the appropriate method to clean them since suede is fragile.

You can machine wash suede but not any type of suede, the only suede shoe that can be machine washed is one that is made of synthetic materials. You will still have to follow instructions so that you prevent your shoes from getting damaged.

Steps to machine washing suede

Step 1

Place your suede garments in a washing machine and add a detergent that is meant for suede. Read the instructions on the detergent bottle and apply them.

Step 2

Your washer should be set to the gentle cycle only but don’t stop the full circle from running, and don’t add fabric softener in the process.

Step 3

Time to remove the materials from the washing machine; pull the garments back to their normal shapes.

Step 4

Lay the items on a clean towel and let them dry.

Can You Wear Suede Shoes In The Summer

Is Suede Or Leather Better?

Both of them are good and when it comes to choosing one that is better, it really matters in your opinion. It all depends on what you want from the shoes, suede leather shoes are affordable and are perfect for casual outfits and don’t require a high maintenance level.

Smooth leather, on the other hand, it is good for casual outfits, unlike suede leather is more expensive but durable. With the above differences, it is up to you to decide which one you want between suede and leather.

Differences Between Leather and Suede


  • Leather is durable compared to suede
  • The material used is from animals, but the grain side
  • The grain is what gives leather strength, toughness and durability.
  • Leather is mostly textured or patterned


  • Material is from the animal skin but the corium part
  • It is less durable
  • It soft, pliable and supple band suitable for uses like bags, gloves and many other things
  • It can be used as lining for some other leather products

Can I Wear Suede Shoes With A Suit?

Yes, suede can be worn with a suit, the shoes are ideal for a business casual events; suede shoes come in all sizes, styles and shapes. Suede is a material that is rarely used on shoes but has become popular currently.

When in need of suede for formal attires go for formal suede and if you need formal ones, go for casual men’s suede shoes. Formal leather shoes are usually polished and you can easily notice. So to choose suede for your suit or casual outfit, consider suede oxford shoes.

Formal suede footwear is perfect for casual styles, for a perfect look, style suede shoes with chinos, suede shoes can be worn with suits and casual outfits as well.

It just depends on the type of suede you have; some cannot be worn with suits while others can be, so when purchasing suede shoes, look at your closet. If you love suits, go for oxford suede and if you are more into casual outfits, buy suede to match them.

Suede is good shoes, but most people prefer leather because they have never tried suede, once they try suede, they will not be able to quit. You can buy both types so that you can see which one is perfect for you.

How Do You Revive Suede Shoes?

Suede is a material that is used to make clothing, fury and shoes. If you have to fix suede, you need to use a cleaning brush it’s the best tool to be used in such a situation. Some ways of reviving suede are.

Brush the nap

When brushing, make sure you remove its laces and insert shoe trees, this makes your work much easier. If you have no shoe trees, order them online or buy them from a local store, once you finish brushing, return the shoelaces back.

Remove dirt with a suede brush

The brush should have soft bristles, get a brush that is specifically meant for suede. Suede brush has soft bristles so as to clean the shoe without damaging it. The suede brush is necessary when you want to remove the dry dirt, if you can’t afford a suede brush, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Brush the shoe using back and forth motions

Now that the suede is clean get a cleaning brush and start cleaning the shoe gently, use sweeping motions and make sure you cover the entire surface equally. The suede should be completely dry before it’s brushed.

Suede shoes and other items are known to be fragile and don’t last that long because of the material used on them, for your suede shoes to last longer, you need to understand the seasons where suede shoes can be worn, whether heat damages them if they can be machine washed and

Which is Better Between Suede and Leather.

These ideas will help you decide when and where you can safely put on your suede shoes and if you have none, you can as well buy so as to try them out. You should not wear leather shoes all the time at least try something new for once.

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