What Kind of Shoes to Wear with a Tuxedo




what kind of shoes to wear with a tuxedo

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As you may already know, a tuxedo is a men’s suit. It was initially worn as evening wear, and now it can be worn for informal functions. The key to elegant dressing is wearing the right kind of shoes with them. As for this matter, there are specific guidelines that fashion experts have clearly defined. You should know that when you wear a tuxedo, the type of shoes you should go for is formal. If you opt for casual shoes, it would be inappropriate.

what kind of shoes to wear with a tuxedo

What to Look for in Tuxedo Shoes

When you are looking forward to buying shoes to match a tuxedo, there are certain factors that you need to consider. You must look for the following things before settling on a pair of shoes:

1. Style – The style of shoes depends on various things such as your personal choice and the occasion where you have been called for. If you are unsure what style to opt for, go for classic and straightforward shoes that would allow the tuxedo to be the center of attention.

2. Fit – Your dress shoes must fit well to look great when wearing a tuxedo. There should be no gap between your feet and the shoe. They should be neither too tight nor too loose. When you measure your feet for shoes, do not forget to consider the type of socks that you will be wearing with them.

3. Width – It is also essential to consider the width of tuxedo shoes before buying them, as they must fit well around your feet. If the shoes are too narrow, you will face problems when walking, and if they are too wide, your feet might slip inside them.

4. Style of suit – Consider the style of suit you have been called for before going out to shop for a pair of shoes. There should be a proper match between your pants and the shoe to look classy.

The color of the shoe is another important thing that you need to consider when buying shoes for a tuxedo. You can go for either black or brown in color depending on your personal preference and the occasion you will be wearing them. If you are wearing a traditional suit, it is better to choose black shoes.

What Kind of Shoes to Wear with a Tuxedo

As we discussed earlier, the type of shoes you should wear with a tuxedo depends on certain factors, such as your style preference and the occasion you have been called for. There are formal and casual types of shoes that can be worn with a black-tie event. Here is a list of examples for both kinds:

Formal Shoes

Black Oxfords: Men can wear black oxfords for a formal event, and they must be made of patent leather. They should go well with the suit and tie and be polished to add on that classy look. If you are wearing a bowtie, choose something different from your tie color to set them apart.

Black Semi-Brogues: Another option for a black-tie event is semi-brogue shoes. They are pretty formal and can be worn with the tuxedo. The only thing you need to ensure is that they are polished well, and if you are wearing a bowtie, it should not be of the same color as your shoes.

Brown Oxfords: Brown oxfords can be worn for a formal event as well. However, they are not the appropriate choice for black tie events.

Monk Strap Shoes: Monk strap shoes are also good options if you are looking for formal dress shoes to wear with tuxedos. They are very classy and professional, but they should not be worn with a bowtie.

Casual Shoes

Loafers: These shoes are also known as slip-ons; these shoes are an excellent option if you want to go for a casual dress instead of formal shoes. They can be paired with chinos and even jeans for attending a wedding or an informal party.

Suede Shoes: Suede shoes can be worn to semi-formal events, and they have a classy look. It is only necessary that you ensure they are not paired with suit pants.

Moccasins: Moccasins are great casual choices for a tuxedo, and you can wear them with chinos, jeans or even suit pants. You must pair them with a casual shirt and not a bowtie.

What to look for in tuxedo shoes

FAQ About Shoes to Wear with a Tuxedo

Q: Is it okay to wear a brown pair of shoes with a black suit?

A: While wearing a brown shoe with a black suit is one of the classic style options, we do not recommend this option as it does not look that great. However, you can wear blue and black together because they both look nice and go well with each other.

Q: What are the things to consider while buying shoes for a tuxedo?

A: There are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind when buying shoes for a tuxedo. They should be of high quality, have the right style, fit your feet well and complement your suit. You must also ensure that the color is appropriate for a tuxedo and goes well with your outfit.


So we have seen that the kind of shoes you wear for a tuxedo depends on various factors such as occasion and your personal preference. There are formal and casual types of shoes to choose from, although black oxfords go well with any suit and tie combination. But if you want to experiment with your looks, feel free to pick any shoes that look awesome with a tuxedo. You can even try different colors, styles or designs to add to your style statement.

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