Difference between Casual and Formal Shirts




Difference between Casual and Formal Shirts

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Formal and casual clothing are two different things; everyone should know how to rock them. Wear formal clothes when attending official meetings or when going to your workplace; casual can only be worn outside the office on nonofficial meetings.

Always learn to dress properly in any event; it portrays the kind of person you are. There are various benefits of dressing correctly; to understand much about formal and casual dressing this article will help you.

Difference between Casual and Formal Shirts

Difference between Casual and Formal Shirts

Formal and casual shirts are different and are both worn for different occasions. Formal shirts are mostly worn when attending official meetings while casual for casual meetings.

There are several differences between casual and formal shirts, one major being the way they are styled and the fabrics used. Below are the other differences that you need to know.


Casual shirts sizing are very simple; they can be differentiated with Large(L), Small(S), and medium (M). On the other hand, casual shirts can be easily identified by the sleeve and the neck’s length.


Men’s casual shirts have a lot of attractive buttons, decorative stitching, and pattern, and they have fewer stiff collars also.

Men’s formal shirts are colored and styled, and the collars are stuff enough to sustain neckties.


Formal shirts sometimes have sheen added to them, and this makes the shirt look dressier. They are made of cotton that has a high count of thread.


The fitting of both shirts should be the same; it should fit well on the shoulder area and into your back. It should be tall enough to hug your hips lightly.

Ensure that the final bottom of the shirt closes well without tightening your hip area, but it should also fit to prevent it from flowing like a huge shirt.


Length is what matters a lot when it comes to differentiating between formal and casual shirts. Formal shirts should always be tucked in; that is why they are made in longer.

Casual shirts are shorter with lower side seams and shirt rails and can be worn untucked.

Which Types Of Shoes Are Best For Formal

What Is A Casual Shirt?

Casual shirts can come in linen, denim, plain oxford, chambers and linen. The waves are always more rugged and the materials used to make it are breathable and not glossy.

If you come across a plain shirt, it could be a casual or sport shirt. A casual shirt also has very short sleeves and can as well have buttons.

These shirts can be tucked in or untucked and can be worn on their own. They can come in plain colors and pastels and sometimes patterns and bolder colors.

When choosing casual shirts, ensure that they have a comfortable and relaxed feel. Casual shirts should be loose around your waist, chest and across the shoulders.

There are several brands of casual shirts that you can buy and some of them are Tommy Hilfiger, John players, Roadster, Blue saint, Wills Lifestyle, Pepper jeans, John players and Peter England.

Casual shirts are cheaper and almost everyone can afford them, they are smart and look good when the size is appropriate.

What Is A Formal Shirt Called?

Formal shirts are continually known as tux or tuxedo shirt and are still white in color. It is fastened with shirt studs and requires a white shirt.

Formal Shirt/Tuxes Pros

  • Pairs well with a bride’s gown
  • Great for formal and black tie weddings

Formal Shirt/Tuxes Cons

  • It looks out of place at informal places
  • Very expensive to buy
  • It could not be worn after the wedding day if it was used for wedding

Always consider buying a black tuxedo; consider checking how well designed and tailored well. Look at its longevity and durability so that it can sustain you for long.

Every man should own a tuxedo that a tailor makes; handmade tuxedos range between $800 and $ 1600 if you can afford it as it will serve you for quite along.

How Many Types Of Formal Shirts Are There?

There are several types of formal shirts for both men and women in the market. However, choosing the perfect shirt might be a bit hard.

Collar, cuff, and color matter a lot when choosing a formal shirt. A formal shirt can be classy when you pick the right one.

Super noniron long sleeve shirt

The long sleeve shirt is always light blue in color; it is a great outfit for work as well as at formal parties. It is one of the best formal shirts that people love.

Easy care long-sleeved shirt

This is one of the most bought formal shirts; it fits well and whites in color. It is made of cotton and has a basic collar. The shoulders are slightly folded to create an elegant drape, which makes them one of the best formal shirts for men.

Checked regular long sleeve shirt

It is 100% made of cotton, and that is why it feels good and looks good. This shirt can be ironed quickly, cared for easily, and can resist wrinkles.

These formal shirts are the best; they are simple but elegant and should be in every man’s wardrobe.

How Long Should A Casual Shirt Be?

A casual shirt should not go about 2 inches past your waist size; it should not be too long because you might not tuck it in as it’s casual.

A casual shirt should have a shorter back but not too short; an untucked shirt should come to the middle of the butt. When you aren’t sure about it, just measure the length of a shirt with the size you like.

Streamlined morning routine

Mornings are hectic sometimes, especially if you have to make yourself look formal. In this case, wearing a casual outfit saves you time because you don’t have to do a lot during dressing time.

More relaxed atmosphere

Casual outfits are comfortable compared to official ones; wearing official outfits for a whole day can be so tiring since they are cumbersome. Wearing a comfortable outfit makes your day great and helps reduce levels of stress.

Less strain on finances

Wearing a formal outfit can be so expensive because one pair of suits costs so much money than casual outfits. Besides purchasing them, you also need to take them for dry cleaning and formal footwear, which increases the general cost.

Which Types Of Shoes Are Best For Formal?

A man should be able to rock an excellent shoe whether they are dressing for a date, job interview, and even a formal function. Looking good is a source of happiness and success.

A man’s shoe says a lot about him, so nailing a classy shoe is excellent as it portrays the right image. Below are some types of shoes that every man should own.


The shoe name comes from the broguing process; Oxford and Derby shoes are other types that go through the broguing process. Brogue shoe is unique with a good style and personality. The best part is it can be worn with anything from a suit to jeans.


This is a shoe that should be in every man’s closet. Oxford has a closed lacing system with stitching at the bottom. This is a shoe that is perfect for pairing with a suit and can be worn for any formal occasion.


Derby almost looks like Oxfords the only difference is that the bottom lacing section is closed. Derby’s always has an open lacing and is very comfortable, suitable for formal occasions, and can be paired with any type of suit. The traditional Derby shoes are perfect for a polished and classic look.


Loafers do not have laces and are almost similar to moccasins; these shoes are perfect for formal outfits but can work with various looks. For a tremendous official look, choose tassel and penny loafers.

Monk strap

This is a unique, stylish shoe that can be worn with any formal look from a business to a night out. It is also a good choice for those men who seek a polished style more than that of Derby or Oxford.

Lace-Up Boot

This boot has laces down the front and an excellent finish just above the ankle. The style provides a great vibe that offers a slight edge to the outfit. It is perfect for casual wear, and they look best in town or black leather.

Can An Untucked Shirt Be Business Casual?

Whether you are wearing a sweater, shirt, or blazer, make sure that the shirt is tucked in. How you dress portrays the kind of a person you are; when attending a business occasion, whether casual or official, ensure that you look smart.

If it’s okay with you, then it will be okay, but to be on the safe side-dress well, tuck in your shirt and untick it when done with the meeting; after all, it does no harm.

On some occasions, wearing an untucked dress or shirt can be unprofessional, and it is more of a casual look, but do not confuse it with a business casual look.

There are occasions where untucked in shirts is to prefer over tucked in; for a formal occasion, for instance, a wedding, a tucked-in shirt is recommended. If the occasion is relaxed, for example, one at a casual bar, then untucking your shirt is fine.

How Do I Pick A Casual Shirt?

When picking a casual shirt, pick a fitting one. You will look good in fitting shirts than in baggy ones; also, ensure that the shirt is not too long because you might untuck it.

You don’t want your shirt to be too long at the bottom so that when you untuck, it looks funny. A casual shirt should not be too tight at the shoulder, nor should it be baggy. It should fit well to ensure that you are comfortable.

In general, buy a shirt that you feel comfortable wearing; if you are not sure about the size you want, visit a tailor who can take measurements and produce something of a good size and quality.

Is Half Sleeve Shirt Considered Formal?

Half sleeve shirt is not purely professional, so if you are thinking of wearing a half-sleeved shirt to an interview, you should think twice because not all interviews allow it.

If you happen to put it on, don’t wear a tie unless it is part of your office dress code. A half-sleeved shirt can be official, but if you are attending an interview, consider going for a long-sleeved shirt and not overdoing anything.

How Do You Dress Casually?

If it is a casual work dress code, you can dress in comfortable, informal clothing. Even though comfort is a priority, it does not mean that you don’t dress appropriately.

You can still look good and feel comfortable when you follow a formal dress code; of course, you can’t dress like you are going to the gym when going to a workplace or attending a casual business.

To rock both casual and official outfits, you need to differentiate the two and know when and where to rock both outfits. Try to understand what a casual shirt and formal shirts are, the types of formal shirts available, and the proper length of a casual shirt.

To add to that, you should be in a position to know the type of shoes that is best for formal, how to pick a casual shirt, if untucked shirts are business casual and how to choose a casual shirt.

Knowing some of these essential things helps you know what to wear and what not to wear when buying formal and casual clothes. Learn to match them so that you don’t dress a casual shirt with official trousers and vice versa.

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