What Color Belt with Khaki Pants




Can you wear black shoes and belt with khakis

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Before you get started, we need to understand that there are no hard and fast rules for color. People’s tastes differ dramatically, so if something looks good on you. It is good! There is also nothing wrong with choosing colors based on whim or how they make you feel. We want to offer some guidelines for you to keep in mind.

What Color Belt with Khaki Pants

What is Khaki?

For our purposes, the color khaki represents a beige to brown shade. The military originally used khaki for their uniforms because it blended well in different environments, making them harder to spot.

Things to Consider When Picking a Belt for Khaki Pant

Match the Belt Color to Your Shoe Color

When choosing a belt for khaki pants, it’s important to match the color of the belt with your shoes. It is okay to go darker or lighter but make sure there’s some consistency between them and not contrast them too heavily. Many men like their belts and shoes to look as if they came out of the same box.

Match the Belt Size to the Belt Loops

Belts are essentially useless if they don’t match the belt loops of your pants. You must match the width of the belt to that of the belt loops. If it is significantly smaller or larger than your shoes, other people will notice, and it might look unkempt. Also, pay careful attention to how many times you can wrap the belt around your waist.

Wear a Belt with Dress Shoes

Wearing a belt with dress pants is optional while wearing khaki pants. You can go without it depending on if you want to make yourself look slimmer. If you choose to wear a belt, make sure it matches the color of shoes usually worn with khaki pants.

Think of the Belt as an Accessory

When wearing something like khaki pants, it is okay to let yourself experiment with colors and patterns. For example, if you’re in a more casual setting, wear a belt with unique colors or even novelty designs. Just make sure that your shoes match the belt. Also, don’t wear anything too outrageous such as belts with novelty buckles, because it might distract from the purpose of wearing a belt in the first place, which is to keep your pants up.

Can you wear black shoes and belt with khakis

What Color Belt with Khaki Pants

Belt color should be the same as your slacks or equal in color intensity. E.g., if your slacks are dark brown, you would wear a dark brown belt. If your slacks are light tan, then go with a light tan belt. Do not wear belts that are darker than your pants! The key thing to remember is the color intensity.

Some people will argue against using a tan leather belt for this case because they feel it does not match. The exception to this rule is with black slacks, where you can wear a black belt or an “Ecru” belt that is light brown. However, this belt works because of the color intensity – the belt is almost light enough to be white! So it works with black slacks where dark belts are not appropriate. This is another reason why this belt also goes well with navy blue, charcoal grey, or European pinstripe suits.

Dark brown/tan leather belts are acceptable for casual wear. However, if you wear a belt with your casual attire, make sure it matches the color of your shoes. If you wear brown shoes, go with a dark brown belt!

Should My Belt Match My Shoes?

Typically, no. Certainly, your belt should never be darker than your shoes. And if you are wearing casual attire with brown belts and shoes, then ensure that the belt matches the color of your shoes.

What Size Belt Should I Buy?

It’s important to buy the correct size belt for your waist – do not guess! Belts come in even numbers sizes (34, 36, 38, 40, etc.), so it’s easy to know your waist size.

Measure for your belt size by placing a tape measure around your waist at the point that you plan to wear your belt. If you are using inches, then use this formula: Belt Size = Waist/2 + 2 Inches.

If you wear 34″ waist pants, then your belt should be 36″.

Can I Wear a Brown Belt With My Jeans?

Yes! Brown belts have become very popular for casual wear.

It’s important to note that your belt color should be as dark as or darker than your jeans. Try not to wear a belt that is lighter in color than your jeans because it will look too formal with casual attire.


Can I wear a belt with my chinos/khakis?

Yes, belts are becoming very popular with casual khaki pants or casual chinos. However, ensure that the color of your belt is darker than your pants, and always remember to buy a belt that matches (or is even in color intensity) with your shoes!

Can I wear a brown belt with my khakis?

Yes! Wearing a brown belt is perfectly acceptable with casual khaki pants or chinos of any color. Your belt must be as dark or darker than the color of your slacks for maximum style points. Brown belts have become very popular for wear with casual pants. Ensure that the belt color is always darker than your dress slacks for maximum style points and to avoid looking too formal or wearing an inappropriate belt.


In conclusion, we should consider that color and texture choices are personal and ultimately up to the individual. I hope the suggestions above serve as a helpful starting point for those who want more specific guidelines.

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